Planning in the Moment

At Skene Square Nursery we use 'Planning in the Moment' a concept developed by Anna Ephgrave to teach, observe and evaluate children's learning.

What is in the moment planning?

"The Child's Spark" – This is when the child first shows an interest in something....

"The Teachable Moment" – The teacher will notice this and approach the child/children...

"The Documentation" – At a later date, we can document the observation.

Parents need to be involved in the planning process in the following ways:

  • sharing experiences and information on what interests their child at home

  • setting next steps/targets for their child.

  • doing activities at home that support their child to reach their target.

  • extending activities from the provision.

Every term your child's Key worker will provide you with a letter that asks the parent to provide information of that child's interests at home. The Key Worker will use this information to observe that child for a week, implementing and supporting that child's needs and teaching them through play.

Assessment is an ongoing process which provides information about development over time. Observation, watching a child in order to learn about them, is a part of assessment. When there is a concern about a child's development, early intervention providers do an evaluation.

"Curiosity is the desire to learn. It is an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out. Early Childhood Educators have a responsibility to support and reinforce this innate curiosity to give children the confidence to develop their own theories about our incredible world."

Please speak to your child's Key Worker for more information.

Below is a picture of the Planning in the Moment sheets we use within the nursery to document these moments, which are further evidenced in our Floor-books accompanied by pictures.