Feedback about Yoga with Vidya Nahar, MSY, ERYT-500. 

Thank you everybody for your participation, and for your kind words below - Vidya Nahar.

312* I have been attending Vidya Sarvang’s yoga class for more than a month and I absolutely love it. Her class is not only advanced but also a lot of fun. She incorporates various challenging postures derived from traditional yoga, and sometimes adds a few Pilates moves into the yoga practice. Each lesson has something new and focused, such as stretching, twisting, or core work, and ends with a big laughter practice. I feel accomplished, stronger, and happier after each session. Moreover, she knows everyone’s name and keeps an eye on everyone’s practice. I’m grateful for her introduction to the boundless yoga world. Namaste. (On - Li-Chen Liao, Buffalo Grove, IL, 09/25/2023.

311* Vidya is an experienced teacher who is extremely encouraging, approachable, and teaches according to the ability of her students. I very much enjoy her classes. (On - Carol Schnulle, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/15/2023.

310* Vidya is amazing! I have been doing her fitness classes for years, and I am committed to her! She covers a broad band of different fitness techniques that always challenges you. For health and wellness, mind-body-spirit, she is the “real deal”. I am so grateful! ~(On Google) - Deborah Hutchings, Round Lake, IL, 08/27/2023. 

309* Vidya is the best such a dedicated, experienced yoga instructor. Variatety of classes.I am glad you found this way of teaching Zoom meetings.. It is what works for my mind and body and brings them together. I am grateful that I can move slowly in your class allowing my body to discover what it needs in each element. Thank you Vidya for doing what you do! (On Google) - Helen Buturma, Buffalo Grove, IL, 08/24/2023.

308* Vidya is an excellent Yoga teacher! She not only teaches yoga but truly lives the yogic lifestyle. Simple living and clean cooking. She teaches healthy cooking style / also into many other community outreach events. I am so glad I met her and started my yoga journey with her. Proud of you Vidya- Keep it up my friend! Namaste! (On Google) - Bhavna Vaishnav, Brentwood, CA, 07/01/2023.

307* It was a very nice yoga session arranged by Vidya Nahar. I attended 4 sessions and she brought in various stretches, yoga, breathing techniques. Doing yoga outdoors under her guidance is super. She also encourages you to do more and hour flies just like that. Some of the stretches also helped me to prepare for my 5K runs. Thank you Vidya for everything you do for the community! (On Google) - Ratnangi Malpekar, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/27/2023.

306* Rejuvenating experience at Sunrise Yoga with Vyayam! Would recommend to everyone. Thanks Vidya for offering free yoga classes to the community to practice Yoga. (On Google) - Nilesh Malpekar, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/26/2023.

305* Thank you, Vyayam! It was amazing yoga! (On Google) - Olena Kartashova, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/25/2023.

304* The yoga practices I have experienced through VYAYAM are truly some of the most wonderful in my life. It feels like REAL yoga, not just an exercise class, but a beautiful combination of breathe, mind, and body. The laughter at the end of the session has filled me with a deep joy that I am able to carry into the rest of my day. Highly recommended!! (On Google) - April Butz, Chicago, IL, 06/24/2023.

303* Sunrise yoga with Vidya Nahar at the Peterson Park location every Friday morning in June has been a highlight of my summer. (On Google) - Mary Horgan, Arlington Heights, IL, 06/23/2023.

302* I love love love Vidya’s classes. I have known her from Buffalo Grove Park District fitness center for couple months but i feel like its longer. She is just doing great every classes have different flow with different taste and even i am from different country and experienced english classes recently, i can follow her flows easy since she is doing asanas while she is teaching. Such a well trained mind and body. It is amazing. Thank to her so much to put a big smile on our face at the end of every classes. (On - Duygu Gogus Ozlem, Buffalo Grove, IL, 05/15/2023.

301* I am attending Mrs. Vidya's chair yoga class for a few month. I really like it as this class fits my expectations and helps me to feel better. Mrs. Vidya is an amazing teacher with the positive energy and attitude. She is friendly, help to adjust or modify position if needed. Every her class is different and challenging in a good way. I always looking forward for her class to learn more from her and wish she will teach chairs yoga more often than one time per week. (On - Faina Belan, Buffalo Grove, IL, 05/15/2023.

300* I have been attending Vidya’s yoga class at BG Fitness for over a month. I have personally been doing yoga over 15 years. I love Vidya’s classes. Each class she incorporates something new. She challenges you but at the same time is encouraging and incredibly helpful. At the end of each class she has us all do this deep belly laugh. You can’t help but to walk away with a smile on your face. Try her class. (On - Eva Ayala, Chicago, IL, 05/03/2023.

299* Every time I take Vidya's yoga classes, I am always surprised at how creative she is. one day she had us doing yoga with two hand towels, last weekend we did yoga poses with weights....her creativity are endless. I walk out of her class feeling energized and relaxed at the same time. she is definitely one of my fav. yoga instructor. (On - Jaclyn Cassel, Wheeling, IL, 05/03/2023.

298* I have been practicing with Vidhya through Online classes for last one month and the experience is so good. The Classes are well planned and she guides throughout and suggests variations to make it challenging or little ease based on the level of the participants. Highly recommend her classes for a good fitness routine. - (On Google) - Uthra Murali, Arlington Heights, IL, 04/28/2023.

297* I joined Vidia’s yoga class about 6 months ago. Love chair yoga as it is difficult for me to do it on the floor. I love her class and love the way she is teaching adjusting to different peoples needs. She always makes the class fun as it is always different plan for the class. She is a great yoga teacher. (On - Sima Frenkel, Buffalo Grove, IL, 04/27/2023.

296* I am attending Mrs. Vidya Nahar’s Sunday morning classes in BGFC for more than 3 months. Of all the classes I look forward to Mrs. Nahar’s classes. She remembers everyone’s name and connects with us in the classroom even though most of us meet her only once a week. Her students are from wide age group. She demonstrates all aasanas in every class, corrects our postures and allows us to challenge ourselves but at our own pace.She makes her classes even more interesting and challenging at different levels with the use of chairs, towels and exercise balls. The most fun part of her classes is the laughter session towards the end. While it seems weird in the beginning but eventually the entire class will be in real laughter. I wish I could attend her classes more often. Mrs. Nahar is well versed, humble, a great teacher and a true yogi. (On - Shilpa Nagaraju, Buffalo Grove, IL, 04/25/2023.

295* I highly recommend Vidya's yoga classes. I have attended various classes conducted by her over past 10 years and every time I left feeling more powerful and energetic. I am recovering from a recent Wrist fracture, and have a very limited mobility in my left wrist. Due to this, I could not do any hand bearing exercises for over a year. Recently I started attending Vidya's Vinyasa Yoga lessons at Buffalo Grove Fitness Center every Sunday, and I am able to follow through 80% of the exercises to my satisfaction. With each lesson, I am able to do more and move better. Thank you Vidya. (On - Sonali Dahalkar, Buffalo Grove, IL, 04/24/2023.

294* I recently took a private prenatal yoga session with Vidya ji. It was very easy to follow her instructions and she paces the class based on your needs. Her knowledge in yoga is unsurpassed and her compassion for it it truly inspiring. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to learn yoga! (On Google) - Surbhi Kashyap, Vernon Hills, IL, 04/21/2023.

293* Attended Vidyaji's Kriya Yoga class with my friends for a yoga tryout. By the end of the class I am motivated to incorporate yoga in my day to day routine. As a Yoga Guru, she was attentive, humble, caring and motivating. Best was the end of the session, laughter session ... I have incorporated that in my daily life , where me and my son laugh as soon as we get up LOL :) I would highly recommend it to anyone who would wants to learn breathing, balancing and strengthening your core with a smile :) (On Google) - Hemali Kachalia, Chicago, IL, 04/18/2023.

292* I started almost two months ago and I definitely see improvement overall in my body, energy - health. I was dealing with a thyroid issue and found the best place for yoga & pilates. It amazes me the variety of different classes and day schedules available to attend. Thank you Vidya for your amazing classes, I love them! You are such an inspiration and motivation 🙏🏻 (On Google) - Veronica Penski, Arlington Heights, IL, 04/11/2023.

291* I love doing online yoga/pilates with Vidya. She is helping me build strength and flexibility, and improve my balance while practicing steadying my mind. She offers so many classes and so many formats. Her online studio works great - she has the technology set up perfectly so I feel like I am in a yoga studio. I highly recommend her online studio! (On Google) - Diane Gordon, Buffalo Grove, IL, 04/10/2023.

290* Vidya is an amazing yoga teacher. She is very kind, inspiring and goes out of her way to help everyone feel great about yoga. Vidya's classes are suitable for everyone. It does not matter if you just started yoga or at an advanced level, there is always something new to learn every session. I always leave her classes energized, rejuvenated and happy. I highly recommend Vidya to anyone who is interested in starting practicing yoga or improve yoga practice in any way. (On - Anna Guzband, Buffalo Grove, IL, 02/09/2023.

289* Always look forward to Vidya’s classes - an idealized yoga combination of body and spirit. Both challenging (in a good way) and rewarding. Every session is a new experience, with poses and movements new to us. Nothing overly complex but somehow we always find muscles we didn’t know we had – usually the next day! (On - Iris Pan, Buffalo Grove, IL, 02/06/2023.

288* If you are looking for a different type of yoga experience then come experience a class with Vidya. Each class is different and offers a variety of stretching, strengthening and spiritual meditations. i have very much enjoyed every class I have taken with Vidya. (On - Catherine Elfstrand, Buffalo Grove, IL, 01/22/2023.

287* While I am fairly new to Vidya's classes, the several that i have been to were interesting and very satisfying. She is 100 % engaged in making sure prompts, direction and modifications are offered to get to the best pose possible. Vidya demonstrates and explains. Spiritually, i felt awesome about my self and really glad i went to her class. Vidya's experience really shows in all aspects of the class, mind, breath and body. (On - John Damas, Volo, IL, 01/19/2023.

286* After months away from in person yoga classes, I have found Vidya's classes to be appropriately challenging. I always feel good after class, despite dealing with extreme stress in my personal life. I feel stronger and more aware of my body. I love that Vidya addresses areas of the body that are often neglected, such as our eye muscles. I feel that Vidya understands yoga at a deeper level than most instructors and that makes me feel safe. (On - Annette Kohn-Lau, Northbrook, IL, 01/16/2023.

285* I have been attending Vidya's Vinyasa Yoga classes for a while now and truly experiencing the physical and mental benefits of yoga to the fullest. Her classes are well planned and packaged to cover all aspects of yoga in an hour. The class generally starts with slow movements and without knowing, gradually dives deeper into challenges. I was practicing yoga even before with the knowledge from different channels such as social medias, YouTube, in person classes, professional trainings provided by the employers, etc., but I never aware before that doing yoga could make you sweat in an AC room. 😊Every minute in the second phase of the class, you will be really challenged both mentally and physically. Your mind needs to be at present and focused to follow the class. When you start to feel that you exactly reached your threshold, you can hear Vidya’s voice guides you to drip into complete relaxation of body and mind. Believe me, in this phase of the class you will feel like you are tasting a gallon of most precious sweet and chill water after a long travel in a desert. Hold on its not the end of your class yet, there are couple more surprising entities added which I do not want to reveal here and leaving it for you to experience on your own. Each of her classes is different, and you will not be recalling the last time exactly when you did the same movements. Most of all I love to see the relaxing, satisfactory, inspired, happy, smiling faces coming out of each session. I really admire and respect you for what you are doing Vidya. Please keep up your good service. (On - Nithya Mani, Buffalo Grove, IL, 01/10/2023.

284* I have been doing yoga with Vidyaji for the past couple of months now. She is the best. Her yoga incorporates the body , mind and soul. She works on the core muscles also and everyday she does differently so it isn’t monotonous. She uses different accessories which makes it interesting and challenging too. I would really recommend her classes for whoever who wants to do something good for themselves. (On Google). - Suchita Kanoi, Arlington Heights, IL, 01/07/2023.

283* I enjoy Vyayam yoga. The stretches and twist feel great. The laughing and breathing exercises uplift my mood. Vidya keeps the class interesting every day by introducing new asanas and variations. The best of all is the convenience of performing this at home with a live instructor makes it easy for me to maintain my schedule and incorporate yoga in my daily routine. I highly recommend Vyayam yoga led by Vidhya. (On Google) - Parthiv Brahmbhatt, Des Plaines, IL, 01/03/2023.

282* I feel very positive after taking yoga classes with Vidya. It’s been a pleasure to see her every day on the mat. I feel my body has become more flexible and I am getting better at focusing too. Many thanks to Vidya and I highly recommend here. (On Google) - Rucu Sethu, Wildwood, MO, 12/19/2022.

281* I look forward to Vidya’s classes. No two are alike and I benefit from every session. She challenges and encourages, providing clear instruction and accommodating students at every level of ability and of varied ages. She welcomes all and is clearly devoted to teaching and ensuring that every student of hers has a good experience. (On - Elizabeth Fresen, Buffalo Grove, IL, 12/19/2022.

280* Learning Yoga from Vidya has been an enriching experience and has greatly helped me. (On Google) - Poonam Chauhan, CA, 12/16/2022.

279* I have really enjoyed meeting and practicing with Vidya. I thought I knew about yoga going to a corporate studio for several years but she has taken me to a new place and I have learned so much. She explains clearly and guides her classes to make sure each of us are getting the most out of our time Vidya ends her classes with one minute of laughter which brings joy to our life! (On - Peggy Hoffman, Buffalo Grove, IL, 12/16/2022.

278* I have taken 4 chair yoga classes with Vidya at the local fitness center and have only good things to say about it. Vidya is clearly experienced and comfortable teaching. She exudes her quiet, joyful, spiritual personality while leading us in a variety of creative moves. Each lesson has been unique with different techniques as she explains the positions as they relate to our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. She checks to make sure we are physically challenged and at the same time are careful to stay safe and without injury. I leave feeling energized and positive and looking forward to the next lesson. It has been an honor having her as a teacher. (On - Susan Levy, Buffalo Grove, IL, 12/16/2022.

277* This is one of my best decision to join Vyayam. It almost 3 months since I joined, I can feel the flexibility in my moves. Truly amazing to do yoga on a daily basis starting from eye to toe, and this what I was exactly looking for. Ms.Vidya is an excellent teacher who keeps eye on each move of all the participants while teaching which covers in-person to online. (On Google) - Pragyan Patnaik, Buffalo Grove, IL, 10/31/2022.

276* I enjoy Yoga classes. Vidya a great teacher. Yoga for me is the flexibility of my body, peace of mind and a great mood. Every morning I get this in yoga class with Vidya. It's amazing. (On Google) - Tatiana Valova, Buffalo Grove, IL, 09/11/2022.

275* I have only been practicing chair yoga for a month, but it’s been very helpful in improving my balance and flexibility. I have Parkinson’s so I want the experience to reach my full potential. Vidya Nahar is an excellent instructor, who guides you through meditation and always ends her class with laughter!! HaHaHa!!! (On Google) - Debbie Rudzin, Buffalo Grove, IL, 08/27/2022.

