General Nursery Information

Our Setting

At Skene Square Primary School our nursery provision is an integral part of the school. The nursery has four part-time classes (two morning classes and two afternoon classes), each catering for 20 children. Children can be offered a part time nursery place in the term following their 3rd birthday.

Session times are as follow:

AM Session 8:30am - 11:40am

PM Session 12:40pm - 3:50pm

At Skene Square School Nursery on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday sessions take place within Skene Square Primary School and on a Wednesday the session takes place at Victoria Park. There is a plethora of research which supports outdoor play in all weathers and we are pleased to be able to offer this as part of our provision, however, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and our need for parent helpers we are unable to offer this experience to the children at this time.

Nursery Staff

Mrs Duncan

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Miss Dunbar

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Pritchard

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Wilson

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Smith

ASN Support Worker

Mrs Justina

ASN Support Worker

The Key Person

Your key person will generally be the person who welcomes you and your child into the nursery and supports them in settling into the session. It will be the key person who observes your child regularly as they are playing and learning, they will pay attention to how your child learns, what they enjoy playing with and what they need more support with. They will also keep a record of the observations they have made, in your child’s care plan that documents your child’s progress through the year. They will discuss your child’s individual routines, the people who are special to them, their likes and dislikes and any other key information to ensure this is incorporated into the daily care of your child and added to their care plan. The key person observes the child to identify how they learn through their play, their next aspect of development, what their interests are, whether there is any cause for concern or need for extra support.

The key person approach provides children with a dedicated staff member who fully understands the learning, development and care needs of their child, this gives you the confidence to leave your child at the nursery knowing they will be cared for in a way that is tailored to the information that you provide. At Skene Square our aim is to create secure attachments with children meeting the needs of each individual child.

Children thrive when their needs are met by special people that they know, trust and respect. Children learn by observing and being with others. The key person is an important role model for the child who they can relate to and rely on. The key person works alongside parents and carers to ensure that there is continuity of care for the child thus supporting the child’s emotional well-being.

The key person will use their observations to plan further learning opportunities that are based on your child’s individual interests and needs. This is because they know that children learn best when the experiences they have are challenging and enjoyable, allowing them to play and explore, to concentrate and to develop their own ideas.

What should my child bring to nursery?

  • Change of clothes, this includes: trousers, socks, pants, vest, t-shirt, jumper.

  • We continue to access our outdoor areas in all weathers, please provide appropriate waterproof clothing (trousers/jacket/all-in-one) and welly boots/snow boots.

  • During the winter months please provide your child with warm clothing including a jacket, hat, scarf and gloves.

  • We do not require children to have 'indoor' and 'outdoor' shoes, therefore do not require changes of shoes - this is only necessary if your child wears welly boots to nursery as these can be quite uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time whilst playing.

  • If your child is not toilet trained, please provide the staff with nappies, wipes and nappy bags in your child’s bag.

  • If your child is toilet training, please provide up to 3 changes in your child’s bag, this should include socks, pants and trousers.

  • In order to provide us with these things, please use an appropriately sized backpack that your child can carry themselves, this is due to our drop off and collection times now being carried out in our outdoor areas because of the current situation. This allows staff and children to have their hands-free in order to sanitize effectively when entering the building.

  • Please also correctly label all spare clothing, shoes and bags to enable staff to easily identify your child's belongings.

  • We do not allow toys from home to be brought into the nursery - unless your child has a comfort item, then this will be previously discussed with staff.

Snack Information

Your child will be provided with a healthy snack, this includes a variety of fruit and vegetables as well as access to milk and water throughout the session. Children are given the opportunity to create a snack menu for the following week with their nursery staff, this ensures children are getting a variety of different healthy foods and also experiencing new foods they may not try at home. We use a large snack table, sitting around 6-8 children, giving children the experience of being social at snack time and interacting with their peers. The nursery team adhere to 'Setting the Table' guidelines, which is nutritional guidance and food standards for early years childcare providers in Scotland is a guidance publication for food provision in early years childcare provision. You can search this on the internet if you would like more information. Usually children would be helping to prepare snack and then helping themselves from a self-service table, however due to the current situation, snack is prepared by one adult and each child is given a plate with their snack on it. Snack is provided by the local council.