April 2019 Blog


Lost friends, bronchitis, vertigo

I like and try to keep my blogs honest and positive and I am hoping I am true to myself. I will not go back and reread the blogs who wants to lookback? Those blogs have some real heartache in there and I really don’t want to revisit.

Disclaimer-I NEVER judge someone’s religion, faith or someone that has no faith whatsoever. My view on religion is whatever makes you happy. Everyone needs something to believe in. Whatever makes you feel good is wonderful and none of my damn business. I am just happy for you that you found something to give you peace. If not peace then whatever you are looking for. That being said…..

I DO have friends in my life that do not believe in what I do. I have friends in my life that we just don’t talk about it and that is it. If I do a reading while that child is at my house the parent knows. I would never do a reading for a client if the parent did not know about it. EVER. I have never done a live feed with a child at my house that I have not gotten permission from that parent EVER. If I do not want my kids exposed to something and they are at someone else’s house then I expect the same.

10 years is a long long time. 10 years of being there for each other and our boys being really close. I will admit I do not know a lot about the family it was never about the grown ups it was about the kids. My oldest and her youngest. We helped each other carpool, we helped each other when we were in a bind and we loved our boys like our own. NEVER about the parents. She was always very secretive and I never even knew where her kids applied to college. As grown ups we never spoke about each other.

My oldest son had a huge party two years ago and they were treated like family. They were in the family pictures and everything. I just loved then.

As our boys(Sam and hers) got older is when the jealousy started. The jealousy was not on Sam’s end he is missing the jealousy chip. Sam could not discuss girls or my job. Sam had to hide what I do yet last time he was there he wore my merchandise sweatshirt (obnoxious) and ended up getting in a argument because her son was trying to build his own robot and Sam gave his two cents. Sam did not realize his two cents would make her son cry or call him a know it all. Sam just wanted to help BUT Sam just blurts stuff out. Jealousy over robotics (her son did not get into his school’s robotics team), girls or my job. They opened a business two years ago and my husband did their paperwork and helped them. That is what friends do right?

They started having vendor fairs and wanted to advertise on my family facebook account. I did not allow it because I was not invited. One time she posted and I asked if I can come and she said no because we have different opinions. I offered a gift certificate to raffle and again no. That was it. I reminded her “Thou shall not judge” causing her to go into a whole thing I will not repeat. At that time she told me she will not be at Adam’s big party. Sam did not invite him to his birthday which is the first time since kindy and my heart broke but it way MY pain not his.

Her son plays fortnight with my son but yet again if Adam does something to annoy him Adam will leave his game and he will call Adam 10 times. I know this is a matter of time as well. I am so grateful the pain is mine NOT theirs and for that I am forever grateful.

Blocking me on facebook ? Whatever

I have bronchitis so it hurts to breathe so my mood is not the best. I am so grateful the walk in I went to had no wait and Sarah is kind enough to sleep in my room with me. I also had a migraine all day yesterday as well so yet again I was a monster and my house is a mess….oy

I am going to sign off with a good note. Sarah got into the magnet school she wanted to go to and I am thrilled all kids will be in the same school.

Looking forward to Erica’s 8 pm EST tarot Tuesday. If you can tune in she is amazing. Erica also books private appointments for 5.00 a person. I would jump on that since I have been begging her to raise her price. Erica’s tarot business is HER own and has nothing to do with me. Erica is also teaching a abilities class May 11. For more info reach out to her.

My chit chat about what happens after death is May 18th I have one spot left. 7-9 per person and the price is 20.00

Thank you for reading and I hope it was not too negative even though it was,

Hope your having a better day than me

Love and happiness


Holistic fairs, stress, end of year oh my!