274* I'm so happy and grateful to practice daily with an amazing teacher Vidya Nahar. Vidya's deep knowledge and experience in many breathing techniques, physical activities and meditation are combined to each session, which somehow makes it exactly what I need. Dealing with some old injuries wasn't fun until now. I feel strong, happy, healthy and much kinder. Thank you Vidya! (On Google) - Radek Swiecicki, Wheeling, IL, 07/10/2022.

273* I have joined Vidya Nahar's yoga classes over the last few months in-person and online. She is an exceptional Yoga Teacher! I love that she incorporates a mix of strength, restorative yoga, and meditation in her classes. It is truly everything I've been looking for in a yoga teacher and class. There are so many different class times, too, so it works well with my work schedule that changes frequently. On top of all that, she is such a kind-hearted person and creates a welcoming environment. I highly recommend! (On Google) - Renee Garbe, Buffalo Grove, IL, 07/08/2022.

272* Vidya Nahar is an exceptional Yoga Teacher. I recently joined a few of her sunrise yoga classes on Friday morning at 6-7 am. It’s such an amazing experience in practicing every yoga move while enjoying the birds chirping and early morning sun rise. Vidya’s unique way of teaching not only awakened my body but also uplifted my soul and mind . (On Google) - Connie Xue, Long Grove, IL, 06/25/2022.

271* I noticed Vyayam's Sunrise Yoga & International Day of Yoga for a couple years and this year I decided to attend both of these.   I have absolutely loved yoga with Vidya.  The Sunrise sessions are  leave my heart glowing and my body ready for the week.  The International Day of Yoga was a great session that I got to share with my daughter.  I feel very welcome when I arrive and will be back. Thank you Vyayam and Vidya. ❤ (On Google) - Kim Page, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/23/2022.

270* Love the Classes they are fun learning experience. You work on improving on your self mentally, physically, and learning new breath work every time. Vidya is a excellent teacher. (On Google) - Reyna Becerra, Carpentersville, IL, 06/02/2022.

269* Vidya is extremely knowledgeable in her practice of yoga technique and brings a wonderful sense of spiritualness to the entire experience. She is the best! (On Google) - Lori Lyman, Long Grove, IL, 05/27/2022.

268* Vidya is an AWESOME teacher, having amazing yoga skills and knowledge, along with being spiritual. Vidya is a kind spirit with a gentle soul, thoughtful, and patient. Her tailored yoga practice is a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing, and relaxation. I love my daily sessions with Vidya. I have never felt stronger, more in-tuned with my mind and body or as centered. I absolutely 100% recommend taking classes with Vidya. (On - Vani Rao, Buffalo Grove, IL, 05/12/2022.

267* I recently joined the Yoga classes with Vidya, Vidya is awesome as a instructor, as a person. She communicates so well and makes you feel very comfortable and an active part of it. If you have the opportunity do not hesitate to join a class with ther. 100% recommendable classes !! (On Google) - VV R, Buffalo Grove, IL, 05/12/2022.

266* Thank you so much Vidya ji for teaching us Pilates Yoga on Mother’s Day. Really had good time doing yoga and felt so relax with learning new techniques and felt so energetic. 1 hour class went so quick doing yoga with you and left class with positivity and smile. Definitely would highly recommend yoga sessions to everyone to try out and feel the difference.  (On Google) - Khushbu Bansal, Hoffman Estates, IL, 05/10/2022.

265* Thank you very much for your efforts in the yoga session. We are inspired by your motivation, your positive approach, your compassion, your way of teaching, and for making this class unique. We really admire it and we were able to leave with a smile, feeling relaxed and energized. We hope you continue your teachings and spreading your peaceful influence. (On Google) - Utpal Tewari, Buffalo Grove, IL, 05/10/2022.

264* Vidya Nahar is an excellent Yoga Teacher. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you get the best Yoga training to become a Yoga Teacher. In addition to her personal teachings, she provides resources and an extensive library of videos that you can watch over and over to practice throughout the course. The Yoga Teacher course that Vidya developed and teaches ensures that you have all the training needed to become a competent Yoga Teacher. I am grateful for the wisdom and knowledge that Vidya has kindly shared with me during my training. Thank you so much! (On Google and - Ana Cuevas, Palm Desert, CA, 12/29/2021

263* Yoga is helping my lower back pain, and great for my flexibility, balance and posture. Online is convenient, safe ( Covid-19 ) and Vidya provides morning, afternoon and evening classes to suit your time frame. Love. (via email) - Anne Lin, Buffalo Grove, IL, 12/09/2021.

262 * I was looking to learn yoga, and found a GREAT teacher with enthusiasm and passion. She is always highlighting benefits of various yoga, encouraging beginners like me. There is a great zeal in her teaching and these classes have benefitted me a lot. Very professional. Thank you Vidya. (On Google) - Poonam Malave, Buffalo Grove, IL, 08/24/2021.

261* It is my privilege to learn Yogasanas from Vidya Nahar. Her versatile nature of teaching Yoga and most methodical way of explaining various poses with relevant benefits to body and mind are unmatchable! (On Google) - Rajendra Sonarikar, Round Lake, IL, 08/21/2021.

260* A blog written by a student of Duke University Rj Shah after attending Vidya's presentation on Yoga for Duke University's campus-wide wellness day : - Rj Shah, Duke University, NC, 05/28/2021.

259* Like yoga, Vidya's teaching style is very balanced. Her level of experience is apparent. Adding the meditation element at the beginning and end of each sessions engages the mind as well as the body. Highly recommend for serious practitioners. (on - Annette Sutherland, Long Grove, IL, 02/26/2021.

258* Hello Vidya, I am loving the classes and they are becoming a habit that I miss if I don’t attend any day because of work or the baby. I joined the classes only 3 months after delivery and could not do many of the asana initially. It was an awakening how much strength and stamina I had lost. But slowly and surely I feel that I am able to do more and more as days are passing. I really feel happy about that. I am nowhere near where I want to be - strength and weight wise - but I am surely enjoying the process. So thank you for that!! (via email) - Shalaka Palkar, Chicago, IL, 02/25/2021.

257* I have been attending Vidya's online zoom classes since more than six months now. It feels like she is personally present and monitoring and guiding through her excellently setup studio for virtual classes. She is an excellent Yoga/Pilates guru, master of the subject. Multiple class schedules over the week gives flexibility to attend at any convenient time. Fees are reasonable. Each class starts with same passion, always on time, very organized and covering variety of exercises each time. Last 10 mins meditation, breathing and a laughter session in each class is simply wonderful. I always look forward and enjoy doing sessions with her. (On Google and on Madhura Bapat, Columbus, OH, 02/25/2021.

256* It’s been a pleasure so far to participate in Vidya’s Yoga classes . It has not only instilled discipline in my lifestyle but I also feel the difference in the in energy levels the past few months that I have been in her class . Vidya makes sure that she gives her 💯. What I love about her classes is the way she explains the health benefits of each Asana . And she makes sure to point out our mistakes then and there . I love her classes and look forward to it each day. - (On Google) Sharmila Vijay, Buffalo Grove, 01/31/2021.

255* Hello Vidya,  Its been a more than a month I had joined the online live yoga session. It's just amazing , I can't believe that I am already doing it successfully from last 1 month. Thanks to you, the way you teach all the stretches with very easy instructions . Before when I used to sit for my religious task for more than 30 minutes in crisscross position of legs my right knee was hurting but now I can sit for almost an hour without pain. It's so awesome. Even my stamina for whole day work has increased. I will keep doing this sessions as much as  I can. Hope to do this in person very soon .  Whenever I see you doing all the stretches so perfectly I feel so amazed. I wish I can do it sometime. see you in next class. Thanks and Regards -  (via email) Shruti Kulkarni, Schaumburg, 01/29/2021.

254* I really enjoy yoga classes here, Vidya is an amazing yoga instructor, she explains all poses very well, if you just follow the words you can get it, no need to look at screen(online)or actual pose, she has an eagle eye sight as well! Each class with lot of variations, she makes sure that it won’t get monotonous. Flow of class is just perfect starting with relaxing poses transitioning to challenging ones, whole body relaxation, and ends with few minutes pranayam and laughter, gives full accomplishment and satisfaction! Thanks Vidya for everything you do!  -  (On Nilangi Jadhav, Buffalo Grove, 01/14/2021.

253* Vidya is very knowledgeable and experienced Yoga-Pilates teacher that I have come across. I love the way she formats the exercises for each day, my body feels great after the class. I started attending the Yoga class from past couple of months and I am happy that I made a good decision on enrolling for Yoga-Pilates with Vidya. Since it's work from home my body was feeling very rigid and stiff. Yoga-Pilates with Vidya has helped to flex the muscles. She gives personal attention even though it's a group zoom classes and she keeps encouraging to try our level best. I feel more flexible, energetic and focused after starting the class. - (On Google) Praveena Aradhya, Arlington Heights, 12/09/2020.

252* I joined Vidya’s yoga class about two months ago. Being new to yoga, first few classes were overwhelming but Vidya assured that it will get better with each practice and sent me some videos to help me improve my posses. And it did get better! Even though the class is virtual, Vidya keeps guiding everyone to improve the posses. She provides personal attention to everyone. She is an excellent teacher! She makes practice interesting by including different routines every day. I feel more flexible, focused, and energetic after starting the class. I am so glad I joined her class and look forward to my yoga practice every day! - (On Google) Suparna Sharma, Buffalo Grove, 11/21/2020.

251* As a yoga instructor myself I love attending classes with different instructors to keep reminding myself what it’s like to be a student. Of all the various classes I’ve attended I'm extremely fond of Vidya’s classes as she embodies yoga philosophy in every aspect of her being from the way she chooses to live in her personal life to the way she interacts with the world around her. Her classes are well structured and offer a wholesome experience of yoga incorporating yoga philosophy and breathwork. Each class is new and different with a interesting creative sequence requiring the students to pay attention and to be present in the moment. The variety and number of classes she’s offering each week is phenomenal making it super convenient for students to form a healthy regular routine. On a personal level I’ve known Vidya as a friend for a long time now and can confidently say that her ability for self control, discipline and to uphold truth is extraordinary! I have the deepest regards and respect for her and am grateful for the opportunity to attend her online yoga classes. I highly recommend her classes to one and all. Come feel inspired and uplifted with Vidya. 🙏 - (On Google) Komal Bhonagiri, Mountain View, CA, 09/29/2020.

250* Vidya is very professional and well prepared for yoga class. Her class always has a perfect mix of yoga routines and meditation at the end. She explains each and every move and also gives alternate options for beginners like me. I am so glad I joined her zoom class. I have struggled to get into yoga or any other workout routine for a long time. But Vidyaji’s classes are inspiring and motivating me to come back to the class everyday even though some of the poses are very challenging. I am so grateful to have Vidyaji as my yoga Guru. (On Google) - Jayanthi Vaikuntapathi, Buffalo Grove, 09/29/2020.

249* Positive Vibes Only! I’m so glad to have joined yoga classes with Vidya! She thoroughly explains each and every movement which really helps me stay focused and connected in class. She also provides guidance if something doesn’t make sense, which really motivates me to give it my all in class. I enjoy the mixture of Yoga and Pilates, along with the meditation and laughter sessions at the end of class. Online classes have been extremely helpful as I’m able to continue my practice. Vidya demonstrates every move in class, which is really inspiring and amazing- thanks for being an awesome teacher! (On - Shruti Pawar, Lake Zurich, 09/29/2020.

 248* I’ve always enjoyed doing Yoga and was really starting to miss going to classes amidst the pandemic, so I was thrilled to have found VYAYAM! The classes involve new routines everyday and I love learning the names of different poses and bettering myself each and everyday. The class can be challenging at times, but modifications are always offered until we get better with the poses. I’m so glad to have joined VYAYAM! (On Google) - Shruti Pawar, Lake Zurich, 09/28/2020.

 247* An awesome experience for body and mind. Vidya ji's is an excellent teacher. Her classes are always different and touches all the body parts. At the end of the class she make sure the body is relaxed and mind is happy. I try to take 2 class in a day, as the classes are online now it is easy to attend in regular basis. I haven’t been able to find a single excuse to justify canceling/being no show to my sessions now. Love it. I find my myself more flexible in doing some of the asanas. It's a joy to be part of her online class. Thank you for all the motivation. (On - Devi Sanker, Barrington, 09/25/2020.

 246* I have been doing yoga with Vidya from past 1 year in person and now continuing online classes. Vidya is fantastic teacher . she elegantly guide your mind and body in to Vinyasa yoga flow which will help relax muscle tension and stress. It has help me to keep my positive energy through out the day with smile. I am grateful to be part of yoga practice daily. (On Google) - Deepthi Vincentraj, Buffalo Grove, 09/20/2020.

 245* Words are not enough to describe the importance of Vidya's online yoga classes for me. She is very motivating and explains everything in perfect detail. Thanks to her online classes, I am still able to be with Vidya virtually, even after moving out of country. Even through a screen, she pays personal attention to every student, and it feels like she's there in front of me. The time is perfect for me, and there's no better way to start/end my day than attending Vidya's classes. I'm even thinking about attending two times a day! (On and Google) - Pirya Dhande, Pune, India, 09/20/2020.

 244* I had attended Vidya's yoga classes in person before; since start of COVID, I have switched to her zoom class option. Classes have helped me tremendously by releasing my muscle tension and pain caused due to long sitting hours due to work on immediate basis. On long term basis, it is also helping me with stress management and I feel lot more energy due to yoga. Vidya is an excellent teacher who performs all yoga poses with the at-most perfection and also explains poses in class while doing it. She also gives options for beginners for advance and difficult poses. I look forward to her classes every week! Thanks so much Vidya!! (On Google) - Shilpa Thosar, Vernon Hills, 09/17/2020.

 243* Vidya is such an amazing Yoga/Pilates instructor and very knowledgeable with lots of positivity. I am not a morning person at all but I feel so motivated to wake up early for her 6.30 am class and enjoy the entire day with positive vibes. Thank you for all the motivation and I look forward to practice yoga with you for years to come. (On and on Google) - Aarti Parikh, Lake Zurich, 09/17/2020.

 242* I have been attending Vyayam for 2 months now. I feel that Vidya really is an expert. She makes sure we have the right posture. As a new comer, I dont have the same flexibility as others so Vidya always provides options. I reached out to her in regards to questions about breathing and she was able to help me by sending videos and some reading material. I am grateful to have found this yoga class from the comfort of my own home. I needed some time to focus on my health and this has provided me just that. (On Google) - Nidhi Dalal, Vernon Hills, 09/17/2020.

 241* Vidya is the most knowledgeable yoga/Pilates teacher i have ever met. She is very kind and positive person. It's a joy to be part of her online class almost every morning. I am currently in the end of my second trimester of pregnancy and Vidya's classes is the best thing i could ever done for my physical and mental health. Thank you for all you do! I always highly recommend her to all my friends and family! (On Google and on - Katya Reents, Buffalo Grove, 09/17/2020.  

 240* Vidya offers well structured and explained instruction. She clearly has great knowledge and dedication to yoga and imparts that love and knowledge to her students. Highly recommend her classes. (On Google) - Robert Kerr, Buffalo Grove, 06/17/2020.

