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Psychic fair, spells, potions and cards

Today I have the pleasure of working with Rob and his amazing readers at the Westport Inn in CT. I am also so thankful I am well enough to read for the people that come and want readings. This is a great opportunity for people that want a face to face reading with me but are too far from Southington to receive one. I also have to say this hotel is beautiful (minus the women’s bathroom being broken) I am really enjoying the energy here. I was lucky enough to meet some new readers which is pretty cool.

Thankfully, I am feeling better and still a little shaken up after my witchcraft stint. I spoke to one of the amazing readers here about what happened and she was not surprised at all. My poor Adam is a Empath and being an Empath as sensitive as my boy is Adam happens to be the kid of mine I would prefer to have zero “gifts”. For Adam “gifts” have to be in quotes because it will haunt him his entire life if I don’t protect him and teach him to protect himself. Unfortunately, this is a lifetime struggle for poor Adam. If I had the gift of choosing a child it would have been Sam. Sam is missing the sensitivity chip that Adam has and would handle it much better. We all know how my daughter is.

As of late, Adam has had to deal with very adult circumstances at school. As a parent, you want your child to have experiences to grow, but this is not a circumstance Adam (or any 12 year old boy should experience) You guys don’t know me to beat around the bush and I pride myself to not do so. The topic here is suicide. My son is 12 and reported the threat of suicide and did what he could. My poor baby was torn apart by this and he and his friends reported the threats. The threats stopped but this child still sent my son disturbing text messages.

I have so many feelings about this. First off when I was a child the topic of suicide never ever came up and was taught if someone threatened they wanted attention. This day and age that’s not the case and every threat needs to be taken seriously. These kids are growing up so quickly it makes me sad. My son should not receive text messages like this but I am proud he knew what to do.

Back to my spell. The spell was a protection one and it had directions. A page of directions and I went ahead and followed them then ended up feeling an entity so strong I had to open my daughter up to help me. I could not hear Marj nor could I breathe. Sarah could hear her guide Gail and she helped me through this. The spell was done but the damage wasn’t. We cleansed out my house and that evening I woke up throwing up with a stomach ache and a horrible headache. I will say I have undiagnosed migraines and have never ever in my life had a headache so bad my head was going to explode. I was bedridden for two days with a migraine and stomach ache.

Every night for the past two years I use my pendulum and ask Marj if anyone in my house will get the neurovirus, throw up or get the flu in 2019. That evening before bed I received the same answer of no. The next day I rolled down the stairs to question Marj and she confirmed my suspicions. This was an unplanned attack because I am an idiot. If you are not a witch don’t cast spells. If you are not a medium no one can make you hear spirit. EVER I don’t care what they say. Please do not run out and get an Ouja board to check what I am writing.

I always mention pendulum is the least accurate and very circumstantial, but if you know me you know my accuracy is is pretty good. This was unplanned and again me being an idiot. If Lauren was around at Stella Luna I would have asked for help but I did not want to wait so I didn’t. I am disappointed I did not even lose any weight.

I am so excited Erica Hawkins joined me and is reading cards for the group as well as privately. I have to say I am so proud of this woman she has come such a long way from when I first saw her post on a live feed. Erica has really become such an amazing part of my life and the group I am so proud almost like a mama bird. Fly little one fly. As of April 1st Erica will be charging for her services and that is all her. In case you are wondering I am not benefiting from Erica charging I am just here to cheer her on. I would make an appointment ASAP. Erica also took over the abilities class which I was no longer enjoying teaching. Win win. I have to say I love Jayne as well but that is a whole other story. Love you Erica

I have started a loyalty program and am so excited Meaghen came up with the idea. 5 readings with me you get a free half hour with me. (70.00 value) I always like giving back and reading for you guys is my passion. If you are in my group that you so very much and if you are not but are following me on my journey I appreciate every single thing you do.

I have a payment plan that goes how you would like it. I also have mini readings in my group and it is my mission to give every person a mini reading that wants one. As of now, people that have not had a mini reading post a picture and I do the reading. Please see group for details. This is a FREE service.

Lastly, I will be keeping the 15 minutes for 15.00. This shows you what I do and I love reading so it is a win win.

