Nora, Celine, Baxter, Teagan, Hannah.

Not pictured: Griffin

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Welcome to Music Class

at Royle Elementary School!


Ms. Kathleen Theisen - General Music Teacher and Choral Director

In Royle School music classes, children…

DISCOVER musical concepts by imitation, exploration and experimentation.

PLAY with music through movement, improvisation, and composition.

FOCUS while listening to, interpreting, and performing elemental music.

USE TEAMWORK as they create collaboratively and perform in ensemble.

Welcome, Parents!

My name is Kathleen Theisen and I am the general music teacher and chorus director at Royle School. We have two more general music teachers: Mrs. Kristen Turkosz teaches Mrs. Markham’s 1st Grade Music Class and 2 of the 4 ELP music classes and Mrs Ruth Lettera teaches 2 ELP music classes. I teach the other 18 general music classes and the Minstrels Chorus at Royle. I also co-direct the district-wide Elementary Honors Chorus. You may also know Ms. Minnis, our orchestra director, and perhaps you've met our band director, Mr. Matthew Curley.

This year’s calendar will include many wonderful events in general music, including: a Winter Concert featuring the Minstrels, Band and Orchestra; a Spring Concert featuring all of those groups plus the 3rd grade strings; Kindergarten performances at Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and in June; 1st Grade musical; 2nd Grade Musical; 3rd Grade recorder 'shares' during class; Minstrels performance at a school Veteran’s Day assembly, at a Sound Tigers hockey game on January 11, and at a school assembly for Flag Day; ukulele playdates between 4th and 5th grade music classes and kindergarten/ELP classes; 3 or 4 chorus members will sing with the all-state elementary chorus in April; up to 20 students from chorus can participate in the Elementary Honors Chorus at Music in the Parks in June; and MUCH MORE! All performance and 'share' dates will posted on my BLOG.

One thing I love about teaching music is the way that work & fun combine to create wonderful learning experiences for all. Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade learn songs from many different cultures as they develop their singing voices and their sense of steady beat. They’ll come home telling you all about the ways that they danced, played instruments, and sang songs all class long. They may even show you one of our many animal-drawing songs. As children progress from 2nd Grade through 5th Grade, they come to discover what makes music a unique and exciting art form. They study harmonic structure, phrase structure, musical texture (how melodies combine with each other), timbre (the unique sound each instrument makes), dynamics, style, and music history. Students also learn to read and write music notation, and they even try their hand at composing melodies with basic chord progressions. We have many instruments in our classroom – from metallophones & xylophones to shekeres, rain sticks, triangles, maracas, drums and more! All students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade will play the recorder - a flute-like instrument to perform solos and small ensembles. Students in grades 1-5 will also play ukulele throughout the year. Fourth and 5th grade classes work on rap projects and writing blues tunes. We also have access to Dash ‘robots’ to compose songs on iPads that the robots will perform on an attached xylophone.

Our district-wide theme this year is “JAZZ,” so all classes will be learning many aspects of jazz music! Students may submit original posters to a Music for Youth Poster Contest. Students may also submit ‘cover art’ for MusicK8 magazine - a national magazine that we use here in our music classes. Out of thousands of national entries, SEVEN students from Royle won national awards last year!

QUAVER: All students in K-5 will receive logins for In grades K-2, those logins will be linked to the students’ ‘Clever’ accounts for a single sign-on. Students in Grades 3-5 can use the Google single sign-on to save their Quaver login information, as well. On the Quaver website, students can compose songs, create skits, make movie soundtracks, read e-books about all aspects of music, sing favorite songs from class, and so much more. QuaverMusic is a comprehensive music education curriculum and we are THRILLED to be a QUAVER SCHOOL !

MUSICPLAYONLINE: All students in K-5 can also access at home! Please ask Ms. Theisen for the login info!

Please take a moment to visit my BLOG at for updated information, photos and videos from class!


to our school winners in the



Grades K-2:

1st Place: Nora L., grade 2

2nd Place: Griffin L., grade 1

3rd Place: Baxter S., grade 2

Grades 3-5:

1st Place: Hannah H., grade 5

2nd Place: Celine S., grade 4

3rd Place: Teagan J., grade 5


(1) Students may submit artwork for the MUSIC K8 MAGAZINE cover art contest. DEADLINE: January 15th!!! Turn in your artwork to MS THEISEN! See Ms. Theisen for the contest rules and forms.

(2) Students may submit artwork for the MUSIC FOR YOUTH "JAZZ" poster contest. DEADLINE: January 15th!!!! Turn in your artwork to MS THEISEN!!!! Contest rules and forms available soon!

(3) Students may submit original music compositions for the DARIEN YOUNG COMPOSERS CONCERT. DEADLINE: March 16th!!!



Congratulations to 7 Royle music students who were NATIONAL winners

in the 2019 MusicK8 Magazine cover art contest!

Their work can be found on the MUSICK8 website.

(click link and then enter 'darien' in the search box to find our students!)

National Finalist: Hannah Huang, Grade 4

National Finalist: Maria Gardner, Grade 4

National Honorable Mention: Ella Clarke, Grade 3

National Honorable Mention: Andrea Coppe, Grade 3

Promising Young Artist - Honorable Mention: Elisa Madariaga, Grade 1

Promising Young Artist - Honorable Mention: Eliza June Harper, Grade 1

Most Humorous - Honorable Mention: Max Dinneen, Grade 2

ROYLE SCHOOL congratulates the following Royle School students

who were chosen for awards in this national contest in Spring 2018:

Peter K. - Grade 5 - Top Finalist

Lily K - Grade 5 - Honorable Mention

Salma E. - Grade 4 - Honorable Mention

Eliza P. - Grade 1 - Promising Young Artist Honorable Mention

CLICK HERE to see all of the 2018 National Winners:

(enter 'darien' in the search box to find our students!)

Click here to see all of the 2017 National Winners:

ROYLE SCHOOL congratulates the following Royle School students

who were chosen for awards in this national contest in Spring 2017:

Joyce H - Grade 5 - Top Finalist

Maddy D. - Grade 5 - Honorable Mention

Grace L. - Grade 5 - Honorable Mention

Click here to see all of the National Winners:

Want to use your Quaver account at home ?

Your Quaver login and password remain the same and your account will be active throughout the year (even in the summer!!) You do not need a 'QuaverCode' to get into your account. You just need the USERNAME and PASSWORD. Have fun! If you have any issues logging into your Quaver account, email Ms. Theisen:

Hello ROYLE!

from Austin Otto of QUAVER!

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