 239* I have been practicing yoga with Vidya for over 10 years and she is a wonderful instructor. I have really enjoyed her live zoom sessions. The times are so convenient that I have been able to practice yoga more often. I'm so thankful that Vidya offers this service and hope she will continue to zoom her classes. (On Google) - Susan Tuckey, Lake Zurich, 06/17/2020.

 238* I joined Vidya’s virtual chair yoga class about a month back. Thanks to Mona who introduced me to Vidya. Truly it has been a blessing for me. My knee joints have been giving me a lot of problems because of wear and tear and as a result the muscles around the knees are very weak. In this one month I feel a big difference not only around my knees but overall. I feel more energetic and look forward to her classes. I do have a long way to go. Vidya is very knowledgeable and a great yoga instructor. Her classes are fun and always starts and ends on time. Every day the stretches are different and so not monotonous at all and the best part is that I can do it in the comfort of my home. I intend to continue with the classes and hoping that one day I will be strong enough to join her mat yoga class. Thank you Vidya. (On Google) - Aisha Nair, Chicago, 06/08/2020.

  237* Vidya's Vyayam classes are a unique blend of modern and ancient techniques that not only helps build core strength and flexibility, but gradually takes us closer to doing the difficult Yoga poses that we only see in pictures. Her teachings also expose us to different breathing technique and meditation which in my experience should be part of any Yoga/exercise routine. Her ability to start with simple hand and leg moments and build on it in a way that leads us into some of the most difficult poses which such ease and poise is what makes her style unique to me, unlike some other institutes where there is no connection from 1 pose to other. Finally, she does a great job in combining different variations within Vyayam using modern tools like Bosu, Weights, Stretch bands etc. which help in keeping the classes fun, challenging and interesting all at the same time. (On Google) - Jigna Prabhu, Wilmette, 06/04/2020.

  236* I am so happy I found Vidya’s classes. Yoga is not only about health, relaxation, exercise- it is about finding a great and right instructor, who inspires, challenges, motivates and more importantly have positive energy. Vidya is an amazing instructor with great experience, who truly enjoys her calling. Her classes are great for every level, they never feel the same. Vidya’s creativity does not have a limit. Love Vidya’s classes. Highly recommend!!!! (On Google) - Olya Yashcneko, Hawthorn Woods, 06/03/2020.

  235* I'm Clara and I'm a runner. Vidya is a great traditional yoga's teacher. I live in Italy and thanks to her online live yoga practice at Vyayam I can take part at her lessons from home. I don't speak English but I can easily take part of her yoga classes thanks to her perfect demonstrations. She correct your mistakes. Her physical exercises strengthen your body and step by step you improve your physical form and your practice evolves. She's careful of the well-being of her pupils, and she complete the lesson with meditation, breathing exercises and relaxing techniques. My life is better because I love yoga. Namastè Vidya (On Google) - Clara Granata, Italy, 05/27/2020.

  234* I've taken many yoga classes over the years at large fitness centers and boutiques and I feel that Vidya's classes are trully the best. The experience is very authentic. She moves seemelessly through poses and guides everyone very well to follow along. Amazingly even via Zoom she notices if you are off and provides feedback. Her classes are very relaxing as Vidya beams with positivity and peace. She is also a laughter specialist and we do a laughter exercise at the end of each class. I frequently had difficulty focusing in yoga as classes that I took previously tended to be the same each time and my mind would wonder off to my to do lists. That doesn't happen to me at Vyayam yoga because every class is different and Vidya keeps you engaged. I've been going for almost a year and cannot recommend her classes enough. (On Google) - Ginte Sabaliauskaite, Buffalo Grove, 05/23/2020.

 233* Vidya is an excellent yoga instructor. - Barb Smith, Vernon Hills, 05/22/2020.

 232* Vidya Nahar has been a local celebrity with multiple talents, I was hoping to get a chance to learn yoga from her all these years, with the current quarantine situation and not motivated to work out on my own, VYAYAM online was a blessing in disguise! Classes are amazing and her curated full body workout with different routines using different equipment leaves you feeling accomplished for the day! I'm blown away by how she instructs the class, and does every move with us , and also watch how each one of us is doing and correct if needed, all at the same time! Much gratitude Vidyaji for all that you do! (On Google) A dream for many years to find the right guru for learning Yoga, and although I knew about Vidyaji ,was unable to find time with busy schedule, I feel thankful to have got this opportunity in this lockdown period! I'm struck with awe how fluidly she can do all the yoga poses and I hope with her guidance I will be able learn well. Vidyaj is very knowledgeable and a great teacher, and I look forward to her class everyday. (On - Raji Ganesh, Vernon Hills, 05/22/2020.

  231* My name is Clara, I am 43 years old and I met Vidya Nahar on YouTube looking for running stretching videos. Thanks to her video lessons my fitness has improved. I love yoga because it calms the mind and makes life more beautiful. I live in Italy and I don't understand the English language, and I online live yoga practice at VYAYAM with Vidya Nahar, ERYT-500 easily because she performers the whole lesson. Each exercise can be done intensively both with a basic and an advanced level. She is a very good teacher, she is very humble and she is attentive to the well-being of her students. Try to believe! Namaste Vidya. (On - Clara Granata, Italy, 05/21/2020.

I saw Vidya's videos on YouTube two years ago, when I was looking for running enhancement exercises. I practice live online yoga with Vidya since May, thanks to it my fitness has improved and peace and serenity  are a part of my daily life. Vidya is a very good teacher, with her simplicity she guides you in an intense practice, she performs and explains each exercise and she corrects your mistakes. (Feedback Form) - Clara Granata, Italy, 05/21/2020.

  230* Thank you Vidya for offering virtual yoga classes. I was her student for over 10 years, but had to stop my practice for a while. Thanks to Vidya’s virtual classes, I was able to resume my yoga practice. Vidya is an amazing yoga guru. She always provides a nice mix of yoga, Pilates and strength training in her routines. Her classes are challenging, encouraging and relaxing. She is a very positive, kind and humble human being. I am grateful to be part of Vyayam again- thank you Vidya! (On Google) - Swati Pawar, Lake Zurich, 05/21/2020.  

  229* I am so glad I joined online yoga class. It has helped me gain strength in my body and helps me be energetic all through the day and keeps my mind calmer. Everyday it’s new routine and Vidhya ji focuses on every aspect and also she helps us by working on our problem area. I can see significant improvements in my body. I have been attending this class for more than a month now and i completely enjoy it! I look forward to it every morning. (On Google) - Krishna Selvarajan, Buffalo Grove, 05/20/2020.

  228* Vidya is a wonderful Yoga teacher! She focuses on whole body, mind and breathing techniques in her yoga classes including with lots of variations. In her Yoga classes Vidya include very innovative way of using gym accessories along with full body scan and gratitude meditation.It really helped me in so many ways because now I focus consciously on my breath along with all postures and stretch. It also helped me to know my body better. I feel energetic and joyful after morning online classes. I loved all her classes and looking forward for everyday! (On Google) - Shalini Singh, Buffalo Grove, 05/20/2020.

  227* Vidya is very experienced and encouraging teacher. She always takes time to explain each posture in detail and also gives feedback generously if needed.Everyday there is something new to learn and new ways to talk to your body and listen to your body. Vidya also teaches different forms of breathing techniques along with all yoga postures. I’m glad that I’m part of Vidya’s classes but I wish I should have done much more earlier but it’s never too late! (On - Shalini Singh, Buffalo Grove, 05/20/2020.

  226* Vidya's classes are challenging but not intimidating - a very welcome combination! I love that Vidya's teaching style is fluid connecting movement and poses. Her knowledge encompasses all aspects of Yoga which enhances your physical practice. Sometimes class is a mat class and sometimes you'll use different equipment, but no matter what you will get in a good "yoga" workout. I have been attending her class for several years and still learn new things. (On Google) - Kim Roach, Lake Zurich, 05/20/2020.

  225* Yoga practice with Vidya is a complete treat for body, and mind. Her style is unique, simple but challenging. I love how she begins her class with unique stretches, eye muscle movements that nicely grounds you into the practice. Vidya offers amazing variety in Asana sequence. She always demonstrates easier variations of challenging poses making classes enjoyable for everyone. I love the way she seals the practice, with laughter Yoga! Its very energizing and relaxing. Since I started practicing with Vidya, I have noticed increased relaxation of eyes, and greater body strength, flexibility, and balance. I am truly very grateful for all that Vidya teaches! (On Google) - Kalpana Nimkar, Buffalo Grove, 05/19/2020.

  224* I have enrolled in VYAYAM yoga class for the past month. I look forward to the class as it challenging as well as encouraging . She has a consistent nice mix of yoga routines and her meditation at the end of each class is very special and calming. Vidya is an amazing yoga guru and I am so glad I joined her class! (On Google) - N Pal, Long Grove, 04/29/2020.

  223*  - Vidya’s classes are wonderful. The instruction is clear and she is very helpful and positive. Multiple ways to do poses are presented and I never feel awkward if I can’t do a pose. Her knowledge of yoga is unsurpassed. I wouldn’t consider taking classes from anyone else! (On Google) - Beth, Lake Zurich, 04/29/2020. 

  222* I have just started the program. I enjoy the class very much. I feel challenged and yet accomplished consistently. I specially enjoy her meditation schedule which is at the  end of the class which relaxes me and gets me going for the rest of the day! (On - N.P., Long Grove, 04/29/2020.

  221* I tried first time Yoga class through zoom platform with Vidya Nahar. She is phenomenal! I am a runner and have usually used yoga stretches for my flexibility and sciatica pain. But after doing 5 yoga sessions with her I felt much lighter as a person and a different kind of happiness because not only it helped me work on my stretches, but balance, core and upper body strength. I do plan to continue classes with her for next month and see further more difference. Thank you Vidya! (On Google) - Hemaxi Mistry, Downers Grove, 04/23/2020.

  220* Virtual class allowed me to start the yoga from home. I was not able to takeout time to go out to yoga class or any gym. 6:30 PM is so good time for me. After a full day work, sitting on table chair, gives me an opportunity to stretch my full body. Doing yoga from last 2 weeks has given me an insight how imbalance my body is and how week my muscles are. I hope I will be able to develop it as habit to improve my lifestyle. (On Google) Vidya, your style of starting from simple relaxed mode, warm-up poses to slowly transitioning into more challenging asanas is very helpful. At the end relaxing and short meditation and thankful for everything is very good. It sync with my philosophy. (On - Vinay Dhande, Buffalo Grove, 04/21/2020.

   219* I took Yoga teacher's training from Vidya Nahar at Vyayam. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced teacher to teach yoga philosophy, asanas, meditation and bandhas. It was an awesome journey to learn and gain knowledge about yoga, I learned more than what I expected in teacher's training. (On Google) - Hina Lad, Lake Zurich, 03/16/2020.

   218* When I think about what I will miss most if I leave the area, it's Vidya's yoga class. I started taking her class in a gym about 3 or 4 years ago. She is not like many yoga teachers who're asking you to do 500 downward dog facing poses or just rushing through poses. The flow in her class is just so right! She is really able to guide me to gradually challenge my body and move to advanced poses. It's how surprising that you realized the body is actually so sore and so relaxed after the class. And the meditation she added in the end of the class is great too. - Jia Cheng, Vernon Hills, 02/25/2020.

   217* I really enjoyed the Breathing class. It was very structured class and the best part was she explains the need or reason behind why you do certain type of breathing or asanas so its easier to grasp it and we can make sure to follow it correctly. Explains any doubts or clarifications on every question. she always encourages to ask doubts so we understand it clearly. I really enjoyed the class. Thank you. - Krishnakumari Selvarajan, Buffalo Grove, 02/02/2020.

   216* I have been studying yoga, off and on (more off than on) for the last 20 years. Over that time I have been introduced to various breathing "techniques". This seminar (Yogic Breathing / Pranayam Workshop led by Vidya Nahar at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire on January 29, 2020) was great because I finally had all this information pulled together and presented in a way that makes sense. I now feel that I can practice Pranayam in an organized fashion in my life and truly enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice. - Marianne Johnson, Buffalo Grove, 02/01/2020.

   215* Vidya is a very knowledgeable and experienced yoga instructor. It has been a pleasure and honor to be her student. Not only she guides students through each step of asana practice, but also gives an option or alternate position to adjust every student without giving them feeling of left out. She also covers many other aspects of yoga, such as breathing techniques, meditation etc.Her class is very friendly and encouraging. I truly enjoyed her class every single time. - Shailja Singh, Vernon Hills, 01/21/2020.

   214* I started attending Vidya's classes 4 months ago at the urging of another student. Even with my erratic attendance, I have felt a difference physically. Her blend of yoga, Pilates, and various props is well thought out and taught. I also enjoy the peace during her classes. No loud music or shouting about when to move and how to breath. I'm really looking forward to becoming a more regular attendee in the upcoming year. - Marianne Johnson, Buffalo Grove, 01/04/2020.

   213* Vidya is a very knowledgeable and experienced yoga instructor. Not only she guides students through each step of asana practice, she also covers many other aspects of yoga, such as breathing techniques, meditation etc. I love the diverse poses she teaches, which makes her class fun and interesting. She is also excellent at using props to help students to get deeper into poses. Her class is very friendly and encouraging. I truly enjoyed her class every single time. - Sha Ye, Vernon Hills, 01/03/2020.

  212* I joined Vidya's classes around 8 months back and it has been an amazing experience so far . Every session brings a different enriching learning experience . I have been feeling a lot more energetic and active since having joined her classes .Vidya is vey helpful with any specific questions or helps in a smooth transition if you are new yoga. (On Google) - Vibhuti, Buffalo Grove, 01/01/2020.   

   211* Vidya is an exceptional Yoga Guru with deep knowledge of Yoga techniques!!! The ease at which she does Yoga during the class is a great inspiration to me. I have been learning Yoga from Vidya for about 3 years now...Thanks Vidya for being a great source of inspiration to us.....(On Google) Balakrishnan Subramanian, Buffalo Grove, 12/25/2019.

   210* I can’t say enough good things about Vidya. Her kindness, patience and love is a gift. I am so grateful for her love and support. It doesn't matter if you are new to yoga or have been practicing your entire life. She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Her classes are amazing. I look forward to them all week.I can’t say enough good things about Vidya. Her kindness, patience and love is a gift. I am so grateful for her love and support. It doesn't matter if you are new to yoga or have been practicing your entire life. She makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Her classes are amazing. I look forward to them all week. - Laura Eason, Buffalo Grove, 12/24/2019.

   209* Vidya is a wonderful yoga teacher who encourages everyone to get to that next level while teaching the yoga in the class. - Vasanthi Goswami, Vernon Hills, 11/05/2019.

   208* This review is very difficult for me as it cannot possibly do her justice. She guides not just through the asana/postures - which she does very well, sometimes guiding you through small steps until you are suddenly in an advanced posture - but introduces the class to other aspects of yoga when guiding asana as if it is gently woven through the fabric of the class. While good yoga teachers will introduce profound words of yogic wisdom in verbal bold or with an exclamation point, Vidya weaves this wisdom gently through her teaching allowing the teachings to integrate playfully into your philosophy encouraging you to absorb it as you would learning to share crayons in preschool. Her teaching feels authentic - as in without the western popularity spin so often seen in yoga classes in the US. In my opinion, her classes are unique. I have only started taking her class but hope to take many more. - Evelyn Crawford, Buffalo Grove, 10/28/2019.