Thank you so much for reading this. If you are new to my site welcome. If you have been following me thank you so much.

Much love and happiness always



Weather, changes, updates and love

First off I wish New England would make up its mind and choose the weather. One day it is 20 degrees then the next 45 then we all wonder why the flu is on a rampage out there. I will move on from talking about illness or I will lose my mind. I hope everyone is well! Rupert would like to go for a walk and I don’t blame him.

Erica and Jayne Hawkins have changed my life. It is here is writing and I have no idea if they read my blog. Not only do I adore them Erica has realized she is one of the most amazing tarot card readers I have ever crossed paths with. Thinking long and hard I have decided to ask Erica to kind of branch off and be our card reader. For PE this is a HUGE thing and Meaghan and I do not take this decision lightly. Erica is a welcome addition to our card world and I am just loving watching her grow. There is NO WAY Erica, Jayne, Beth and I would have ever met since we live hours and hours away. I am not sure if Erica would have ever picked up a tarot card if we never met or spoke. I love watching her grow it brings me joy beyond words. Thank you Erica and Jayne for your love, friendship and letting me watch both of you grow.

I have given up taking paid card readings. Please contact Erica privately for a paid card reading. I will be honoring everyone who was promised a card reading from me, but, Erica is our card person. Please consider taking Erica’s abilities class which is April 6 at 7. The class is 10.00 PP and you do not have to be local to Erica or myself as Erica will be using Zoom. Please contact Erica directly for details. If you live in CT you are welcome to come over to my house but have to pay Erica in full.

The group is evolving into something I never thought it would. Ever. I mean really ever. I cannot believe how much you guys trust me to be part of your lives and read for you. I cannot believe how much you trust in me to read for you. This is the biggest honor anyone can ask for. Thank you so much for following me, your support, your love, and sticking by me. I am so gracious and blessed. I always try and put my members first. Always. I am always trying to make readings more affordable with payment plans which some people are really utilizing. The idea of a punch card came from the wonderful and talented Michelle Warren. The name punch card has been changed to loyalty cards and happiness.

Loyalty cards are simple. 5 paid readings get you a half hour with me which is a 70.00 value! Unfortunately I cannot go back and give it to everyone that already has appointments it would not only be confusing but I would have to give it to every single person. The loyalty program will not go away unless you all hate it. Right now I am booking into May. Please email me at psychicmediumheather@yahoo.com or private message me through facebook.

Check out Psychic Empowerment’s new Instagram! The name of the new Instagram is Psychic Empowerment

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate your time and support.




Amazing friends, fun weekend and sore throat

Beth, Amanda, myself, Sam, Sarah, Erica and Jayne all met up in Salem this weekend. I will tell you I was a little scared because it was supposed to be freezing. Not just freezing but bone chilling. I cannot tell you how perfect the weather was. We were able to go to the museums we wanted, ate at one of the best places ever and one of the worst all in one weekend. We played games (adult), kids swam, we cried (mostly me) and Alex has a final resting place...kind of. We found a place near a gazebo that was perfect. That was that and every piece of his ashes are gone and I know I feel like he is more free then he ever was but I am as well. Believe it or not I did not want him on my psychic cart. I could not have wanted this experience with anyone but these people. Adam stayed home with Ian museums and history are not his idea of fun.

We shopped, ate, walked and hung out. I almost wish my kids were not with me but they were so well behaved. Sarah travels well and slept in Aunt Beth’s room and Sam and I shared.

There was one exhibit(?) show(?) that brought me to tears and I left. In my journey I have met some amazing women who happen to be witches and I have the utmost respect for them. I also know that the witch massacre was horrendous and full of men and their jealousy and lack of respect for women. NOT ONE of those women were witches. I still get the chills. I have spoken to all of them and they did not do it. I did not make it to the hanging part of the show and left in tears. I compared this “show” to the Holocaust museum in Virginia. Ian and I went before we were married and he didn’t sleep for two weeks! I want to say this exhibit was almost as bad as that entire museum. I was closed off to the max but I felt those women and men. Heartbreaking.

