October 2019 Blog


Exciting news!

This past weekend was amazing and I have learned so much. This weekend reminds me of the oracle card I often pull from my Psychic Oracle cards. This one card is beautiful and causes people to automatically say NO right before I explain. I cannot quote the exact wording but it comes down to something like ‘we are all students and study day to day.” Also, something about being an educator. My explanation is we learn every single day of our lives. Good or bad we learn lessons, things about ourselves as well as things about the people around us.

My lesson this weekend career wise I have learned two very different lessons. First comes first I LOVE working fairs. I worked with Rob at ctpsychcs.com on Saturday and I must say I work with amazing people and it is refreshing being around people that have all different gifts. I have to say I get there with a smile and leave with a smile.

Red Barn Inn in Danbury was AMAZING. This place was so amazing I did not want to leave. Forget the expo I will talk about that in a minute. As soon as I walked into the barn the energy smacked me in the face. Amazing energy not just its okay in there I mean energy that is so wonderful it made me feel safe and happy.

Last year I made the mistake of bringing a friend to my fairs with me. This year is different and my job is a family business. Enough said. Sarah came with me and she ended up being a “runner” at the fair. I loved being there and I know my daughter did as well.

This coming weekend is another busy weekend for me (I am truly blessed) and am going on a bus with people visiting haunted places in CTA. I will be reading cards for over 30 people and get to visit some haunted places. This is different for me and I decided to purchase two new necks Le Vampire and Alice in Wonderland oracle decks. The decks and I are learning to work together and they have been doing well at the past two fairs. I am super excited to experience this new twist in my career!

I am working at a Expo on Sunday which is a new one for me as well. This fair is called the Passport to Health and Wellness on October 27 at 10-5. There will be over 75 Exhibitors and Speakers. Doubletree Hilton 42 Century Drive in Bristol, CT.

There is a fee to get in here and the bus is full. I would not only love to see you guys during my live fees and being active on the board but if you can please check the fair out. Stop by and say hi! No pressure hiring me :-)

I have been pulling the same cards for myself over and over. My cards consist of someone is lying, something is coming to an end, and it’s a good change. Worst of the cards I will be disappointed and lose something. Madhawk tarot told me she did not like the cards and to pull again. The cards don’t lie so here I am and unfortunately the cards to resonate with me. Check out Erica’s sight at madhawktarot.com because she is frigging amazing and way too cheap.

Right now my special is buy one reading get one half off. Message me at psychicmediumheather@yahoo.com or texting or call is perfect as well 860-899-9211.

As always thank you for reading. I appreciate every one of you! I could not do this without you guys!





Yes, I do love pumpkin everything so this time of year is very much a good fit for me. I must admit I love Halloween. As many of you think Halloween is a Pagan holiday. Sam had a friend that missed school on Halloween and never went trick or treating and Sam being Sam asked him why? Does he not like candy? Dressing up? Trick or treating? His response was it’s a “witch holiday.” Okay to each their own no judgment. Sam did bring him candy after Halloween. This made Sam happy as well as Sam’s friend so it was a win win.

I love my 5 witch friends. Witches cannot use negative spells or it comes back to them 5 times over. Yes 5 times over. Witches are with us to protect all of our reasons for living. Witches (some) get demons out of houses, pray for us and try and teach us how to be better people BUT we have to want to be better people. Love and Light as well as Blessed Be are phrases a ton of people use as do witches. There are no bad intentions from most witches, but like humans there are some witches that choose to live a life of 5 times over.

Guess what-Wicca was the first religion out there. Before everything. “Wicca is a form of modern paganism, especially a tradition founded in England in the mid 20th century and claiming its origins in pre-Christian religions.” (Directly from the dictionary) Every holiday comes from Wiccan roots. Old English wicca ‘witch’ There are plenty of people that practice Wiccan that are not witches. Personally I do not follow Wicca because it is not my path. I hope one of you have a better understanding of witches and Wicca.

I am loved. I hope all of you are loved by someone, however, my world can be a lonely one. I believe many people live in a lonely world. My “tribe” is small but I could not ask for more people that support and love me. Cheerleaders, love and showing up for a friend. Friends bring the best out of each other. No judgment just love and understanding. It took me 43 years to find my tribe and I really hope you do as well. My tribe has two people and I would rather quality over quantity.