   207* This Instructor has such great yoga techniques, my body completely gets the best feeling... is what I go to her class to achieve. Hate missing a day. She's warm, gracious and her yoga has so much variety in a session. Thank you, Vidya for being at Lifetime where I experience the best hour in my week. - Novia David, Vernon Hills, 10/01/2019.

   206* It has been a very good experience practicing Yoga / Pilates with Vidya. Every class is different and will come out drenched in sweat which gives a good workout feel. There are different props used for some sessions which will make the workout more interesting. Some props may not be suitable for all. But there are always alternate poses that she will guide us through that will avoid in overdoing ourselves. Thank you Vidya and I should thank God also for making us meet. - Babitha Easwar, Buffalo Grove, 09/05/2019.

   205* She works our bodies and our minds- teaches the importance of breathing and laughing and truly know her yoga as a spiritual practice that is beneficial to all. I speak her accolades to all who ask and would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her. - Melissa Fainman, Lincolnshire, 09/05/2019.

   204* Vidya Nahar's Yoga classes were really helpful for me to get back on to my routine. Even within group sessions, Vidya pays individual attention and works with people according to their strengths and background. Thank you Ms. Vidya Nahar. - Balaji Pattabiraman, Buffalo Grove, 09/02/2019.

   203* I have tried Yoga a few times over the years, probably different types, and was never motivated to join classes or even think of practicing, until I joined Vidya’s class in Life Time. Its been a few classes now, and I love it! Its still challenging, but I do feel a very complete workout, a great sense of relaxation, and motivated each time to go back. Thank You! - Paola Ramos, Mundelein, 09/02/2019.

   202* Vidya is an excellent instructor. Her class was a mixture of experienced to newbies and Vidya was able to help us all. She is very creative with using different things to enhance poses along with standard poses. Each class with Vidya was different and progressive. I’ve taken 4 classes with her and will continue. - Barbara Weidner, Vernon Hills, 08/23/2019.

   201* Hi Vidya, I just wanted to tell you, I am so happy that my friend, Teri told me about your Yoga class and how much she has enjoyed it. I wasn't sure with being 64, overweight and having had 2 Total Knee Replacements, plus I broke my left wrist all in 2017, that I could even do yoga, especially with kneeling part of yoga. So I signed up in April 2019, and after going to a few classes and with the aid of knee cushions, it is definitely getting a bit easier & I am feeling so much better! Plus,Teri & I encouraged our friend Donna to join too.  We are all hooked!!! Vidya, you are so very patient, helpful, informative and creative instructor. Each class is always different & fun! Thank you so much. Peace. Namaste - Rosemarie (Rose) Passi; Buffalo Grove, 07/20/2019.

   200* I enjoyed the chair yoga classes with Vidya. It was evident that she wanted her students to feel comfortable and move at their own pace.- Trudy Goldstein, Buffalo Grove, 07/16/2019.

   199* Loved the chair yoga class. Always felt great after. Vidya is not pushy but very friendly and always watching to make sure every one is safe in doing any of the moves she is asking us to do, She is very engaging an I really enjoyed the class. Can't wait for the next session to be scheduled so I can sign up!Loved the chair yoga class. Always felt great after. Vidya is not pushy but very friendly and always watching to make sure every one is safe in doing any of the moves she is asking us to do, She is very engaging an I really enjoyed the class. Can't wait for the next session to be scheduled so I can sign up! - C Arns, Buffalo Grove, 07/14/2019.

   198* Being new to yoga Vidya was very personable, helpful, guiding, understanding, knowledgeable, and accommodating to my abilities. I will continue yoga because of my experience with Vidya. - Michael Kaufman, Buffalo Grove, 07/11/2019.

   197* I am new to yoga or any exercise but I want to make my body stronger so I can climb stairs and if I fall,I will be able to pick myself up easily. I am 86 years old and until recently could do almost everything. I like the meditation part. It is calming and comfortable. I look forward to signing up for the fall session. - Goldie Berman, Buffalo Grove, 07/10/2019.

   196* Excellent Yoga Practice session by Vidya. - Pallavi Mathur, Gurnee, 06/28/2019.

   195* Vidya's classes are wonderful. She really understands that every single joint, muscle, and bone must he maneuvered to relieve any aches or pains. Kind of like a flower each petal must be opened for full bloom. My mind has expanded as well. I am very  glad I found this great instructor! - Melinda, Buffalo Grove, 06/23/2019.

  194* Vidya is a wonderful yoga teacher not only in teaching but also in inspiring, explaining concepts and motivating all, Her class at lifetime is really the number one class I don't want to miss every week. Feel so lucky to have her as teacher. Thank you Vidya for sharing your positive energy and smiles with everybody in class! - Kate Z, Buffalo Grove, 06/23/2019.

  193* Vidya is the best yoga instructor. The hour class goes very fast and no two routines are ever the same. I feel more flexible in just my first few weeks. She gives attention to every student.  So glad I found her wonderful classes. - Melinda K., Buffalo Grove, 06/19/2019.

  192* I have been attending yoga classes led by Vidya at the Vernon Hills Lifetime for the past few months and I keep coming back for more. Her classes are jam packed, so come early if you want a spot. Vidya is a great yoga instructor, starts with very nice stretching and breathing before going into the poses. She provides clear, easy to follow instructions and has an inclusive vibe in her class. No matter how jam packed her class is, she always makes extra effort to accommodate late comers and is very patient with beginners. I learn something new in every class that I attend with her, and I love that about her class. She is very knowledgeable, describes the name of each pose, and the benefits they provide. The best part about her classes are the meditation and laughter section towards the end. It brings so much mindfulness and lightens my mood every Sunday :) I especially loved her "mataram" breathing on Mothers day. I live miles away from my mom, but felt a connection with her through the chants and meditation. I highly recommend trying a class with Vidya. You will not regret it. - Avani Joshi, Vernon Hills, 06/17/2019.

  191* Vidya teaches simple and authentic yoga that rejuvenates and nourishes the body and soul. Her routines are easy to follow but make lasting impacts. Highly recommended for people trying to get oriented with yoga. - Bushra Singh, Vernon Hills, 06/17/2019.

  190* I have been going Vidya yoga classes for last two years. Her classes are great. I got rid of my lots of problem like elbow pain, stress management, anger control( still working on it). I am a mobile addicted person, so when I come to her class I think how I m gonna stay away from it , how 1 hour goes u never know. Her way of teaching is tremendous .apart of my physical problems I learned other positive things too. I wish her Gud luck and more success. - Aruna Jain, Vernon Hills, 06/16/2019.

  189* I have been practicing yoga with Vidya in our local health club for last 2/3 years. This was my first experience in a formal yoga class and I consider myself lucky to have found an instructor like Vidya. Her classes are full of diverse aspects and have something to offer for everyone - irrespective of age and shape. Whether flow or holding poses, the variations/transitions (or choreography, if I can say so) of poses makes each of her classes similar but so different. Her classes are particularly fun when she introduces slightly challenging elements, like - arm-balance, head-stand or flavor of spirituality in the form of meditation or different breathing techniques. While she demonstrates and explains the benefits of each single poses, she is prompt in correcting your postures when needed or providing you with an alternate form of the pose. I wouldn't be honest if I don't mention about the bits and pieces of humor she adds here and there throughout the class. So, if you are looking for pure yoga in a fun environment and want to end the class with a burst of laughter, look nowhere else :). Thank you, Vidya, for all your classes! - Kalyan Mudi, Mundelein, 06/16/2019.

  188* I’ve been practicing yoga for many years and have run into many different types of yoga teachers. Vidya’s class stood out from the very first moment I attended it. It’s fun, challenging, peaceful, and calm. Each time, the class has a good combination of basic moves and some interesting, new, and more advanced postures. What makes Vidya and her class exceptional is the focus on breathing, mind, love and spiritual practice. I like the feeling of calmness and freshness, not only of my body, but mostly of my mind, each time I walk out of her class. The experience is truly rejuvenating. - Feila Zhang, Buffalo Grove, 06/16/2019.

  187* Vidya's classes are real authentic yoga. Everyday each class has a different theme facing different directions, no boredom. All joints and vertebrae are stimulated from the routines. My overall well-being has improved in just one week. No need for aspirin or even a hot bath when i get home. Attention everyone-Do not give up on any aches and pain until you have tried her classes for  at least one week. I am grateful I have found such a wonderful instructor. - Melinda Kostow, Buffalo Grove, 06/23/2019.

  186* I found Vidya's classes online and it has been a great experience. I have learnt a lot in the classes and Vidya is always very helpful and happy to answer all my questions. The best part is that she always has a different practice lined up for each class. This surprise element motivates me to improve my practice in class and at home! - Gayatri Padhye, Vernon Hills, 05/23/2019.

  185* Practicing with Vidya as a guide is a truly holistic experience. Each time I come to her class I am greeted by her friendly smile and welcoming presence. Her classes are always exciting and different. She is adept at providing her students with a well rounded body, mind, and breath practice. Vidya introduces new techniques and pushes her students in gentle, safe ways to get into poses. Humor is always a part of her class. Her classes are challenging yet she modifies for those that need it offering verbal cueing when needed. I highly recommend Vidya's classes. You will not be disappointed and may find that a new door has opened for you in mind, body, breath or spirit. - Betsie Lasko, Buffalo Grove, 05/23/2019.

  184* Vidya is a very experienced teacher who adjusts to your level and varies the session making it interesting and fun. Highly recommend her and her classes. - Cathy Kerr, Buffalo Grove, 05/22/2019.

  183* Vidya is a an experienced teacher who brings so much to the practice of yoga. Tons of new ideas and techniques in the practice and brings some spiritual into the practice as well! - Susan Glatt, Buffalo Grove, 05/21/2019.

  182* I just completed my first Yoga class (what took me so long!!?) and could not have wished for a better teacher. Thank you, Vidya for your kind instruction. The sessions were interesting and fun, even when challenging. I will practice at home but can't replace the wonderful experience of Yoga with Vidya as my guide. I look forward to future classes. Namaste. - Julia J, Vernon Hills, 05/19/2019.

  181* I have been taking Vidya's yoga for several sessions and enjoy all aspects. Also have become part of this community of people, familiar faces, who return for repeat sessions.. I always feel better when I leave. Thank you Vidya. - Kathy Kepraios, Buffalo Grove, 05/17/2019.

  180* I have been learning from Vidya for little over a year. She keeps the classes very interesting. You feel like you eve had a great workout and your mind feels calm. I look forward to our class every week. Thank you for teaching us so nicely! - M D, Vernon Hills, 04/25/2019.

  179* Vidya practices with the class which makes it easier to watch and learn. I try not to miss her class whenever I am in town. - Shankar Suryanarayan, Highland Park, 04/23/2019.

  178* Vidyaji is an excellent Yoga teacher focusing on mind, body postures and breathing all in entire Yoga session she conducts. Her attention in explaining details are unmatched. She transforms from one asanas pose so easily that is worth observing. - Raj Sonarikar, Round Lake, 04/22/2019.

  177* I practice yoga for more than a few years, and had probably dozens of teachers. Vidya stands out as a highly professional trainer. The one who knows when to push, and when to let go. Her knowledge runs very deep. She guides students well during the practice. The result - great yoga experience each session I attend. - Stan Makarsky, Buffalo Grove, 04/22/2019.

  176* Vidya is a real yoga teacher. She explains, she demonstrates everything. Every lesson is different and never boring. She is as good as it gets. - Anna Lomeyko, Arlington Heights, 04/17/2019.

  175* Vidya, I enjoyed conducting the well-being workshop with you. You presented the importance of proper deep breathing and how it is accessible to us all the time. You kept the group enjoyed and made the learning fun. We all had something practical to take away right after the workshop. you have such a wonderful way to connect with the group and break the information in a simpler way so that everybody can relate to it. - Anitha Bellary, Gurnee, 04/17/2019.

  174* I had the opportunity to attend Vidya's pranayam class last weekend. What a fun and informative class it was! The gathering was large with a wide age group of adults, teens, and children, but she kept everyone engaged, making it very interactive and entertaining. She first explained the concepts clearly and then followed it with a demonstration and practice session. I walked away with practical information that I am already using every day. - Padmaja K., Vernon Hills, 04/16/2019.

  173* I feel so blessed to have come across Vidya’s class! She is as authentic as she is adorable. Each class is rich with technique, information & meditation. Vidya provides direction with authority and love, and always creates a challenging yet peaceful experience. She is soft-spoken and gentle in her coaching, and I leave each class feeling calmer, stronger & more connected. - Holly Waxman, Mundelein, 04/15/2019.

  172* Vidya is by far one of the best yoga instructors in the area. She is an expert and true professional, but can teach her class at all levels to meet her class where they are. Her meditations are truly transformational and such a gift. - Pilar Aghakhan, Vernon Hills, 04/15/2019.

  171* Vidyaji is an inspiration. She is truly a pillar of the community. Her presentation on Pranayama was very thorough. I really enjoyed the session. We are so blessed to have such a knowledgeable and personable Yoga teacher. Thank you so much Vidyaji. - Amita Bijawat, Hawthorn Woods, 04/14/2019.

  170* We are enjoying yoga sessions with Vidya Nahar! Very good teacher, we are experiencing benefits after each session. - Shilpa and Sunil Thosar, Vernon Hills, 03/29/2019.

  169* I've been taking classes with Vidya for 5 years now. Just last year I decided to elevate my practice by enrolling in RYT 200 Teacher Training Course with Vidya. The experience has been enchanting! She is a true yogi inside-out, on and off the mat. She is the epitome of discipline with everything she does, passion for her work and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). I could not have fathomed going with anyone else for my Yoga Teacher Training. Thank you Vidya, for transforming my life! - Pratibha Murli, Vernon Hills, 03/26/2019.

  168* One of my friends recommended Vyayam and been practicing yoga under Vidya for more than a year now. Truly loving every class at Vyayam . Vidya plans every class meticulously  and offers so much variety in every class. Vyayam has helped me so much to keep my lower back pain under control. I also love the different breathing techniques, eye muscle exercises, laughter therapy that we do on every class. Can't thank Vidya enough for helping so many people with their health goals. - Rajarajeshwari Ramamoorthy, Buffalo Grove, 03/22/2019.

  167* Vidya is truly a fantastic guru! Her teaching style is an amazing mix of yoga, Pilates, chanting, breath and movement, awareness, weight training, stability and ends with a very calming laughter therapy. She caters to all levels, is very warm and has a lovely spirit. Vidya always goes above and beyond for every individual in the class and is very meticulous in her teaching. She truly helps me strive to grow and learn. I highly recommend VYAYAM to anyone that is looking to start practicing yoga. Truly a hidden gem in Buffalo Grove! - Hina Mithani, Buffalo Grove, 03/05/2019.

