Private Class Payment Policy for

VYAYAM's Yoga and Pilates In-Person and Online Classes

1) VYAYAM fees are $90 per one hour of private lesson of yoga or pilates. Minimum of one hour session is recommended.

2) Pay As You Go fees for a 30 minute class are $50, and for a 45 minute class are $70.

3) A package of 5 prepaid private hourly lessons is offered at $400 or 10 prepaid private hourly lessons at $700.

4) A package of 5 prepaid private 30 minute classes is $225, and a package of 10 prepaid private 30 minute classes is $425.

5) A package of 5 prepaid private 45 minute classes is $325, and a package of 10 prepaid private 45 minute classes is $600.

6) All the fees are due at the beginning of first lesson. Checks / cash / Zelle / Venmo / Chase Quick Pay (payable to are accepted. No credit / debit cards please.

7) Prepaid private yoga / pilates lesson packages must be utilized within a period of three calendar months of the purchase date of the package at mutually agreed upon times between VYAYAM and VYAYAM’s client/s.

8) NO Refunds will be issued for the unused classes after three months of purchasing the private lesson package.

9) If you request a refund within first three calendar months after buying a multi-class package, fees will be retained at $90 per lesson multiplied by the lessons attended and the rest will be refunded.

10) Private yoga or pilates lessons can be shared by a group of people. For each additional person, please add $15 per lesson per person.

11) All fees quoted for private yoga or pilates lessons are valid at VYAYAM’s Buffalo Grove location only.

For travel within 5 miles of this location, please add $30 per class to the fees above to account for commuting time and expenses.

For travel beyond 5 miles of this location, fees will be quoted on per case basis.

12) Fees cannot be adjusted / refunded for prepaid private lessons that are missed due to any reason other than a documented medical emergency.

13) VYAYAM reserves the right to change any and/or all fees at any time.

14) Please provide at least 24 hours' notice, if you wish to cancel a scheduled class. Any class canceled within 24 hours prior to class will be considered as redeemed.