I am sick. My asthma has been acting up since Sunday and I actually missed a fair. I would never miss a fair they are my happiness. Fairs are something I do for myself. I would love to say I am the only one in my house to have a gift but I am not. While all readers are different having a psychic medium daughter is challenging. I do not want this for my kids. I love what I do but I am judged all the time, people talk about me because they did not hear what they want to and there is so much hate I do not understand. Hate is heavy and I never hated anyone. Dislike YES but hate no. We all know how I feel about pumpkin flavored everything so just love and light there.

As one of my witch friends picks a card and writes about it and since I have a ton on my mind I will pull from my Alice in Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and artwork by Becket Griffith.

My cards sting a little but end nicely. Thanks Alice!

First card starts saying Forget Who you are “conditioning falls Away, memory no longer defines you” This card is on point. I have been second guessing myself when I shouldn’t. Second guessing my gift is something I should never do but I do need to grow a tougher skin.

Next is Impossible things “Working through disbelief, Imaginative Leaps and fresh perspective” So the first card told me what was going on and the second is telling me how to fix it. Third card….

“Manage to be glad.” Fair enough. Create your own happiness regardless of conditions. I believe this has to do with the thicker skin especially since I thought I had a thick enough skin. I always tell my clients to not only to do for themselves, spend more time alone and no one can make you happy but yourself. Well that hit me right in the head.

Lastly, You are rare and free. I like this one who wouldn’t. “There are not many like you” My first thought was thank God! To me this is confidence and accepting of myself. Good, bad, ugly and back to good. I have to work on this card.

This is a new deck for me. A little over two weeks. I purchased this deck because I am reading cards on a bus that is visiting haunted places. I wanted something dark and not tarot. I also purchased Les Vampire from the same artists. I did not meet every card in either deck nor did I interview them. Risky YES but I love risks. I have been practicing in my facebook group Psychic Empowerment. Right now we are a secret group, so if you want to join send me an email at psychicmediumheather@yahoo.com.

I appreciate YOU and I appreciate your time.

If you would like to make an appointment with me my email is above. If you would like the best tarot reading check out madhawktarot.com




I have been avoiding writing this blog for about a week because for me the topic of this blog is Haters….

I have to say first and foremost social media can be fun, addictive and time consuming depending on how we choose to use our time. Let’s not forget the games-Uno, Bingo, Farms and Candy Crush. I must admit I am often working on my phone, playing games or looking through Instagram. (my favorite)

Social media also can be harsh, evil, deceptive and cruel. I often second guess myself and my decision to not allow my kids to have social media and every single time I see people being ridiculed, ganged up on or beaten down I thank God I stuck with my decision. One wrong move may piss off the wrong person and boom before you even know it you are all over social media being bullied. Most of the people being bullied no longer have the right to stick up for themselves. Why bully someone that can stick up for themselves? Let’s not forget sticking up for yourself may be even worse than not being able to stick up for yourself.

No matter how many good and positive things people say about you those one or two comments are the ones that stay in your head. I am guilty of the same believe me. I do have to say I have never bullied anyone on social media. I am much more of a I will just tell you to your face kind of person. The bullying can be over something as little as a disagreement over someone’s dog collar being to big or a 5 year old girl with blue hair or what someone does for a living. Little things that really are not anyone’s business. People don’t agree with the 5 year old girl having her hair blue whose business is that?

Is this always the situation? No, but I struggle with how could someone you don’t even know hurt you so much that you want to destroy them. Social media has taken away the face to face talks or phone calls for the people with the conflict can be solved in a more positive way (not all of the time) and no one gets bullied over the internet.

Does this make sense to you? I understand it and I do have a hard time understanding the world we live in now but I can’t really say I am surprised how dark and mean people can be.

Will we survive? Some do and some don’t. Suicide rates are at an all time high, depression and anxiety are at an all time high and small businesses close because of that one unhappy customer. How is this right? I have no idea but I do know one thing….

My mom told me if I have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all…

Have a great day everyone and thank you for reading this long drawn out depressing blog