  166* Vidya is very friendly and helps class members adjust positions when they have physical issues.. I find the class helpful and always go home feeling better than when I came. - Linda Mazanek, Buffalo Grove, 12/22/2018.

  165* I very much enjoy my Monday night chair yoga. Vidya is a wonderful instructor and her classes make a positive difference in my life. We are very fortunate to have such knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Thank you to Vidya and the Park District. - Celia Stashevsky, Buffalo Grove, 12/21/2018.

  164* Review of Yogic Breathing / Pranayam workshop : I have been taking classes from Vidya for at least 10 years and this is just one of the types of classes I have taken. I have taken this class at least five times and every time I learn something new about breathing and myself. She is one of my favorite yogis and I consider her a good friend. - Cathie Tauber, Lincolnshire, 12/20/2018.

  163* Vidya is a teacher who clearly shows that she "practices what she preaches." One can tell from her discussions that she genuinely believes in her words, and has successfully adopted all these practices into her own daily living. Her style is simple, easy to follow, and result-oriented. Her demeanor in class is friendly and approachable. I highly recommend her. - Priya B., Buffalo Grove, 12/12/2018.

  162* I have experienced a noticeable improvement in many areas since t started. I am more flexible, have less pain, more focused and more calm. Vidya was recommended by a friend of mine who says she has stayed mobile after surgery because of Vidya's classes. Each class is different which makes the experience interesting. I always leave the class smiling and full of energy. Thank you Vidya. - Nancy Krause, Prairie View, 12/11/2018.

  161* This was my first time doing yoga and Vidya was an excellent instructor and coach. Her deep knowledge and experience was exceptional. I truly look forward to the opportunity to learn from her again! - Lori Lyman, Long Grove, 10/25/2018.

  160* Great Yoga! Vidya is an excellent teacher. I started yoga to help with my back and overall stiffness and it has made a huge difference. I will definitely continue with her classes! - Beth Donatell, Lake Zurich, 07/06/2018.

  159* Excellent chair yoga classes - P Porembski, Prospect Heights, 06/29/2018.

  158* Vidya's yoga classes are an absolute revelation! She teaches a varied mix of asanas that are physically challenging and peaceful at the same time. The class is same for beginners and highly skilled yogis and you can just take it at your pace. Vidya is a great teacher and a very warm human. I highly recommend her yoga classes!! - Divya Bhakuni, Arlington Heights, 06/12/2018.

  157* Practicing Yoga with Vidya has been an amazing experience. Its yoga, Pilates, strength training all in one class. And the variety is astounding. Its not been long since I joined the class but I have already started to feel healthier. I feel like I have more energy now and I look forward to going to class. Vidya is a great teacher and is a true rock star and master of her trade. I get amazed seeing all the difficult 'Asaans' she can do for hours without ever breaking a single drop of sweat. She is really patient and helps you realize your potential. This class has my full recommendation. - Garima Gupta, Arlington Heights, 06/12/2018.

  156* I am more limber and my balance has improved. I find Vidya to be a very patient leader. - Rochel Cutler, Buffalo Grove, 05/26/2018.  

  155* Yoga at its best!!!! - Vidhya is an awesome Yoga Guru!!! Vidhya teaches basics, alternate moves,etc., - i love all those techniques.... - Balakrishnan Subramanian, Buffalo Grove, 05/25/2018.

  154* My son enjoyed Vidya’s yoga class and learned good yoga techniques. Very happy with the classes. - Anagha Shah, Buffalo Grove, 05/25/2018.

  153* Yoga for a Strong Back - Great class. I learned several ways I've been mistreating my back, and ways to improve my posture and breathing in different situations. - Susan Hutchins, Buffalo Grove, 05/10/2018.

  152* It was a great experience, a lot to learn though. Vidya is a great, passionate teacher with a huge knowledge and understanding of Yoga. - Rafaela Eickenberg, Lindenhurst 03/25/2018.

   151* Hi Vidya, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate in your class. I wanted to share a few highlights with you right away! I thoroughly enjoyed my practice with you this morning. You bring a unique set of poses that challenge the participant in a comfortable environment. I especially appreciated the log portion where the fire was burning from holding these difficult poses. You led us there nicely and rewarded us upon completion. Really great class design. It's clear that the average participant is not new to yoga nor new to your class. You've done a nice job of keeping consistent participation in this class. Thank you for that! Great job, feel very lucky to have you part of the program. - Heli Wiener, Life Time Fitness, Vernon Hills, 03/17/2018.

  150* I am glad I came to try the class and love it! Before, I assumed Yoga was slow and easy because I like active movements more. Until I tried Vidya's Vinyasa Yoga, it changed my view. I shouldn't have had the false assumption of Yoga. Now I love doing it. Vidya is a friendly and a very experienced teacher, I am one of the many followers now. - Yu-Ching, Buffalo Grove, 03/16/2018.

  149* Vidya is a great teacher, I like that we work a lot on long stretching poses and my body feels like it’s getting a massage. She is very friendly and experienced teacher, explaining in details what we need to do and helping with getting into the right pose. Vidya has a very calm voice and I like the relaxing phase at the end when she is guiding us through, including the laughing therapy at the end. I would definitely recommend Vidya to anyone looking for a great yoga teacher! - Stefi Angelova-Ivanov, Lincolnshire, 02/28/2018.

  148* I enrolled in "chair yoga" through Vernon Township a few months ago. Vidya was the instructor. I didn't know what to expect. I am 72 years old and have terrible arthritis. She is AMAZING! This is one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. Not only do I find relief from the physical pain, but calms my mind and refreshes my spirit. It is Vidya herself that makes this experience so wonderful.. She is so gifted and shares her gentle, patient, helpful support & encouragement with each and one of us in her class. i always leave the class smiling and feeling better. It is good that I discovered yoga but it is the best thing ever that I found Vidya's class. - Clare Warder, Buffalo Grove, 02/18/2018.

  147* My son (6) and daughter (5) both started their first yoga class with Vidya at Buffalo Grove Park District and have already learned so many poses. They both look forward to class and it's wonderful to see how they quickly learn under Vidya's patient and great instruction. It's not so easy to teach a class of young kids especially first timers and Vidya does an amazing job! We plan to continue taking classes and definitely recommend Vidya. - Alison872, Buffalo Grove, 02/11/2018.

  146* My 2 preschoolers took their first yoga class ever with Vidya. We had a great experience. She is so patient with these kids and gently engages them. She helps them in & out of poses and can read the children well. Despite the age group having a relatively short attention span, she was able to help & demonstrate relaxation. - Kim Page, Buffalo Grove, 02/04/2018.

  145* Practicing yoga with Vydia has been an amazing experience.  She always varies classes and offers change in activities and use different prompts.   That make every class different.  I also enjoy friendly and easy-going environment and meditation at the end of each class that  make the experience complete.  Laughter at the end  of each claas is great!  Thank you for providing great experiences and teaching us yoga,  I hope for many more years! - Irina Meshem, Buffalo Grove, 02/04/2018.

  144* I have never taken yoga before and for a first timer she was the perfect instructor. VERY patient with anyone who has physical limitations and makes adjustments accordingly. I always finished class feeling fresh and renewed both physically and spiritually. I am going to continue taking her class and highly recommend talking her class. - Gilda Birman, Buffalo Grove, 01/31/2018.

  143* Vidya is an excellent yoga teacher who has worked with my students semester after semester to make them better breathers, movers, and more conscious individuals- and it's fun! - Melissa Fainman, World Religions and Sociology teacher at Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, 01/30/2018.

  142* Hi Vidya! The kids love the class and I am very pleased with your teaching style, personality, patience and happy the kids are learning from you. - Alison Wegrzyn, Buffalo Grove, 01/24/2018.

  141* After a week at work, going for yoga on weekends helps clear the mind and relax all the tight muscles. Vidya keeps the routine fresh and interesting with variations each time. - Heena Agrwal, Lincolnshire, 01/22/2018.

  140* Vidya's class is the greatest! Very professional, very organized and her instructions are easy to follow. You will be feeling great after each class. - Yasushi Kuwayama, Buffalo Grove, 01/20/2018.

  139* Love Vidya's Yoga class. I take Vidya's class on Saturday mornings at lifetime, and I honestly look forward to it all week. I love that Vidya starts the practice by allowing your mind to be in a place where you are only thinking about the practice and let go of everything else. The practice is challenging and always a good workout. When I leave I feel so amazing! Love Vidya's teaching style and practice! - Puja Mehra, Green Oaks, 01/19/2018.

  138* This was my second time attending a Be meditation and the experience, although similar to the first, was different but probably because of my own mind noise. Vidya, I love the words you use and how you use them to keep us focused on the present moment. One of the things you said was, you cannot breathe for the past and you cannot breathe for the future, so our breath is our connection to the present moment. I'm paraphrasing, of course, but I loved the way you said it. I hope you don't mind, but I will be borrowing that for my meditations. Thank you! - Katerina Tapas, Vernon Hills, 01/14/2018.

  137* I have been training with Vidya for the last 2 years .She is a very sincere yoga teacher with a lot of patience. She makes sure to help out with the exercises i have difficulty with. She also keeps the sessions interesting by changing the content every week. Would definitely recommend taking lessons from her. - Rishaan Das, Buffalo Grove, 01/14/2018.

  136* I have been learning yoga from Vidya for over 12 years now and one word to summarize my experience is "Wow..  what a fantastic teacher to have in the far north suburbs"..  The variety of each class, the ability to make it ever so slightly more difficult year after year, teaching by doing it with the students every class, the flexibility in scheduling, and many such features makes Vidya's classes a delight to attend year after year.    If you are at all interested in Yoga to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual being, highly recommend enrolling and experiencing it for yourself. - Kumar Natesaiyer, Grayslake, 01/14/2018.

  135* I love Vidya's yoga classes. Her yoga classes teach me how to handle work stress. I love her positive attitude towards  life. She is a great yoga teacher and lovely human  being. - Aruna Jain, Arlington Heights, 01/14/2018.

  134* I know Vidya for more than 10 years.  I have been taking her class for the last twelve plus years. She is a great teacher.  Each class she has a different routine with stretches, strength, pilates, balances . I never seen such wonderful combinations in each class.  I always enjoys her class. she went to India and got her teacher training. Her techniques and the teaching methods are unique. She is very humble,kind, sweet lovely and a spiritual person.  I love her breathing techniques, very essential in our daily life.  I love her Laughter Yoga which is the best. Each person ability is different, she makes sure to help them to achieve their goals.   yoga is very necessary in our daily life. she makes a great difference in my life. l really appreciate and thank her for being part of my life. Love - Madhumathi Kumar, Grayslake, 01/13/2018.

  133* I have been practicing Yoga with Vidya for over 10 years. Vidya is an amazing instructor and teaches every class with passion. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains the benefits of different asanas and breathing techniques. I am very happy to be part of Saturday morning session and highly recommend Vyayam for overall wellness. - Mamatha Lankala, Schaumburg, 01/13/2018.

  132* Love this place. Attending yoga pilates sessions with Vidya Nahar from the past five months and my body completely loves it. Vidya is very proficient and ever smiling humble person and I strongly recommend this place for any body who loves yoga. - Kirthanaa Rengasamy, Buffalo Grove, 01/13/2018.

  131* I have been learning yoga from Vidya for more than 10 years now and I am so grateful to have her as my yoga teacher.  Vidya's lessons and teaching style are unique, in that every class is focused on ensuring a complete yoga experience comprising of asanas, pranayam, meditation and laughter, yet Vidya makes sure every lesson has different routines to make it challenging and fun. She encourages her students to pursue regularity and show endurance when practicing but yet also do what ones body can handle. She stresses the importance of practice and has made several videos available on YouTube to help students practice at home.  I can confidently say that Vidyas guidance and coaching have helped me tremendously in following a healthy lifestyle. Vidyas calm, friendly and helpful nature is the foundation of her classes which are always fun, challenging, rewarding and filled with positive energy. Thank You Vidya!!! - Harsha Thatte, Buffalo Grove, 01/13/2018.

  130* I could not be happier that Asher is in your class. I know he is benefiting from trying his best and just hearing to the words you say, the bowls you used, etc. Thank you again for being the wonderful teacher that you are and being my son's first yoga teacher!! Namaste. - MW, Buffalo Grove, 01/12/2018. 

  129* Vidya is an awesome yoga teacher! She always has the perfect balance of spiritual and physical aspects during her yoga practices. I always feel great after her classes both mentally and physically. Vidya is very dedicated and she radiates with positive energy. I would highly recommend to all. - Gita Virdi, Buffalo Grove, 01/10/2018.

  128* Vidya, I really enjoyed this meditation. I have experienced other meditations, but the simple words you use and the guidance you give to the class is very much appreciated. Although meditation at times can be difficult, you don't complicate the meditation with too many words and you somehow knew when my mind started to wander because that the exact moment you spoke and brought me back to my breath. This class is needed more often on the schedule!! Thank you for all that you do. - Katerina Tapas, Vernon Hills, 01/07/2018. 

  127* This chair yoga is as difficult a workout as regular yoga - she really makes you sweat! Maybe a little too difficult for those of us who have limitations, but she does offer alternatives. Vidya is very personable and warm - always has a smile on her face. - Irene Noparstak, Vernon Hills, 12/22/2017.

  126* I am taking both a Hatha and a chair yoga class with Vidya. Through her encouragement and gentle corrections, I am improving weekly. I was skeptical about what yoga could do for me, but I have been pleasantly surprised as I feel more limber each day and am developing my core muscles. Vidya is a wonderful instructor; kind, thoughtful, and encouraging, no matter what your skill level is. I enjoy both my Hatha class at Stevenson H.S. and chair yoga class through Vernon Township. I would encourage anyone thinking about trying yoga to join one (or more!) of Vidya's classes and learn about yoga from this experienced yet patient teacher. - Pat S, Lincolnshire, 12/20/2017.

   125* I love Vidya’s classes!  Thank you Vidya for inspiring so many! - Kim Roach, Lake Zurich, 12/06/2017.

   124* Vidya, I am always in awe when I take your classes. The knowledge you share during class is always on target and I really appreciate knowing the what and the why. Everyone loves your classes and the style that you teach it in. We are able to come away from the class filled with gratitude and supported by the encouragement you provide. Thank you! - Katerina Tapas, Vernon Hills, 12/05/2017.  

   123* I have been practicing yoga with vidya for a few years in lifetime fitness. Every class is an experience that teaches you more about yourself and your body. I love Vidya’s yoga as I leave her class and my body can feel it got a workout, my spirit is more open and emotionally I am ready to face the world. I always leave her class with a smile. Vidya is a very experienced yoga guru who understands the principles of yoga and is very authentic and I love that about her. - Suchitra R, Vernon Hills, 11/07/2017.

   122* I'm glad to be in the class of Vidya more than 2 years. After my illness, I found here what I needed - a friendly environment, a convenient location and time, thoughtful sets of exercises. It's a great experience for me and my body. And another very important thing is that every week I laugh out loud!!! It makes me happy and satisfied for the next week. Thank you, Vidya for your great job!!!! - Liliia Galian, Buffalo Grove, 10/22/2017.

