Group Class Payment Policy For In-Studio (In Person) Yoga - Pilates Classes at VYAYAM

Please enroll here for VYAYAM's In-Person In-Studio Group Yoga - Pilates classes at VYAYAM's Buffalo Grove location (1165, Alden Lane) : .

1) VYAYAM fees for in person group yoga pilates classes are $75 per month per person for once a week class (4 group classes per month), $125 per month for twice a week class (8 group classes per month), and $155 per month for an unlimited monthly pass (72 group classes on schedule per month) for an individual. 

2) Unlimited class pass is effective only for the classes currently on schedule. Please make sure to check the schedule before coming to a class, if you have the monthly pass. Unlimited class pass cannot be adjusted for half a month's attendance, or a week's attendance. Each unlimited monthly class expires at the end of the month. Unused classes may not be carried forward to the next month. No refund will be issued at the end of the month for missed classes that were eligible for the monthly pass. 

3) If you want to have access to our unlimited live online classes per month in addition to attending classes in person, please add $60 to your monthly payment (regular fees are $85 per person per month for our unlimited live online classes).

4)  Pay-as-you-go fees per person for in person classes are $22 per class, $40 for a two class package and $55 for a three class package. For monthly participants of the online program at VYAYAM, pay-as-you-go fees per person for in person classes are $20 per class, $35 for a two class package and $50 for a three class package. These must be utilized within the calendar month of purchase. Family member discounts do not apply to less than monthly fees / class packages. These class packages are single person use only. These cannot be shared by multiple people.

5) A 10-Class Punch card is available for $195 (must be utilized within 1 year period from the date of issuing). This punch-card is single person use only. It cannot be transferred to another person, or shared by multiple people. If a refund is requested within first six months, refund will be issued after subtracting $25 administrative fees and $20 per class utilized. No refund will be issued after six months from the date of purchase. Unused balance from one year cannot be carried forward to the next year.

6) Additional family members residing in the same household will get a $5 discount on their monthly fees for once a week class, and $10 discount for twice a week class monthly package, or unlimited monthly class package. The discount will apply to the smaller amount of monthly dues. Discount is calculated off the package prices given in clause 1 above, and not off the discounted price. Discount is applicable only to the "additional" family members excluding the original full price paying member.

7) Monthly fee assumes 4 weeks in a calendar month. There will be no class on a fifth week-day or a fifth week-end of the month.

8) VYAYAM follows calendar months, and does not count months as per individual joining dates.

9) Fees are due first week of each month for the following (next) calendar month. 

10) Payment is accepted only by Zelle to or by Venmo to @Vidya-Nahar (scan the QR code in the upper right corner). No credit / debit card payments or Walk-In cash payments are accepted for VYAYAM's online group yoga classes. Everybody must pre-pay via Zelle or Venmo before attending the classes. 

11) If you miss classes in a calendar month, please feel free to join us for make-up classes within the same month. Make-up classes must be utilized within the same calendar month that the regular classes are missed in. Make-up classes cannot be carried forward from one calendar month to the next. Make-up classes are a courtesy of VYAYAM, not an obligation. 

12) Fees cannot be adjusted / refunded, or carried forward to next month, for missed regular or make-up classes.

13) VYAYAM reserves the right to change any and/or all fees, and / or classes on schedule at any time.

14) If you're planning to take a break in a particular month, please let VYAYAM know ahead of time.

15) Give the gift of health to your loved ones - gift certificates are available for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirement, mother's day, father's day, all holidays, and any special occasion in your life. Call or write for details.

16) Prices displayed on this page are the correct prices. If you see different prices on any other website for VYAYAM's classes, please note that prices on this page only will be honored. If you notice different prices for our classes elsewhere, please bring the discrepancy to our attention, and we will fix it. Thank you for your help.