About Heather

I have had this gift since I could remember. When I was little I used to play with my grandfather. My mom would ask me all of the time who I was talking to and I would say grandpa. She would walk away thinking nothing until he started telling me things only she would know and that caught her attention. I spent my life pushing spirit away. I hated this gift. Why me? Can’t I be normal?

Go forward years and years and years. 2014 my brother killed himself. He took my soul with him. I spoke to a medium who happened to be a friend of mine and she inspired me. I started doing pendulum readings and my accuracy was amazing. I taught myself how to read tarot and help out in groups. Spirits started connecting with me. I was able to read people and it was amazing. I was waiting for the gift of being able to hear spirit it took a while to get it back and I did.

I have helped so many people and it makes me feel like I did something good. I was able to find some peace connecting with my brother and to give that gift to someone is amazing.

Love and light.