   121* I have been attending yoga classes for a month now and I am very glad to find Vidya. She is calm , composed and very knowledgeable and a wonderful human being with a smile on her face.My body and mind feels very good every time after the session and I wish she should continue this wonderful job forever.Wish you good luck!!! - Viju K, Buffalo Grove, 10/12/2017.

   120* I could not bend before Vidya showed me how to do it correctly. What an eye opener!!!! Do listen to her and save yourself years of agony. - Sheila Schwab, Vernon Hills, 10/11/2017.

   119* I've been going to twice a week sessions, and enjoying each class very much. The inter combination of both yoga and pilates really fits me well. I greatly appreciate the dedication Vidya puts into her teaching, along with the overall good atmosphere. This class has proven to be both mentally and physically beneficial for me. Upon leaving each session I find myself more open minded, and well balanced. - Sergey P., Buffalo Grove, 10/04/2017. 

   118* I attend Vidya's classes at Lifetime and also took couple private lessons for my back problem. You get a truly great workout and stretch for you whole body and you don't get bored in a process. In a process she gives you a lot of good advice about breathing, energy, lifestyle and more. Again. Highly recommend. You try and if you attended other Yoga classes, you will see the difference. - Igor Berdich, Lincolnshire, 10/04/2017.

  117* I have known Vidya for 3 years. First, I met her at Life Time and was impressed by her knowledge of yoga and human body. In her yoga flow she address all the areas of the body including bone structure as well as every single muscle and makes connection with the mind and breath. If I would pick one important thing for me out of her practice, I could say that she is the only yogi I have met that taught me to keep the spine strait during sitting, exercising, standing which is critical for the overall health. Also, my 7 year old son Daniel has issues with toe walking and tension in his legs; Vidya has created a complex set of exercises to address the issue. My son has been practicing yoga with her for 2 years. Recently, my 5 year old daughter Julia had a bad fracture of her upper left hand. Currently, she is practicing yoga as well to restore the muscle flexibility and hand motion. She uses various tool like bosu balls in her practice with kids and they like it a lot. In addition Vidya advises us on healthy food choices and life style. Thank you Vidya for teaching our family! - Victoria Berdich, Lincolnshire, 10/03/2017.

   116* Vidya is simply amazing! She practices the exact type of yoga I am looking for. She encompasses both spiritual and physical aspects during her yoga practices which is simply amazing. She is one of the best and most dedicated yoga practitioners I have ever met in my life. - Yelena Gary, Vernon Hills, 10/01/2017.

   115* Vidya is a great combination of spiritual and physical teacher I ever met. During her practice I realax emotionally and getting my straight physically. She is one off the best and dedicated teacher I ever met. I really enjoy her classes and highly recommend for everyone!!! - Aleksandr Stetsyuk, Vernon Hills, 10/01/2017.

   114* I definitely recommend Vidya to all levels of yogis. As a person who used to do only high impact, heavy weights and running, I had trepidation incorporating into my weekly workout regimen. However I knew that I had to do something about all the injuries that I endure from overuse and Vidya's yoga hit the spot. With a gentle smile and voice she encourages you to do poses (safely) that you wouldn't even think of doing during traditional stretches. I do get frustrated with how inflexible I am currently but I know with practice, I will always be able to improve with Vidya's guidance. Thank you for being my natural medicine for my body! - Erica S., Vernon Hills, 09/19/2017.

    113* Vidya is an extremely special person and it shows in every one of her classes. I love all the variety she has in classes so you never get bored. She will constantly incorporate different exercise / yoga equipment, which keeps it fun! She's extremely flexible with classes too-- she will tweak the class to accommodate everyone and is great at keeping the class motivated. I've challenged myself in so many ways and it's perfect because there's always a modification for various skill levels. My absolute favorite is the mediation portions, breathing exercises and laughter at the end. You will always leave in a better mood than when you walked in! :)Vidya is an extremely special person and it shows in every one of her classes. I love all the variety she has in classes so you never get bored. She will constantly incorporate different exercise / yoga equipment, which keeps it fun! She's extremely flexible with classes too-- she will tweak the class to accommodate everyone and is great at keeping the class motivated. I've challenged myself in so many ways and it's perfect because there's always a modification for various skill levels. My absolute favorite is the mediation portions, breathing exercises and laughter at the end. You will always leave in a better mood than when you walked in! :) - Elizabeth Meshem, Deerfield, 09/18/2017.

    112I love this class. I never thought a chair yoga class could work the entire body as Vidya has us do. She is a terrific teacher. I'm looking forward to the next class in the fall. Thank you Vidya - Joan Cusick, Buffalo Grove, 06/22/2017.

    111* This Monday yoga class at 7.45 p.m. was wonderful ! All Vidya's classes are different, but each matches with time of day perfectly . yesterday evening class was with good stretch and fun at the same time. After stretching exercises in pairs I felt more open physically and emotionally. Thanks Vidya for good mood and good feeling after a hard Monday ! - Tamara Solomka, Libertyville, 06/14/2017.

   110* Vidya is a great soul.and her yoga class just amazing.I thoroughly enjoy and learn in her class.In every class we learn new yoga steps.I have no words to explain her knowledge.thanks vidya for fruitful " yoga Vidya". Gud luck for ur upcoming projects.- Aruna Jain, Arlington Heights, 06/05/2017.

    109Yoga for a Healthy Back was a wonderful program!! There was so much information and you could take what worked for you!! I have had horrible back pain for two years!! I'm so lucky I took this class! You gave me excellent tools to help strengthen my back!!! Thank you so much! - Michelle Schencker, Buffalo Grove, 04/27/2017.

    108* I recently took a Chair Yoga class with Vidya through the Vernon Township and found the class to be a wonderful experience. Vidya provides a warm and inviting atmosphere while challenging us at the same time. A class begins with a slow warm up and is very gentle on the body. Then the exercises are varied each week while building on the knowledge we have gained from the previous class. I especially appreciated the variation since it allowed me to learn more about the different ways of practicing yoga. We end the class with a brief meditation and it puts me at a nice and relaxed state of mind for the rest of the day. In addition to class, Vidya has many videos on YouTube. She has been very willing to help with any questions I have after I practice a video and I especially appreciate that. I am looking forward to the next session of classes! - Sharon Saltz, Buffalo Grove, 03/14/2017.

    107* I have been Vidya's student for more than decade. I love her classes because she offers a variety of different styles of classes, in each of which she incorporates various ways of exercising. That keeps the classes fun and challenging. Even though I attend several classes with her, no single class is repeated during an entire session. That keeps it new and interesting every week.She also teaches at different levels of intensity but within each class, she offers many modifications and encourages everyone to work at their own level. She makes sure that everyone works out safely. Over the years, I have developed some health issues but despite that, I have been able to continue with her classes, transitioning easily to accommodate my limitation whereas I've had to give up most of my other physical fitness activities. Though the name "Chair Yoga" makes it seem easy, I actually come out of the class with my heart rate up and feeling like I got a great workout. - Mona Das, Buffalo Grove, 03/10/2017.

    106* Vidya is an amazing teacher. She is knowledgeable, calm, supportive and kind. I am very impressed by how prepared she is for every class. The movement flows easily and intuitively while challenging me in new ways each time. I was really into high intensity classes but my friend couldn't say enough good things about Vidya so I thought I would give it a try. After one class with Vidya, I was hooked. I am now looking forward to my classes with Vidya every week and even started doing yoga in the morning on my own (based on Vidya's exercises in the class). Thank you Vidya for your wisdom, support and expertise and for introducing me to the world of Yoga!. - Georgie Bloom, Buffalo Grove, 03/09/2017.

    105* Vidya is an amazing teacher. She is knowledgeable, calm, supportive and kind. I am very impressed by how prepared she is for every class. The movement flows easily and intuitively while challenging me in new ways each time. I was really into high intensity classes but my friend couldn't say enough good things about Vidya so I thought I would give it a try. After one class with Vidya, I was hooked. I am now looking forward to my classes with Vidya every week and even started doing yoga in the morning on my own (based on Vidya's exercises in the class). Thank you Vidya for your wisdom, support and expertise and for introducing me to the world of Yoga! - Janice Vaysberg, Vernon Hills, 02/21/2017.

    104* Vidya's instruction is organized, focused, calm, coordinated, expert-I could go on and on. No matter your level of yoga skill, she helps and nurtures you through class. I feel a true sense of calm when class is over. Thank you Vidya for contributing to my stress management! - Paul Benjamin, Buffalo Grove, 02/20/2017.

    103* Vidya is a highly skilled, devoted teacher. My best fitness classes have been with Vidya. Her transitioning from one exercise to the next and cueing and music selection are well planned. She is the perfect combination of visual and verbal instruction.

She gently and kindly corrects and may even have eyes behind her head. Her style is unique and always varied from class to class. She challenges but provides modifications. It is pure joy to be a student in her class. - Jan Rabin, Lincolnshire, 09/22/2016.

    102* I have never done Yoga before and was not even fan of it. I was Zumba fan and used to do lots of Zumba. My husband kept saying try Yoga once and I never agreed. After so many requests from my husband to try Yoga, I joined Vidya's Yoga classes to give it a try. I can confidently say that after doing Yoga with Vidya, it changed my perception about Yoga. Vidya is a great yoga teacher who makes everybody in the class comfortable even someone is new. - Dimpy Gulati, Arlington Heights, 09/10/2016.

   101* I had been wanting to take a yoga class for years and signed up for the park district class not knowing what to expect. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Vidya is an excellent instructor whose passion and energy keeps her students engaged and interested. Her class has been a great introduction to yoga for me, and has made me a true believer in all its benefits. Although my regular daily workouts include stretching, yoga has increased my flexibility and I can't imagine not taking a yoga class for many more years. Thanks Vidya for making our class so enjoyable and something my girlfriend and I look forward to each week. - Ken Pink, Buffalo Grove, 07/01/2016.

    100* After having both my knees replaced last summer, I continued to work hard at rehab independently but had reached a plateau. My doctor suggested yoga and it took some convincing from my boyfriend who signed us both up to give it a try! Vidya was so calm and welcoming and I instantly felt her positive energy. Each week I feel a little more confident in my practice. Her warm and encouraging attitude to practice has helped me so much in my efforts to improve my quality of life. I have noticed marked improvement in movement in my joints, especially my knees. I also have learned breathing and stress relieving strategies which I have been able to practice outside of class. She has videos online as well as free community events that add even more variety to her already varied lessons. So glad I gave it a try. Thank you, Vidya! - Cynthia Neustedter, Buffalo Grove, 06/22/2016.

    99* Vidya is a wonderful teacher not only in teaching yoga but in inspiring, explaining concepts and motivating all. No two classes are same with her and that is what it makes so interesting because as students we always are eager to learn a different approach of Yoga. Thank you Vidya for the summer classes where we actually connect to nature. - Promila Kumar, Buffalo Grove, 06/18/2016.

    98* I am always learning and always being challenged (in a good way) in Vidya's classes. She helps newcomers through their first yoga experience while, in the same class, suggests options and poses for the more experienced yogis. Her classes are inclusive and always welcoming. Highly recommended! - ChiCindy, Chicago, 06/11/2016.    

    97* Vidya, you have been a wonderful guide for me and my mom in our effort to learn yoga and improve our health. My mom loves your chair yoga sessions and I can see her health and flexibility has greatly improved. Your personal and caring approach to teaching is hard to find these days and we are fortunate to have you lead us through our Yoga practices. As for me, I have lost track of how many years I have been learning from you. :-) But all I wish is I can practice yoga with you for many more years to come. Every class of yours is a positive experience both physically and spiritually!! Thank You Vidya! - Harsha Thatte, Buffalo Grove, 06/04/2016.

    96* I have taken Vidya's classes for a year now. Her teaching style is motivating and her kind and gentle words during class encourages all levels of practice. She is very knowledgeable and I always enjoy her classes. - Jodi, Lake Zurich, 05/29/2016.

    95* Chair yoga has kept me flexible/ strong even at 74. Vidya's classes are always interesting and challenging, The class goes by fast even when I am working hard. Then there is the reward-- meditation. - Sara Kalina, Buffalo Grove, 05/26/2016.   

    94* I have attended Vidya's yoga lessons since I joined Life Time club and from there, once I knew the good instructor she is, I have enrolled in several private workshops related to yoga and all very enriching and useful. Last one was about breathing techniques where I learned the importance of breathing correctly through your diaphragm area, belly, in order to have a healthier approach and control your mood through breathing, i.e. stress, fatigue, focus ...Vidya is an experienced and knowledgeable yoga instructor, her classes are not only about body but also mind and breathing techniques. She also answers to all your questions and concerns with a very wise and expert approach. - Carolina E., Lake Forest, 05/18/2016.

    93* Vidya's classes are every changing which I love. Always challenging and educational. I like it when she says, "Hold it just a little longer." Always glad I attended and always look forward to the next session. - Lisa Osowski, Vernon Hills, 05/10/2016.

    92* My first yoga class ever was a yoga 101 with Vidya on January 19th 2013, and it impacted me so much that I have never stopped doing yoga since then, and now 3 years later I am a yoga teacher myself. I remember that 1st day exactly: me being not able to touch my toes in a forward fold, breathing all wrong and being stressed, and Vidya managed to start the reversal of this in just one workshop. I felt so calm and happy afterwards. Her classes are physically challenging but balanced and spiritually uplifting and motivating. I love the laughing exercises at the end of class! Vidya does not only do yoga but lives yoga and that shines through in her authentic kindness and calmness! - Britta Eumann, Arlington Heights, 05/06/2016.

    91* I have been doing Pilates with Vidya for more than two years now. She is someone who clearly cares about her students, the art of Pilates, and the mind and body connection. Her classes are never the same and always offer a variety of challenges to suit any level of student. She teaches in a gentle way and helps to guide each move all the way through so that you are confident you are doing it correctly. I feel very lucky to have found Vidya and her wonderful classes. - Rachel Nowakoski, Buffalo Grove, 05/02/2016.

    90* I have started practicing yoga about three months ago. With Vidya as my instructor, I have never felt out of place even though at times I had no idea what I was doing. Vidya is extremely friendly and provides great support to everyone attending her classes. With Vidya I get amazing workout and clear my mind at the same time.I highly recommend Vidya! - Anastasiya Rogatnik, Mundelein, 04/11/2016.

    89* Vidya's yoga classes are terrific. She has multiple classes aimed at improving flexibility, strength, and provide the much needed stretches to the body. I have tried the outdoor and the Yin Yoga classes. The best part about the instruction is how Vidya demonstrates every pose with clear verbal description of how to do it while doing it so you don't have to be looking at her and still can do it right! Plus Vidya comes up with creative ways to make yoga more fun (yoga with partner etc). There is not a dull moment and one leaves every class feeling rejuvenated. Vidya is an exceptional yoga teacher. - Hemlata Lamba, Buffalo Grove, 04/07/2016.

    88* Vidya encourages, motivates and inspires her students in many ways. I have been sharing practice with her for over ten years. She is supportive, caring, kind and a someone I really admire. Not only is this a fantastic Pilates/Yoga workout but it incorporates meditation, relaxation, breathing and laughter yoga. It's great for the mind and body. Vidya inspires me and I leave class feeling stronger, more flexible, grounded and with a huge smile. -  Karen Sako, Arlington Heights, 04/06/2016.