I had to work yesterday and we left at the break of dawn so I could be at the psychic fair by 11 am in Southington. Beth drove through the storm with a car full of sleeping people. I love that woman so much. You all know how much I love working my psychic fairs (ctpsychicfair.com) I am the featured reader. Adam took that picture. As of right now I am a regular reader in Southington I have to start somewhere right? I am a sub so if someone cannot work I go in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I have a ton of stuff coming up that I am so proud of. First off I got a flag at my daughter’s softball field in support of girls softball. This flag was a huge huge huge goal of mine from last year. The flag is hung on the field all year and featured on the softball website. I was able to purchase that flag. Pictures will come with me practically hanging from it. I have come such a long way from being in the closet to sweatshirts, merch, magnets, business cards and now a flag at my town’s softball field.

So much has changed since I even started this blog. As I sit here waiting for Adam to get braces put on I get to remember why I do what I do. Thankfully, I have a strong team with me and am forever grateful.

Erica and Jayne are coming to CT and I have so many places to take them one being where I let Alex’s ashes loose. I have never brought anyone there but my kids and really just realized the impact of me wanting to bring them. I am so grateful Jayne is not scared of copperheads and will make sure no one gets bitten. Apparently keys are not a copperhead deterrent.

I will be on later today for a live feed. I will see if I can get Erica to play dueling cards with me. I would eventually like to give up cards (for people hiring me) and pass the torch to Erica.

Some readings have some of the same stuff mentioned. Some spirit liked to cook, clean or whatever. There are many spirit that killed themselves, took drugs, hid things from family and so on. There have been times I have read for 5 people live and every single spirit mentions dizziness. Funny thing is depending on who it is we have the same symptoms. Like doctors who experience the same thing and symptoms within patients I experience some of the same symptoms in dead people. Live or die we all have stuff in common.

I think I need coffee so I am going to end this blog and see you all tonight.




Insanity, trackers and fun

Sorry guys I cannot see the little writing. I have decided to have a vendor fair at my house which is insane. June 8 from 11-6 Card readers, gem sellers and mediums (just Stephanie and i) i will NOT be practicing under my logo. If you are interested please let me know. My email is psychicmediumheather@yahoo.com or call at 860-899-9211. You DO NOT have to be a vendor to attend it kind of defeats the purpose. Pooja, Debbie McCloud, and some of my other client better show up. I hope so anyway.

Beth will be at the door collecting the money from the vendors not you. For you its free.

Listen, my grammar is not great. My nails stop me from typing as quickly as I want.

Exciting trip coming up this weekend (tomorrow )with Erica and Jayne. We just cannot wait. There are rare times when clients become friends. Not just friends friends that go out of their way to meet me an are 5 hours away. I have no idea what Erica had to do to get this trip and I don’t want to know. We will miss Jess dearly on this trip. Maybe next time. Jess has become a good friend of Beth and I.

Adam’s Bar Mitzvah is coming up and I just want it over. Big question is does Alex get a candle. Adam says yes I say no. It’s NOT my day but will bring me to tears. How could Alex deserve a candle? How could he think it is okay for him to attend? To him it is an open invitation. How dare he. S chose over the rainbow. Beautiful song. I cannot do anything army related. He hated the army. He hated everything. He never met his nephews and niece. Little did he know he was never going to do and it was his choosing not mine. I stand behind my decision and if he does not like it too damn bad. I cannot figure out why he is chatty with me nor do I understand why he feels he can. His response is “I thought we an have a relationship I told him if he was alive yes but not in death. If he does not watch it the rest of him will go in a lake which he asked not to.

See, still angry like some of you! What an we do to turn anger around? I am not sure it really depends on the person. I don’t forget or forgive so I suck. I am pretty sure Kerry is reading this (hi!) and she always thought i would say something nasty about her. I never did. But she is DEAD to me and that takes ALOT. Silly me! I think she got Beth as well.

I have been putting questions up on the board like do you see things have full or half empty? If you could be a medium, card reader or psychic I noticed everyone chose medium. I get it but not sure you guys do. You NEVER get your loved one bacl Ever. I won’t have Alex back or my grandparents or even my uncle and aunt. Seeing, talking to feeling and being next to does not bring him back.. This does not answer questions nor does it make me feel any better. I am so sorry to tell you. I still cry and pray and wish 5 more minutes of him alive so I can touch him and tell him how much I love him. That my friends I would never have…..ever.

