December 2019 Blog


Another decade just flew by and quite honestly I did not realize it was another decade. Time just flies by. I have a card from my Alice In Wonderland deck that says live in the now. I am as guilty as anyone else for not living in the now. Like all of us I go through life with my head in my phone working and forget about the things that make me happy. I love spending time with my family and friends but the days fly by and before I know it it is a Monday. No excuses here just accepting what I have to change.

I do not make New Year’s Resolutions. For me they are way too much pressure and I end up not doing anything I promised myself I would then the guilt comes up. If I can control one less thing to be guilty about I will.

My weight loss is frustrating and a ton of work. Check out my Instagram Shrink Heather to follow my journey. I really am working for it this time around and would love to not wear last years summer clothes. We shall see. I ask for 5 pounds a month which is doable and if I do better that is great and if I lose less even better. I am doing WW with two of my close friends and it really does help.

I have made many mistakes this year and moving forward I just have to accept the dumb things I did, learn from them then move on. I am blessed and need to remember no take that for granted. I will try and make sure I slow down and smell the roses, which is another card from one of my decks.

Apparently I compare things going on in my life to my cards especially the Alice in Wonderland deck. I had no idea until now that I did this. I always tease Erica about talking in tarot.

Approaching the new year with a new business with Sarah and helping my business grow is a huge commitment but something I love. We all have to do things we love or why do anything else.

Changes changes changes. I would love to hear about your changes. I do have a list so we shall see. All I can do is try my best just like you.

Happy New Years I hope to get to know some of you!

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Twice in one month is not what I normally do but hear me out. I am lucky enough to have hired Erica at for a work week oracle reading. This is obvious one card for a day that dictates the day I was supposed to have. I will say I got the same card a couple of times throughout the week then pulled myself said the same thing.

Be grateful, don’t take anything for granted and be grateful for something positive every day. As Erica would say get that “doubt monster” out of my head and keep pushing through. If this seems easy to you that is wonderful and I am quite envious, but if you are like me it is difficult. Of course I am grateful for my family and my tribe so I had to go deeper. I thank my guide, Mother Mary and Archangel every day actually throughout the day for my gift. I have lost so much of myself (described in a few blogs), I have been tossed around, told I am a fake, was not supported by people I thought were part of my tribe and talked about ALOT. I have learned to move on and not look back. I have learned that it is okay to talk to people that are not my family and I have learned to talk to people that are part of my tribe and it is okay to open up to people.

What brings me here? Three cards from my bonefire deck. I ended up pulling 4 because my guide told me to.

My first card is The High Priestess-I am spiritual and understanding. I need to trust my inner voice and protect my intuition by encouraging it. I will have some secrets revealed which I have an idea what they are. I need to know my truth and I will be able to fix it if I follow my intuition. Intuition came up a couple of times here so I get the hint.

Second card Page of Coins I have an innate instinct for money and am a good business owner. I do have great potential. I LOVE this for me of course. This card comes up often which makes me happy. I often go back to this card’s meaning in my lowest of lowest times.

Four of Wands I need to step out of the box. I feel like I do every single day given what I do for a living. This card is also about sharing some new experience which is correct. My daughter and I are starting our own business. Stability and confinement. I do know the difference and have felt both quite often. Lastly

Three of Swords. When swords come up I make a face. Ugh I will have a heartbreaking decision to make. I have had to make these decisions often this year. As I am typing this a piece of lint comes flying down from Marj. I love her hello I am here presents. I also love just as I type the three of swords she sent it to me. Keep going Heather….

I will be live on Thursday at 8pm EST in my group on facebook Psychic Empowerment. I will be doing intuition readings as well as mini readings. Join me! I am so sad facebook took away the live option of bringing someone live with me. The group will be affected we will need to come up with another way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you!

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