    87* Vidya is so kind and gentle, and at the same time she is a strong leader who practices what she preaches, inspiring, challenging, and empowering others along the way with her example. I always look forward to Sunday yoga with Vidya. I know it will be a peaceful time when I get to stretch my whole body, and calm my mind. Vidya's soothing voice, her ever-present smile, and her genuine warmth make her classes such a pleasant experience, as does her non-judgmental attitude, as she gently challenges her students. Thank you so much Vidya for sharing with us! XO - Julie Phipps, Deerfield, 04/6/2016. 

    86* Vidya's class gives my yoga practice a unique and wholesome, balanced and integrated experience of mind, body and spirit. Her approach is very different from any "mainstream" teacher. I highly recommend you take her class, you'll be hooked! I always feel accomplished and happy after her class. - Monica Salido-Fisher, Vernon Hills, 04/05/2016.

    85* I joined Vidya's yoga studio almost a year ago. Enjoy her classes very much. She is an amazing teacher with strong professional and personal skills(she is positive, smiley, and optimistic). Her classes are always different-you never get bored:) She always uses different tools, styles, and techniques. She adjusts to every student (depends what is his/her level ) and make you feel like it is one on one class. - Olya Y, Wheeling, 04/05/2016.

    84* I can't say enough about Vidya. I was nervous about doing any kind of exercise class because of bad back issues and nerve damage to my leg. Vidya takes the time to make modifications to accommodate me and my limitations to make this a productive class for everyone. She is so extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, spiritual, loves working with her students and I really believe loves what yoga does for people. Thank you for all you do. - Barb Turovitz, Buffalo Grove, 04/03/2016.

    83* Vidya not only has a beautiful soul, but she is able to share that beauty with everyone in class. I enjoy her classes because her soft spoken voice is soothing, yet motivating at the same time. I am a beginner, and I always feel comfortable in her class. I am always so glad I came because she inspires me to do better and to be better. I feel more positive, more energized, more flexible and more inspired when class is over. I am grateful that I found her!!! Such much goodness wrapped up into one small tiny package!! Namaste - Dana Price, Buffalo Grove, 04/02/2016.

    82* Vidya's practice and classes are wonderful. She takes the time to explain and let all do their own practice as well. She has a soothing way to help motivate and support all who participate. Highly recommend her practice. Makes me feel good inside and out! - Nina Happ, Long Grove, 04/02/2016.

   81* The classes are taken at Life Time. The classes are taken as frequently as possible. I enjoy the unique aspects to the class. Vidyaji is an awesome teacher and a wonderful person.- Kanchana Kulkarni, Buffalo Grove, 03/28/2016.

    80* My husband is recovering from a stoke and we love our chair yoga class. We both feel it is one of the best things we have done for our well being. - Rebekah Crews, Buffalo Grove, 03/22/2016.

    79* I have been practicing yoga/plates with Vidya at Stevenson High School for three years. She leads each carefully-planned class with clarity, often suggesting alternatives to make poses/exercises easier or more difficult to meet each participants' needs. - D. F., Lincolnshire, 03/22/2016.

     78* I have been practicing yoga with Vidya for over 2 years at Lifetime fitness. Vidya is a very knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher. I enjoy all the different yoga classes she teaches. I always leave her class feeling wonderful.  Namaste - W. W-P., Buffalo Grove, 03/14/2016.

    77* I took a workshop Vidya and really learned a lot. She was a great teacher physically and spiritually . I loved her class and will be going back in the very near future. - Ronda Parmacek, Highland Park, 03/14/2016.

    76* I started practicing yoga with Vidya years ago at Lifetime Fitness. I have done her Ashtanga yoga and flow Vinyassa classes. Vidya is an amazing instructor. Her authenticity and vast knowledge of her practice are clearly evident in her classes. Vidya has a very unsuspecting demeanor with a positive vibrant energy that manages to challenge you to astounding levels! Her practices are thorough yet easy to follow and extremely detoxing in mind, body and soul.  Vidya is helpful and quick to help students and is a practitioner that motivates, cultivates and inspires and allows students to bring their practice off their mats and into our lives. - Lisa Shenoy, Vernon Hills, 03/13/2016.

    75* I just started yoga. Vidya is an awesome instructor. I look forward to our hour class all week long. She explains alternative positions for different levels and she helps you learn the proper way to hold positions. She is encouraging and makes you feel comfortable learning new things. I do not notice how hard I have worked in class until I feel my muscles the next day. It is a great workout but in a relaxed/friendly setting. I think Vidya is an amazing instructor. - Diana Nelson, Buffalo Grove, 02/28/2016.

    74बोले तैसा चाले त्याची वंदावी पाऊले ! Vidya - you are an awesome yogi who truly practices what you preach. There are many people who don't do that and i think a teacher in any field should lead by example. You are definitely one such teacher. From the 2 months that i have been religiously attending your classes, i have experienced quite an improvement in my practise. You do push us during class .. I know i sweat profusely while doing yoga with you, but the end result is not quantifiable ... It's an EXPERIENCE !! I leave the class feeling completely in peace and harmony with myself, energized yet a calm mind. Looking forward to continuing to grow in my practise with you. Namaste 🙏  - Aparna Oak, Vernon Hills, 02/28/2016.

    73*  I've had Vidya as a yoga teacher since 3 years. Her control of breath, words and tongue (food intake) make her a true yogi. Every time I come out of her class, I feel rejuvenated, energized and calm at the same time. She challenges us to our limits while allowing us to get comfortable with our bodies. - Pratibha Murli, Vernon Hills, 02/22/2016.  

    72* I did the yogic breathing class with Vidya. It was a fabulous experience. Vidya is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain and demonstrate the breathing exercises. She also made the class very interactive. I felt so much better, balanced, relaxed after the session.  I am looking forward to training more with Vidya! - A.D., Buffalo Grove, 02/13/2016.

    71* Vidya is an amazing yoga teacher and a wonderful and genuinely caring person. She has a calming presence and is very patient with her students. I enjoy her yoga sessions. Be it ashtanga, vinyasa or yin yang, Vidya always comes up with great yoga routines. I find them extremely beneficial always feeling energized after classes. Vidya is a knowledgable yoga teacher full of energy and kindness. I would highly recommend her. - Sowjanya S., Vernon Hills, 12/16/15.

    70* We started to take classes with Vidya about 2 years ago, and now we are absolutely addicted! It's a wonderful spiritual,stretching , well being experience, not to mention a great healing energy ,we feel every time taking a class with this amazing teacher,She is very considerate, always giving modification to students, who can not do something more difficult, watching over everybody to make sure everyone is comfortable and not hurting himself. She's a great person, who is loved and odored by everybody.Thank you, Vidya for being our teacher! - Ellen Rutenberg, Buffalo Grove, 12/09/2015.     

     69* Vidya's yoga classes are terrific. She has multiple classes aimed at improving flexibility, strength, and provide the much needed stretches to the body. I have tried the outdoor and the Yin Yoga classes. The best part about the instruction is how Vidya demonstrates every pose with clear verbal description of how to do it while doing it so you don't have to be looking at her and still can do it right! There is not a dull moment and one leaves every class feeling rejuvenated. Vidya is an exceptional yoga teacher. - Hemlata Lamba, Buffalo Grove, 11/05/2015.

     68* I have been taking chair Yoga with Vidya for 3 years. It has been a wonderful experience for me  She is a great teacher! - Bobbi Schaher, Arlington Heights, 08/30/2015.

     67* I'm very new to yoga. I have a medical condition that affects my balance. Although I was the worst in the class I loved this class. Vidya is a good teacher. She is very patient. I wish I could go to more of her classes. I will definitely sign up for the next one. – J. M. Buffalo Grove, 07/18/2015.

     66* Vidya is a very experienced yoga teacher. She is able to describe the different yoga poses very well so you know when you are doing it right. I have attended 2 of her classes and both of them are very good for flexibility and core strength building. – Amit Lamba, Buffalo Grove, 07/17/2015.

     65*  I look so forward to my Monday night yoga. It is a pleasure to come to your class. You are a talented and kind instructor and I am so grateful to be in a class with such a lovely group of people. Thank you for helping me reach a more peaceful state of mind (I have a long way to go) but it least I am moving in the right direction. Looking forward to our next session. – Celia Stashevskiy, Buffalo Grove, 07/14/2015.

     64* This was an excellent workshop and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I would also suggest organizing follow up workshops for "refreshing" what was learned during the first class and doing adjustments/corrections. - Zornitza Panayotova, Vernon Hills, 07/09/2015.

     63* I enjoyed your class very much, found your instruction easy to follow. I will probably take another one of your classes in the fall. - Lisa Monsen, Buffalo Grove, 06/04/2015.

     62* I have been taking yoga for 2 1/2 years with Vidya. It is a great experience and Vidya is a wonderful teacher! Yoga is very enjoyable. - Roberta Schacher. Arlington Heights, 06/03/2015.    

     61* I really enjoy the Yin Yoga class. I plan to participate in a new session too. - Fiana Natanova, Buffalo Grove, 05/28/2015.

     60* Thank you for bringing Yin Yoga to Buffalo Grove. Having never experienced yoga I was hesitant especially with my shoulder problems. I love the gentle stretching! I really feel better after each session. - Irmi Oswald, Buffalo Grove, 05/28/2015.

     59* Vidya is great instructor, even an inexperienced person will enjoy the session. Of course meditation, breathing exercises and laughter at the end make it even better. - Imesh, Buffalo Grove, 05/28/2015.

     58* I so look forward to yoga class with Vidya. Classes are fun. Vidya is aware of all student's skills/limitations and adapts moves as needed. All done thoughtfully. Vidya changes workouts each session continuing learning & fun. I've made friends in my class...there's a unification of members, as we share Yoga together. I highly recommend taking Yoga classes with Vidya. - Debbe Johnson, Hawthorn Woods, 05/26/2015.

      57* I did not know what to expect when I signed up for Vidya's Yogic Breathing class, but I definitely learned skills that I am already using. She is very knowledgeable and approachable. Vidya shared just the right amount of information and paired that with opportunity for practice and questions. I look forward to taking her session on yoga for the back and her Yin Yoga class. - Susan Champagne, Buffalo Grove, 05/16/2015.

      56* The class was very beneficial. I appreciated receiving the hand out. It will enable me to practice the methods that were presented. Explanation given for different procedures was clear and therefore procedures were easy to implement. Hopefully I will be able to become proficient in the implementation. - Joann Zych, Buffalo Grove, 05/14/2015.

      55* Thank you so much for your presentation to the Stevenson High School students. They really enjoyed your presentation and your description of breathing was outstanding. They also loved the laughter yoga. It was wonderful! - Laura Brandt (Psychology Club sponsor, Stevenson High School), Lincolnshire, 03/24/2015.

     54* Vidya aunty came to our school to do some yoga with the Indian Student Association club and Psychology club. She gave us a very good explanation of the importance of breathing and laughter. Her laughing yoga was the best! - H. B., Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, 03/21/2015.

      53Vidya did a great job presenting to students the reasons beyond yoga. This is exactly what we wanted. To understand how the mind and body are impacted by yoga. Really interactive and educational. - Greg Sherwin (Indian Student Association sponsor, Stevenson High School), Lincolnshire, 03/20/2015.

     52Vidya is a gifted yoga teacher, I highly recommend her to anyone no matter where you are in your yoga practice. She goes above and beyond as a yoga teacher and is so warm and welcoming. Five stars just aren't enough! I have been her student for the past few years and leave her class each time learning something new. She really takes time to help students understand the poses and the connection of the breath. At the end of every class there is a very special surprise! - Michele Doczi, Vernon Hills, 01/04/2015.

      51Vidya is amazing. Each week, she designs a new sequence of yoga positions, making each class "new". Vidya is aware of each participant and adjusts moves and positions so all can participate. Vidya has a kind & fun spirit. I find each class wonderful, both mentally & physically. I look forward to Vidya's classes. Sharing time with Vidya & classmates is a very positive experience. - D J, Hawthorn Woods, 11/26/2014. 

      50Yoga has been and continues to be wonderful along with the marvelous teacher! - Roberta Schacher, Arlington Heights, 11/26/2014.    

      49She is terrific, great class. Great yoga without being on the floor. I feel great, calm, relaxed & very healthy when I walk out of class. She watches everyone closely, that is important.; - Bonnie Klein, Arlington Heights, 09/30/2014.

      48I have had many yoga teachers in my classroom over the years and Vidya was by far and away the BEST! She engaged my students, found a balance between working their bodies and teaching them about their dharma, making it serious but allowing for healthy laughter and improving their overall attitude. I cannot thank her enough!; - Melissa Fainman, Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, 09/18/2014.

      47Vidya is a gifted teacher, who not only demonstrates and explains the yoga positions, but the physiology behind it as well. The Healthy Back class ended up addressing most all of the body parts needed to support the back, as well how to breath correctly. - Barbara Brechbill, Vernon Hills, 09/18/2014.

     46* This one-time, two hour class was a great introduction to "healthy back" yoga techniques. Vidya was very helpful and knowledgeable!; - Deb Keyes, Kildeer, 09/17/2014.     

      45Great job- loved it and you did fantastic at the body and spiritual side of it. Slow down just a bit mostly because we cannot do it all in one period- I wish we had more and more time. Thanks; - Pat Ambrose, Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, 09/17/2014.

      44* Great teacher Much experience Learned a lot Enjoyed class. - Sheri Blum, Buffalo Grove, 09/11/2014.

      43Dear Vidya, I just wanted to write and let you know how much I have enjoyed your class, sometimes I get angry at myself because I can't do some of the thing's as well as I would like, hopefully in time ill be able. The class is a lot of fun, I really, really, really, enjoy at the end of the class how we laugh so abundantly. What a WONDERFUL feeling. I look forward to returning to class in a couple of weeks, Enjoy your time with your family. I'll see you soon. Thank you. - Monica Young, Buffalo Grove, 08/04/2014.

     42Thank you very much! Amazing classes! Very professional and well organized.   - Elena Yorsh, Vernon Hills, 08/02/2014.

      41Thank you for being patient with my progress.  After three years of inactivity it was refreshing to exercise once again. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.  - Jim Laganowski, Buffalo Grove, 08/01/2014.     

      40*   Vidya Nahar is an experienced yoga teacher. She is just what a yoga teacher should be. She is calm, spiritual, knows her positions, and she does a variety of different classes just from signing up for a session. Her environment is safe . positive, and I feel energized afterwards. She strengthens as well as stretches each area of our bodies. I felt this class was valuable. - Maryryose Congdon, Buffalo Grove, 07/30/2014.     

      39Vidya is awesome! Her Yin class is perfect for an after cardio stretch and relaxation. Go Vidya! - Andy, Buffalo Grove, 07/05/2014.

