January 2020 Blog


I have to say I am so happy the holidays are over and my life goes back to normal. I hope everyone had a nice holiday whatever you celebrate.

I normally struggle with my blogs but I have been inspired by a phone call my mom made.

My dad has always been a skeptic. I have read spirit for him as well as cards and now that I think of it I also did a spirit guide reading for him. I have also read for my grandma and other members of my family. No matter what I say or how spot on I am my dad remains a skeptic. My dad is the skeptic that asks me to bring my cards to his house as well as my pendulum which skeptics normally do not do so we all know what he believes. Everything I have said to both my parents has been correct no matter the reading….so this happened.

My dad has been seeing orbs where my grandma lives so he decided to ask spirit (my cousin Tony) if you are really there show me a sign….my grandma has a bird and the bird’s swing stopped swinging and was attached to the cage. My dad (skeptic) asked everyone if they did anything to the bird’s cage and no one living did. This was a real “AHAH” moment for me and I can remind him of the bird’s cage. I will say I am gloating a little (or a lot)

I do want to add I have had nothing but support from my parents. I am lucky enough to have parents that support everything I do no matter how crazy. I am pretty sure my dad will ask me to bring my cards and pendulum the next time I see him.

I have mentioned many times my mom is a psychic medium. I am 21st generation psychic medium and I am pretty sure longer than that. My daughter is 22 generation so my mom decided to ask my daughter if seeing black spirits is good. My daughter said no they are evil. My mom is gifted so she asked Sarah about the spirits then told me who they are. My mom would be a terrible psychic medium because she cries over everything including commercials. Mom knows how I feel about her gift so I keep her closed up. I will say my parent’s house is full of spirits including pets that passed. Pretty much a spirit party.

I have mentioned my guide, Marj, pretty often if you follow me. Marj is my spirit guide and we have been together for centuries. Marj and I know each other so well we can finish each other’s sentences. Marj told me my highest guide, George, was going to be my main guide. I was shocked and heartbroken at the same time. George has only shaken his head at me and I have never had a relationship with him. I did mini readings in my facebook group, Psychic Empowerment, last night which was the first time George and I worked together. I do understand now why George took over as main guide and Marj stepped back. Marj will be with me but not like George. After my readings last night George started closing me up on his own as well as keeping my house closed up from spirit.

I will say George has been telling me about him for the past couple of days. When George was my highest guide all he did was sit in a rocking chair smoking a cigar, but now I see my 7 foot tall guide clearly. I am so grateful for all my guides and for making their own decision here. I would have fought for Marj.

Thank you for reading this. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

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Twice in one month is not what I normally do but hear me out. I am lucky enough to have hired Erica at madhawktarot.com for a work week oracle reading. This is obvious one card for a day that dictates the day I was supposed to have. I will say I got the same card a couple of times throughout the week then pulled myself said the same thing.

Be grateful, don’t take anything for granted and be grateful for something positive every day. As Erica would say get that “doubt monster” out of my head and keep pushing through. If this seems easy to you that is wonderful and I am quite envious, but if you are like me it is difficult. Of course I am grateful for my family and my tribe so I had to go deeper. I thank my guide, Mother Mary and Archangel every day actually throughout the day for my gift. I have lost so much of myself (described in a few blogs), I have been tossed around, told I am a fake, was not supported by people I thought were part of my tribe and talked about ALOT. I have learned to move on and not look back. I have learned that it is okay to talk to people that are not my family and I have learned to talk to people that are part of my tribe and it is okay to open up to people.

What brings me here? Three cards from my bonefire deck. I ended up pulling 4 because my guide told me to.

My first card is The High Priestess-I am spiritual and understanding. I need to trust my inner voice and protect my intuition by encouraging it. I will have some secrets revealed which I have an idea what they are. I need to know my truth and I will be able to fix it if I follow my intuition. Intuition came up a couple of times here so I get the hint.

Second card Page of Coins I have an innate instinct for money and am a good business owner. I do have great potential. I LOVE this for me of course. This card comes up often which makes me happy. I often go back to this card’s meaning in my lowest of lowest times.

Four of Wands I need to step out of the box. I feel like I do every single day given what I do for a living. This card is also about sharing some new experience which is correct. My daughter and I are starting our own business. Stability and confinement. I do know the difference and have felt both quite often. Lastly

Three of Swords. When swords come up I make a face. Ugh I will have a heartbreaking decision to make. I have had to make these decisions often this year. As I am typing this a piece of lint comes flying down from Marj. I love her hello I am here presents. I also love just as I type the three of swords she sent it to me. Keep going Heather….

I will be live on Thursday at 8pm EST in my group on facebook Psychic Empowerment. I will be doing intuition readings as well as mini readings. Join me! I am so sad facebook took away the live option of bringing someone live with me. The group will be affected we will need to come up with another way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you!

Amazing card reader Madhawktarot.com


First Blog of the New year!

If you follow me on all of my social media pages you will see I have a lot of new things I have been working on. I always try to be a better person than I was the day before. I try to appreciate each and every single person that crosses my path and allows me to read for them. My job is proof no one knows what is going on behind closed doors. This past year I have been surprised, humbled, grounded and my heart has broken for some of you over and over again. My readings are not actually provided by ME I often talk about spirit using me as a way to talk to you and that is correct. My guide, Marj, allows spirit to talk to me to relay messages to you so a huge part of who I am is pushed aside. I am normally emotionless during readings for this very reason. I have no idea how it happens it just does. I do not believe someone can work harder on being a better medium nor do I believe being a psychic medium can be taught. My gift comes naturally to me and of course there are some readings that are more difficult than others and I may have to work harder BUT I still have no idea how or why it works. I am grateful for my gift every single day.

This year I am actively working on weight loss with two of my friends. Weight loss is horrible BUT much better with friends. I just ordered a water bottle from WW that I purchased with my wins.

The live feeds have been more active and I thank each and every one of you for participating. Small feeds are a ton of fun but large feeds can focus on different things.

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Thank you all