November 2019 Blog


I really have no name for this blog. I cannot write a blog like Erica about what a card means to me. I have been practicing with my Alice in Wonderland Oracle deck as well as Les Vampire oracle deck. I am assuming you would know why I picked the decks but if not I will put it together for you. First off, they are creepy and dark, they are perfect for Halloween and were perfect for my Halloween bus tour. The artwork is beautiful and I adore them. These cards will not end up with my business cards taped to the back of them because I have grown to adore and trust them. If you know me you know I never read the book that comes with the cards because I like to use my own interpretation depending on the client and what Marj tells me to say. I read cards differently than most card readers. If you want an amazing reading check out my friend Erica’s website at Can I read cards? Absolutely but spirit readings are my thing.

As the group evolves the admins had to make changes. (Psychic Empowerment) One change is we do not have a post just for mini readings we now have a post for cards and mini readings. I am also looking for new ideas like playing beanboozled with my middle son, Adam, as well as a client, Robin. Whoever eats the horrible tasting jelly bean has to pull a card for the other person. Adam will be asking the pendulum question. Adam was not happy he felt left out so I included him. I am also looking for new feed ideas so if you have any please let me know.

I had a huge learning lesson this weekend. I worked at an expo and I had one person sit down for 24 cards (30.00). I read the cards, she was happy then gets up to leave. I told her that will be 30.00 and she said she had no money and left. Was this my fault? Yes it was. I learned to collect money first. I underestimated how horrible people can be and have to remember not everyone was raised like me. This journey has taught me so many lessons and I have to say I keep learning.

One of my Alice cards mentions pushing someone out of your life that no longer belongs there. The card talks about jealousy, smothering and stalking. I do have someone in my life like that and the card comes up every time I pull for myself. Oy! It is easier to keep her at arms length instead of walking away for she will not leave me alone. Much easier to just respond to a text once a week and not see her at all. My kids are terrified of her and refuse to have anything to do with her. A lesson? YES my kids are much smarter than I am and warned me. As of right now it is what it is and I just have to keep going, right?

As I close this up I want to remind you Erica and I have a live feed together tonight at 8pm EST on Psychic Empowerment. (facebook group)

Erica and I hope to see you there! I am so humbled you took your precious time to read this even though I do not know the lotto numbers. Every fair I get asked at least once! DUH

Oh my gift is changing. My intuition hit me loud and clear. I now talk to spirit, read spirit guides as well as past lives, cards and are intuitive, Oy I am blessed and wish I remember that every time!