     38* I'm practicing yoga with Vidya for the last 2 years. Vidya brings such authenticity to her yoga classes, and such variety of poses and stretches. But what I love the most is that she combines yoga with some guided meditation exercises, and that in itself builds such great physical and emotional endurance in us. In her classes, it's not about competing with everybody else in the room; it's about getting there when you are ready. Her wisdom to set the intention first and then let it come on its own term rings with so much truth. I highly recommend Vidya's teaching style to both first-timers and seasoned yoga practitioners. Everybody benefits in her classes. Thank you! - Christina Trkalovska, Wheeling, 07/01/2014.  

     37* Vidya is a great yoga teacher and friend. I started my yoga journey with her inspiration and I am glad she is spreading happy and healthy life style with all her students. Keep up the good work and I love you. Namaste. - Bhavna Vaishnav, Vernon Hills, 07/01/2014.   

     36* Vidya is awesome! I don’t have anything bad to say about her. I think she really cares about each person. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful during each practice. Vidya pushes us during our practice while maintaining that motherly vibe. She is incredibly sweet and caring. She is very comprehensive in her class. She not only teaches a little of the philosophy but she goes over in detail on how to do the correct pose. I would recommend that everyone take yoga from Vidya! - Marla Altshul, Buffalo Grove, 06/30/2014.

     35* Thanks to Vidya I have become a regular at LT. I look forward to attending her classes, be it hatha yoga, vinyasa or yin yoga. Pilates is the one class I find too challenging :) Vidya's always smiling demeanor is quite a motivator, and I love it when she puts all of us in a difficult pose and then asks how we are doing. Her experience shows in the way she runs all classes. She pushes us hard, but makes sure no one is taking undue risks. - Smriti Anand, Long Grove, IL, 06/30/2014.

     34* Amazing yoga - It was great to attend Vidya's yoga 101 class. It was very flexible for beginners like me. Would love to attend one soon. Thanks Vidya!; - Medini Sardeshpande, Vernon Hills, IL, 06/29/2014.   

     33* Just loved the session, want to do more with Vidhya. This was my first official Yoga class , i used to attend one back in Bangalore but the instructor in my previous class did not mention the key points like breathing, correcting postures. Vidhya taught me much more than i expected. I never did my breathing right, which i learnt it for the very first time.More importantly the feel good factor which i received is immense. I will recommend Vidhya to my friends. I would like to have more yoga classes with her. - Shwetha Vinay, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/29/2014.

     32* Really learnt a lot and enjoyed the 2 hr pranayam session. - Kavitha Harikrishna, Buffalo Grove, IL, 03/20/2014. 

     31* As a new yoga student I took a private session with Vidya. Our lesson was customized to meet my needs. Vidya is very knowledgeable yoga Instructor. All of my questions were answered. I really enjoyed Vidya`s class. I would recommend Vidya as high level yoga instructor. Thanks. - Julia Melkova, Buffalo Grove, IL, 03/19/2014.    

    30*  Have been Vidya's student for many years and due to health reasons, have moved from her regular yoga and other fitness classes to chair yoga. I am so happy to have been able to do so because even though the exercises are done seated on a chair, I find that by the end of the class, I actually still break into a sweat. She constantly changes the sequences so that we are constantly challenged and motivated. At the same time, she helps us modify all exercises to fit our individual needs. This class is heaven-sent for me because without it, I would be at a loss as to how to keep up my activity level without doing further damage to my health. She is an excellent, involved and inspiring teacher. - Mona Das, Buffalo Grove, IL, 01/15/2014.

    29* Vidya's classes / workshops can be simply described in one word "complete" . It's a complete total body mind experience . - Nidhi Trikha, Wadsworth, IL, 12/30/2013.

    28* Vidya is a wonderful yoga instructor. She make everyone feel like they are her only concern. She watches to make sure you are doing the moves properly and asks questions to see if you are aware of your moves and what they do for your well being. I feel like I get a wonderful workout and stretch. I hope she continues this class indefinitely. Nam us day - Louise Ryba, Buffalo Grove, IL, 10/21/2013.     

    27*  As a beginner, I was a bit intimidated at first, but Vidya suggests variations of each exercise or pose so we can challenge ourselves appropriately. The beginning of each class allows us to become fully centered and present before the hard work begins. I feel stronger and more balanced each week! - Denise Foster, Lincolnshire, IL, 10/18/2013. 

     26*  I took my first class with Vidya when I was recovering from a knee fracture, and at every moment she gave me space and time to find the poses at my own pace. Needless to say, I completely recovered full range of motion on my right knee, and also became inspired to do a 200-hr yoga teacher training. Vidya is an excellent instructor; she takes you through different poses effortlessly and in a very engaging way! I love when she cues the students asking what part of the body is being stretched which creates awareness of what is going on their bodies. Great instructor! I Authentic and down-to- earth person! You will love her class!!!!!  -  Edda Rodriguez, Mundelein, IL, 09/09/2013.     

     25*  Vidya's classes always challenge me and I often find that I am able to do more under her guidance and direction than I even knew I could do. She strikes me as authentic and authoritatively knowledgeable, with a gift for getting the most out of her students. From experience I can highly recommend her workshops and classes. - Linas Damasius, Vernon Hills, IL, 09/04/2013.

    24Vidya's classes are excellent. She provides a full body workout which is always challenging. The variety of the classes is also a plus - it's not the same class each session. Vidya is a kind and supportive teacher. I would highly recommend Vidya's classes. - Estella Parker, Vernon Hills, IL, 08/18/2013.

    23* Vidya is a delightful, very knowledgeable, innovative and a well rounded Yoga Instructor. Her classes are quite enlightening since she encompasses the Mind, Body and Spirit aspect of yoga teachings and goes beyond just moving though a Vinyasa flow every class. She structures each class differently to steer away from monotony and pays attention to warm-ups and an injury free practice. Having said that her Advanced Vinyasa flows are challenging and she constantly encourages students of all levels participate at their levels of ability. I especially enjoy and learn from her about our anatomy that yoga-aasan's impact and how the twists, turns, balance and bending benefit our body. She keeps the class fun and her students engaged by quizzing jovially where they feel the stretch or how do they think a yoga pose might help etc. and often elicits laughter from her students; including me. I look forward to Vidya's classes and know that I be physically challenged, practice yoga that will make me stronger in ways that is useful in practical day to day living. For example she begins the class with standing balance poses and stretches because that is truly serving us through our hectic days! Her message of gratitude and forgiveness also resonates with me especially since she follows her words in her own life. I have learned a lot in her classes and will going back to strengthen my mind, spirit and body. - Vibha Singh, Buffalo Grove, IL, 06/11/2013.

  22* I have been attending Vidya's yoga class for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy her class. She is one of the best yoga teacher I have come across. Her classes are very structured and challenging. She gives very clear and precise instructions while conducting her class. She offers a lot of information on the benefits of a particular yoga pose. Overall she is a great teacher with a wonderful sense of humor.  - Sangita Parande, Vernon Hills, IL, 06/07/2013.

   21* Vidya is the ultimate in health motivation! Her style of teaching is so human. Vidya does not judge you, she works with you. She understands that everyone is different and each person has distinctive abilities from each other. Vidya helps you with your unique abilities, coaching you to achieve the level of fitness you wish for. My life is much better with Vidya as my teacher, I have the utmost respect for her!   - Jeff Weinman, Vernon Hills, IL, 06/05/2013.   

    20* Vidya Nahar is an exceptional yoga teacher. When I began studying with her, I was immediately impressed with the depth of her knowledge of yoga, peaceful kindness and awareness of each student's abilities. Vidya's guidance helped students understand how & what the movements were doing for our bodies. Students also came to understand better breathing techniques. Students' skills varied in our class. Vidya's creativity and concern for each person's experience provided a positive experience, educated us and bonded our class. I feel fortunate to have studied with Vidya and look forward to continued study & learning with her. I felt mentally happy & physically wonderful after each class.  -  Debra Johnson, Hawthorn Woods, IL, 06/03/2013.

    19* Vidya is very professional and keeps all classes unique and fresh every time. - Roopa Rai, Arlington Heights, IL, 05/20/2013.

     18* I have been practicing yoga/Pilates fusion with Vidya for three years and have never felt so good. After knee and wrist surgeries I was unable to continue with my previous workouts and was told to try yoga. At first, I was very limited in what I was able to do but Vidya gives you modifications every step of the way. I feel that yoga has lengthened and toned my muscles, increased core strength, improved balance and has helped me slim down. My favorite part of her sessions are the breathing/meditation exercises which reduce stress and gives me a sense of calm, peace and tranquility. I always feel so invigorated when I've finished a class. - Nicole Patke, Vernon Hills, IL, 05/19/2013.

    17* I have been attending classes for several years. Vidya always finds ways to challenge and improve our fitness, while also providing relaxation. I feel strengthened and renewed after every class. - Sue Tuckey, Lake Zurich, IL, 05/19/2013.

   16* I have been attending Vidya's yoga, Pilates, and cooking classes for 6 months now, and the results are amazing. I have toned my abs, improved my posture and balance, and significantly enhanced my eating habits. She has taught me the importance of breathing, meditation, and making conscious food choices, so if you seek help in any of the above areas, I highly recommend that you work with Vidya. - Christina Trkalovska, Wheeling, IL, 05/19/2013. 

    15* Vidya Nahar is one of the most knowledgeable and talented yoga teachers I have ever practiced with. Her Hatha classes have improved my alignment by lengthening and strengthening all the appropriate muscles. Whether it is a vinyasa or Hatha class, her sequences just flow. Her Pilates classes are varied, difficult and fun but accepting of all levels. Additionally Vidya is a most kind and thoughtful person. She works out my body, breath, mind and spirit. She is very special! - Gail Montalto, Buffalo Grove, IL, 05/19/2013.

     14* I began taking classes with Vidya in August of last year. It was my very first experience with both yoga AND pilates. Vidya is awesome! She is somehow always able to get my hands and feet where they need to be through her gentle and fluid instruction, and I never feel at a loss. I was scared at first because I am the most inflexible person in the world, but I am happy to say that I can now reach and stretch further than ever before. And the Pilates is KILLER (in a good way). The aching in my muscles at the end of class is the good kind, the kind that reminds me that I'm stronger than I thought I was. -  Betsy Maxwell, Lincolnshire, IL, 03/18/2013.                

    13* Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of attending several of Vidya's classes. She is one of the best instructors I have ever had - a true expert in her field and a motivating teacher and coach. Her quiet yet inspirational approach in the classroom has garnered strong respect from her students and other instructors at our gym. This is further evident by the number of students who have continued going to Vidya's courses for years. I highly recommend Vidya as a strong asset to any organization. - Rachel Nowakowski, Vernon Hills, IL, 01/20/2013.   

    12* Vidya's yoga classes are always inventive and a good workout. She ends each class with laughter which leaves everyone with a big smile on their faces. - Linda Petty, Wheeling, IL, 12/05/2012.    

     11*  Vidya is an expert in what she does and brings passion and dedication to her tasks. You cannot go wrong in working with her. - Kumar Natesaiyer, Grayslake, IL, 11/29/2012.

    10I have taken Yoga classes with Vidya Nahar for several years and I am just so taken with her ever lasting positive attitude towards life. She is a versatile artist and goal oriented professional individual with immense talent and is totally dedicated to what she does. She has expertise in teaching Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, dance, Table Tennis, cooking healthy vegetarian food, Language classes, Cultural and Religion based classes etc. Her works and skills are highly motivational and inspires me to never be lazy in life and to have positive outlook. - Sobha Tammana, Lake Zurich, 11/20/2012.     

    9* I have known Vidya for a while now. Vidya is a very talented and dedicated person. She is a certified Yoga and Pilate instructor. I have joined Vidya's classes for Yoga and Pilates and practiced for several years. She is a really good instructor and I would recommend anyone to try out. - Aleyamma Vallapurackal, Buffalo Grove, IL, 11/16/2012.

   8* Vidya is a great Yoga instructor and extremely knowledgeable about all asanas and different stretching techniques. She has a unique teaching style which motivates us to attend every Saturday morning. We highly recommend everyone to join one of her many sessions for body and mind fitness.  -  Mamatha & Naresh Lankala, Schaumburg, IL, 05/01/2012. 

   7* I love your class, Vidya!! Keep up the good work!! I enjoy the variety too. Thank you,  - Deb Hutchings, Round Lake Beach, IL, 02/27/2012.

   6* After a series of injuries and surgeries, I was told by my doctors and physical therapists to do yoga and/or pilates to get back into shape. I found Vidya's yoga/pilates fusion class and started going once a week and have now built up to twice a week. These classes have helped me restore my strength, flexibility and balance while also slimming down, which was an added bonus. The class is different every time, fun and challenging. Vidya has accommodated the workouts to my individual needs and explains where you should feel the stretch and the reason why it's important to continue to workout specific areas as you age. The workouts are always challenging and the relaxation/meditation is wonderful and rejuvenating. The last thing we do is laughter, and breathing techniques which sets my day in a very positive way. I look forward to these sessions and highly recommend them to everyone.  - Nicole Patke, Vernon Hills, IL, 02/23/2012.

   5*  I truly enjoy coming to Vidya's weekly Chair Yoga class.  I can no longer do floor yoga requiring a mat since I had replacement knee surgery but find that my flexibility and stamina is increasing with each class I attend.  Vidya is so aware of everyone's limitations and continually offers not only modifications but support of all of your endeavors.  She has a wonderful personality always smiling and encouraging.  Our "laugh" therapy and meditation along with chair yoga offers one some precious moments to just concentrate on YOU for one hour.  With all of our hectic lifestyles, this class holds the key to becoming more in touch with yourself.  -  Jan Cargerman, Buffalo Grove, IL.

   4* Vidya's YOGA teaching skills are just amazing!!! I have been attending Vidya's YOGA classes for 4 years and I find it very beneficial in keeping me strong physically and mentally. Vidya applies the true meaning of YOGA (Union of Body, Mind and Soul) to all her sessions through rigorous physical exercise (YOGA, Aerobics, Pilaties, Strength, Abwork etc.), Soothing relaxation, Ultimate breathing techniques, Meditation & fun filled laughter sessions. I sincerely appreciate her positive energy & helping nature. All in all, I owe a BIG THANK YOU to Vidya in helping me to keep my life balanced physically & mentally through her wonderful YOGA sessions. I sincerely encourage anyone who is interested in joining the club of Vyayamis (Vidya's YOGA students) and higly recommend Vidya for her exceptional professional skills. - Siva K., Buffalo Grove, IL.      

   3* Variety is the key to Vidya's classes - she mixes up techniques every single day to make sure we don't get bored (which works great with me, since I do get bored with workout sessions very easily) and challenge different parts of the body. I have discovered new limits to my own endurance and flexibility after joining Vidya's classes. She is always smiling, encouraging and does not give up on you !!  - A J, Buffalo Grove, IL.

    2*  Can't say enough about Vidya's classes.  She varies the routines every single time so one gets a workout for every single muscle group.  She keeps innovating and introducing new techniques all the time so that the students remain constantly challenged.  The classes are a perfect blend of workout, relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation and laughter.  I have never, ever been in a better class than her's.  She also is a great resource for health tips and tries to adapt all sessions to the abilities of the students while encouraging them to push themselves a little further.  Above all, it is FUN!! - anonymous.

     1*  See the feedback letter : from Guy and Sylvia Davis, Palatine, IL.