VYAYAM's Private Yoga-Pilates Classes for Adults and Kids (In-person or Online)

Please check the payment policy for private classes here: Private Class Payment Policy for VYAYAM's In-Person & Online Yoga classes 

After you register at the link below, please send an email to vyayami@gmail.com and your payment via Venmo / Zelle to vidya@vyayam.com ensure your registration. Your registration isn't complete until we receive and confirm your payment.

Please enroll here for VYAYAM's Private In-Person In-Studio / Live Online Yoga - Pilates classes : https://forms.gle/xoc1JZYFdjJUw24q9

These classes are for adults and for kids older than 8 years. Each adult and child participating in the class must be enrolled separately. Fees are payable for each individual participant including adults and children.

Day and time for private classes will be decided as per mutual convenience.

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Yoga style practiced is SARVANG Yog created by Vidya Nahar at VYAYAM. SARVANG (sarv + ang, sarv means all, ang means limb/s) in Sanskrit means pertaining to all limbs / all encompassing. It is a name of Shiva, who is considered to be the originator of Yoga (Yogadhiraj) - the ultimate meditator. SARVANG is also an acronym for Spiritually Awakening, Rejuvenating, Veda-Aligned, Nourishing Gratitude (Yog). We practice Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Yin Yoga, Chair Yoga, Laughter Yoga, and Yoga-Pilates Fusion under the umbrella of SARVANG Yog. 

Centering, breath awareness, breath synchronized movements, joints and glands movements, balancing / twisting / stretching / core strengthening poses / moves, relaxation, Pranayama, meditation, and laughter are an integral part of each SARVANG Yog practice designed by Vidya. Props such as yoga blocks, yoga straps, wall, towels, chair, resistance band, pilates ring, dumbbells, stability ball are used to enhance, deepen, support, and strengthen the practice.