I had the bright idea to host a holistic fair at my house June 8. Okay okay not the brightest thing I have ever come up with but my good intentions are there. I spent last summer/fall going from one fair to another only to realize they are not for people like me. Generally the people coming to the face painting, loud music and direct sale vendor fairs are NOT for psychic mediums. The people attending those fairs are not only not expecting me there but do not want to sit down with me for 15 minutes while their kid runs around. Last season I had people make the cross signal (I thought that was for vampires not psychic mediums??), turn their back and grab a handful of candy or turn and walk the other way to get away from me. I must say Beth and I had many many laughs during the fairs. I also learned sometimes an unexpected reading can make someone’s day, make my day and make all the negativity worth it.

My thoughts were this-wouldn’t it be fun to host a fair at my home with readers, handmade body care, gems, jewelry, psychic mediums (Steph and I) and cards. We shall see how this goes but I have high hopes as I live on a busy street so we shall see. If it is a bust live and learn.

I do not know about you guys but the end of the year (39 days) is stressful for us parents. Spring fever, 60 degree weather and summer approaching is not too far from us. Reminds me of the “hope” card in my Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck. Just at arms length but NOT there yet. We all love this weather but is it getting more and more difficult to get the kids into bed before 10 pm. Looking forward to the change in weather as well as open windows and breeze that does not involve -2 winds and snow.

I am going to be hosting a school fundraiser I will be announcing in Psychic Empowerment today. If you are not a member of my facebook group please check it out. I will be donating 10% of readings booked this month to my boys VEX team.

As I move on to the next event today I have to say I hope everyone is having a good day!



Changes, love and changes again

How many people dislike change? Of course there are two types of people one that cannot stay where they are and continuously change their lives or people like me that do not like even a fork out of place. Change is not always a bad thing and as our lives change so do the people in it, the way you do things may have changed and the way of thinking changes. My way of thinking has changed every 10 years I believe. Friendships that I never thought would dissolve dissolved and friendships that I never thought could be rekindled were and lastly meeting people I now love were pretty much plopped into my lap.

I am so grateful for the people that love and accept me for who I am. I always struggle with people messaging me pedestal. I love that my clients and members of my group appreciate what I do for them as well as others. I used to say “i am just like you” or “nothing is different about me.” I am different. My entire life is different from what I call “muggles.” Being accepted used to mean much much more to me then it does now. As we grow we change remember?

There are times where I wish I was a “normal” mom and my kids had a “normal” life. When I first came out of the psychic medium closet and began reading publically I did not realise how much this was going to affect my family as well as their friendships, acceptance and tolerance for people that do not believe in what I do. My husband is supportive as he knows how to be but does not understand what I do. For Ian things are black or white and that is that. I recently found out that Sam can not wrap his mind around every part of my job. Sam does not ask questions because I do not believe he knows what questions to ask or what part of my job he has trouble understanding. This is okay with me. Poor Sam thought it would bother me but it doesn’t. Sam’s opinion is important and I believe he has every right to it. Sam is very supportive of my job. Sam wears my “merch” all the time as do all of my kids.

Adam never confirmed or denied whether he believes in what I do. Not one of my kids HAVE to believe in what I do but I will tell you they are the first to ask me to “medium a question” or “medium it mom.” This includes Sam as well so I will assume the part that my gift helps him he believes in. When I answer their questions I just ask my guide, Marj, but, like you they like to see my pendulum answer their questions.

I have mentioned Sarah is ME. Sarah will be some kind of Reiki, chakra, medium. Sarah is a healer and a medium as well so she is a handful while I try and protect her childhood and she wants to use her gift right this minute. I am not half as nice as Sarah so being a healer is not part of my gift. Sarah’s goal is to become a elementary school teacher and a better psychic medium then me. My response? GOOD YOU GO GIRL!

I need to end this blog and log in to support Erica Hawkins. Erica is an amazing tarot card reader and I really look up to her. Erica’s strength, kindness, acceptance and love are extraordinary. If you are a member of my group join her for Tarot Tuesdays.

Signing off. Sorry I did not blog last week. I hope to see you in tonight’s live feed!