August 2019 Blog


As they say, stop and smell the roses. As summer comes to a close and we say hello to fall. Connecticut is beautiful. Many spirits love roses so I will think of that. I love the other blog so here I go starting over.

Festivals, fun and more festivals are what keep Sarah and I happy. We LOVE them and Sam gets the opportunity to work with me. I am so proud of him. Despite Sam’s vision every thing he does he makes sure he does it the same way other kids to it . He is truly my hero. Sam wants to come to one of Rob Samson shows and I cannot wait to bring him. I truly think Robert would enjoy his company.

Things evolve like everything else. World keeps spinning and we have to adjust no matter what. Things I cannot control make me crazy but I am working on it.C

There will be changes to my business to please hang with me while those are made. I no longer require half down but that can still become complicated. We will try and make it work as I have been burned before. Next blog I will pull a card for myself and see how it works.

That is about it. If you look in the events tab of my website you will see where I am. Any questions or to book appointments let me know.

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Much love



End of summer, new school year and new opportunities

I am still in awe of this past weekend. I worked at the Psychic and Beyond Fair at Mohegan Sun for the first time ever. This fair is by invite and just for that I am so humbled. The fair was a crazy busy (1800 people the first day and 800 the second) I have never read so many back to back people in one day my entire career but I did it. The second day I read back to back as well and again, I did it. I met new people, made new connections and had a blast. I am finally getting my energy back and am again, so grateful to having been invited. Thankfully, I stay on “the list.”

I had some of my clients from Psychic Empowerment (facebook) drive all the way to the casino to visit me. To me this was crazy! The fact that anyone would take time out of their day and drive all the way to the casino to visit me is insane! Thank you all so much!

September is quickly approaching and back to school is coming whether I am ready or not. Personally, I am ready but saying goodbye to Summer is never easy. I am looking forward to fall but cannot stop thinking about my kids getting older and how quickly time flies. I still look at them and they have diapers on with bottles. The struggle is real…

The holistic fair season is quickly approaching and I am so excited to be part of it. Last year I worked at so many fairs it was crazy. I learned pretty quickly apple harvest fairs, christmas fairs and the fairs that have mostly DS sales was not for me. No one wanted to sit and talk to a psychic medium while their kids get their face painted. Live and learn

Lots of lessons in this business. The lessons help me become a better psychic medium and I am so grateful for my gift.

When my kids go back to school I have decided to become Reiki certified which I never thought I would do. I am pretty excited and my love of gemstones brought me to this path. I always have my gemstones on me and love every single one. Reiki is healing and knowledge and helping people. As I was looking into Reiki, I became more and more interested so I guess a new path is going to be opened.

I have my live feed Thursday at 8 pm EST and hope you will join me. The feed will be in my facebook group, Psychic Empowerment. I will be doing mini readings please join me.

Please check out Erica’s website Erica is an amazing tarot card reader and has a half off special for August! Check her out.

Thank you for reading. Your time is important and the fact you took the time to read this is heartwarming.

Have a good day and enjoy the rest of the summer

Psychic Medium Heather Gottlieb


August 2, 2019


As I write this I cannot believe it is August already. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I hate the heat but enjoy having the kids home. I have to say both Rupert and I are looking forward to fall.

I wish I could be like Erica and pick a tarot card and write about the meaning and how it goes into real life but it is not my style, so here I am not knowing what to write. (side note Erica is the best tarot card reader I know and I know a lot) Erica’s website is

Let’s talk about evolving. Everyone evolves (hopefully) and as we evolve unexpected things come to life. Businesses change, friendships, family and my kids keep growing up. I always write about how grateful I am for each and every one of you reading this blog, joining my group, taking your precious time to do all of this and hire me. There are times I feel unworthy. Feeling unworthy is not feeling insecure in what I do because I don’t. I do not feel insecure about my job but I do get nervous before every reading. My mom told me “if I didn’t that would not be good.” Many people would love to have my gift and be able to talk to their loved ones all day. The truth is that is inaccurate. I do not sit with my loved ones and chit chat all the time. Let me explain…

As you know I believe in the right to live. The right to live is a huge part of what I do. The living has a right to live. Our loved ones would want us to live our lives while they cheer us on. Our loved ones want our guides to help us through day to day life as well as difficult times in life. As much as we miss our loved ones it was their time to go. As they go our lives change forever, we mourn forever and it can feel like we do not want the right to live and spend every second with our passed loved one.

Being a psychic medium is difficult to say the least. I have to put myself aside to let spirit through. I have to make room for them. My speech changes, I do not say the things that come out of my mouth because spirit tells me what to say and I move my body how they would move theirs. I can explain it like a vessel. My guide, Marj, as well as Mother Mary and Archangel Michael protect me. I have this protection all the time or bad things can happen when I open myself up to read.

I have no idea how I do what I do. I cannot make the spirit’s voices come to me. I use their words the way they want and have no idea how it just comes to me. I didn’t get to choose my life of being a psychic medium but would not trade it for anything. Are there times I wish the voice (my guide Marj) would stop talking and I would have silence but it is not the way my world is. How did this start? I don’t know. Can I train to become a psychic medium? I cannot train to become one but I can train to learn new ways to read and make myself a better reader. I cannot teach a muggle (person with no gifts) how to be me. I can assure you being a psychic medium does not make me want to spend all my time with my brother and other loved ones. Have I been able to see things I needed to see from Alex? Yes, but it came with a price. I wanted to see his scene and he wanted to be around more so we traded. Do I regret it? Sometimes….Alex’s opinion is not my favorite and I often ignore his opinion and have ignored it so much he hangs out with my middle son.

Do you want this gift? If you were not born with it it is not your path? Can I tell you if you have a gift? YES!

I hope this all makes sense I never re-read my blogs. If you are interested in chatting with me more please contact me at You can also join my group psychic empowerment on facebook.

Please check Erica out. Erica is running some kind of summer special. Erica’s website is

Thank you for reading. I have a mini reading live feed tonight please join me.

Nope still no lotto numbers or Erica would be living in CT :-)