This life is not for everyone and maybe that is why there are so few of us. Real few of us.

Please consider my class on the 16th it is a ball of fun. 7-10 and you don’t have to be local we use Zoom.

Consider June 8 also! Tons of fun and lots of vendors. You do not have to be a vendor (or you can) and check us out!

Much love and happiness


March 1, 2019

Vertigo, cramps and MRI

Interesting topic but totally fits me since I am generally all over the place. I have been better with the vertigo but today it hit me like a freight train. I HATE moving my client’s appointments but thankfully you are all wonderful and understanding. I am a little better, moving slow, and praying I am not out all weekend.

While Adam was screaming at the dentist yesterday (three baby teeth pulled no roots really just quick procedure) I was talking with the receptionist about cramps. Yesterday I felt like I could barely walk straight. Facebook has a video of men feeling our pain and they couldn’t get off the couch. Women rock

I cannot explain how excited I am to goto Salem with Beth, my Niece, Sam, Erica and Jane. This trip means so much to me in so many ways. First meeting Erica and Jane is a true blessing. Erica and I have become close and I just adore her. Poor Erica gets her cards thrown off because of Jane so we may have to put him in a corner with Sam. Sam is so frigging excited to meet Jane because they have so much in common. I will have to pull him away from Jane so Jane can sleep. As you know, I have a little bit of Alex left and we will leave the remainder of ashes there. As many of you know I do not believe the ashes really have anything to do with Alex, but it is not about him it is about me. I find it quite funny Alex’s ashes will be left in Salem which is a place he never went and I never heard him talk about it. After our talk on the bench I have let him talk to me a little more and he mentioned he is perfectly happy with his ashes in Salem. One request was please not near water or a pool. I guess the hotel pool is out of the question. I just cannot see Jane, Erica, Beth and myself swimming. I am pretty sure Sam would and I will ask Amanda. Thanks for reminding me!

Salem is meant to be an educational vacation I would rather shop but I will suck it up and spend time with my sister and our friends.

Jess had posted on facebook something about don’t look into the future and wish your life away. I really had to think about it because to me it was quite powerful. I hear so many mixed things from spirit that I had to push them away and not think of what I was told to make my own decision. Personally, for me, I like things to look forward to. Salem, shows, appointments coming up, 63 days of school left so we can hang out with people we care about. My answer to that question is I can live in right now but look forward to the picture. Right now I have cramps and vertigo so I am hoping I feel better quickly.

Some of you have heard about my vertigo so much it is almost a daily u subject. Unfortunately, I have to go through steps for my insurance company as well as the doctor to make sure everything is okay. Both Sam and I had normal CAT scans and MRI scans. Next step for me is mobility. Sam also has a mobility appointment but it just does not make sense since he can’t see well and his eyes move. We shall see.

Has anyone had a “friend” that is jealous? Severe jealousy as in tracking where you are going and who you are with? Someone that blames their drinking on their behavior? I just got out of it and am actually seething. Thinking back I knew! I just knew and begged Marj to be wrong. She’s actually looking at me telling me she has no words. The word psycho never came out but more like this is not going to work. Last week on one of my lives Marj was screaming at me to give a message to Beth and unfortunately I was right (Marj wants credit not give it to me) Beth is my person and that is that. I also have Jess, Jeff and my friend Corinne. Corinne and I met through our boys Sam and Dylan. The boys became friends on the bus to a school that Sam transferred from and have remained friends. Dylan is now a family member as well. Even Rupert has Dylan in his pact. I am so at peace it feels so good.

I have been watching over and over Sally4Eva on HBO if you have not watched it please check it out!

There are some people in my group that I let pay in full that day. **sigh** then they cancel. I understand things happen believe me I had to change my morning appointment because of vertigo but I rescheduled. One person was a no show and another just did not reschedule. I want to be able to have people not pay until they get here I really do. Most of the time having my own business is amazing but others it is difficult and difficult decisions have to be made.

Join my class this month! March 16 at 7 pm. You do not have to be local but have to download Zoom. The cost is 20/pp and we are learning cards and pendulum. If you have questions let me know. Psychicmediumheather@yahoo.com

Much love,