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The heat where I live has been unbearable so the kids and I decided to play UNO. I did win one game and lost two. Sarah looks at me and says “mom dosen’t Marj tell you how to win?” or “how could you lose Clue?” I often say I believe in the right to live. Could you imagine knowing the answers to every aspect of your life? WAIT don’t answer yet. Do you want to live your life knowing everything that was going to happen? Would you want to know the outcome to every single thing that will happen? My answer would be no. Something as small as playing a board game with my kids is not a dying must know right now answer. My guide talks to me all the time but we don’t discuss outcomes like games.

I honestly suck at making my own decisions. I am that person that makes a mistake and tries 100 times before figuring out something is not a good fit for me. There are times when my kids roll their eyes at me because I want to be right but nothing I can do will make my path change. I do feel intuition and ignore it like most of you. I have Marj talking to me but it does not mean I listen. Do I believe if everyone had my gift would they always do the right thing? No...people need to live their lives and while living people need to make mistakes (or if you are me make the same mistakes over and over and over again) to evolve. We need to be the best humans we can be and knowing the answers will take that from us. Do I know where this blog is going? Ummmm nope I never know where my blogs go :-)

As many of you know, my gift is rare. Yes people say they are psychic mediums, and I am not one to challenge anyone but I do not know many psychic mediums. I work with ctpsychics.com with amazing readers. I am so lucky to have them in my life. I love those women and they are such a pleasure to work with. The man who works with us, Robert, is an amazing human as well. I am blessed…

My best friend Stephanie Manioan is also a psychic medium. Steph and I have the same gift BUT read very differently. Check out her facebook page Psychic Vortex. I was really struggling today and Steph and I met for lunch and she not only took Adam swimming but I left feeling empowered. How many of you are lucky enough to feel that way when you are with one of your friends?

My journey has evolved so much since I started reading publicly. There were things put in front of me that I chose to ignore. I ignored the signs, I ignored the spirit standing in front of me staring at me like “come on Heather” wake up! Do this! Talk to us!! What ran through my head? NONONONONONONONONO I don’t know who you are looking for or talking to. I do not want to see spirit, I do not want to talk to spirit (hell I don’t even like to talk to living people) I do not want my life to change but my life needed a change.

I have always had voices in my head. ALWAYS my mind was never quiet. I have a story…..

I used to be scared to leave my room at night to the point where I would stop drinking close to bedtime. I do not remember how old I was but I have never been a night owl. I do not remember what time it was but I had to get out of bed so I opened my bedroom door and there he was. If this happened to me right now I would have had a different reaction….I stopped in my tracks and thought oh crap. This man was very very tall wearing all black. He was looking at me and was wearing black top to bottom with a top hat. Not a regular top hat a huge one think George Washington. He and I had a bunch of “meetings” and I was terrified.

Let’s back track for a minute-my grandfather died when I was very young and unfortunately I did not get to have a relationship with him. I really got jipped in the grandparent department because grandma died a couple of years after him. I played with grandpa. We had a blast and played with dolls, dollhouses, games he was my best friend. My mom was thinking it was my imagination I am an only child (to hear about my story with Alex see one of the other blog posts) and I had a vivid imagination…..until I relayed information that I would not know about. That really woke my mom up. My gift is genetic. My mom is a psychic medium but never uses it. I do believe she would be horrible at it because she is way too emotional.

The man...my mom and I were sitting on the couch and talking about the “man by the door” and I looked at my mom and told her what he was wearing. My mom saw the same spirit and knew who he was. He was my great-grandfather and I never met him and never saw a picture of him. He was never spoken about again and we just accepted when the kids slept over he just stared at the kids. In my opinion nothing was wrong with that.

My boys have their own room at my parents house but when Sarah was little we shared a bed. Sarah was really little and was wearing diapers. The room was so light I thought I left the light on. I woke up and the room was so bright it had orbs all around her. My response? Come on I am tired. Would you respond like that? Most people wouldn’t. There was also a spirit that hurt my parents dog. My mom flipped out and never saw the spirit again. I am a regular person remember?

I have had this gift my entire life. I did not have to read publicly. I spent more time ignoring my gift then I did listening to it. I did opposite of that my intuition told me to do and really tried to put the voices in my head aside. Obviously that did not work out in my favor BUT Marj’s voice is much louder now. I also receive spirit’s voice much louder as well BUT I had to accept, embrace, be humble and grateful.

I am not the person I was years ago before I started reading. I am not the person I used to be even last year. Do we all change? Yes we do. My change was different. Do you want to know how? Read my next blog :-)

Check out Sunday’s live feed in my facebook group psychic empowerment at 8 pm EST. I am offering free mini readings.

Please check out Erica’s website at madhawktarot.com Erica will give you the best card reading you have ever received. I am so lucky she is in my life. Check her out.

Much love



Check out Erica on Tarot Tuesday at 8 pm EST!

In the meantime, check out her website madhawktarot.com.



I have to say this is my first blog that does not have a name. I normally have kind of a plan of what to write so I will continue to write whatever comes to me which can be a little scary.

I am working my favorite fair tomorrow in Southington. I do not remember the address but check out ctpsychics.com and the address will be there. I absolutely LOVE working these fairs-everyone has become like family to me and I love love love going. This is also my time. Really alone time. No one in my family can do what I do (except Sarah but she is way too young) and these fairs I can relax and not be judged. EVER...People come to see us for readings and for some peace. People also come for guidance and cards.

I love the honor of seeing someone leave my table happy and free from whatever was bothering them. The BEST part of my job are my client as well as members in my facebook group. (psychic empowerment) The fact that people allow me to read for them, introduce me to their passed friends and family amazes me. Why am I so special? Why did someone choose me? What made people join my group and keep coming back to hire me? I have no idea to be honest but am honored I was chosen. I have heard I was hired because I am accurate and up front and honest. I have also been called blunt, which is accurate.

Do you want to know a secret about me? I will say it anyway. Before every single reading I am nervous. Not just nervous stomach turning nervous. There are times when I work psychic fairs that are an hour away and the whole time I am praying (okay begging) Marj (spirit guide), Archangel Michael and Mother Mary for accuracy. I also thank them for my gift. My goal is to make YOU happy. To make you want to invite your family and friends to join the group, participate in the things we have going in the group and hiring me. (you do not have to hire me to be part of the group I do not put pressure on anyone.)

In case you did not know self confidence is KEY to my job. If you have seen my lives all the way back to the beginning you will see I end my statements with a question mark not a period. I worked hard for that period. I had to believe in myself, Marj, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. Do you know how difficult that is? VERY...One of the most difficult things I had to learn is to believe in ME. To believe I am correct in my delivery. To believe it is not my subconcious talking but spirit. I had to learn to push ME away and let spirit through. How do I do it? A ton of practice and trust. My angels and Marj have my back. They protect me and really love me. I have to say during a reading I end things with a period. Straight up period. Of course I ask questions to make sure I have the client’s loved one but stand by what I say. I love when a client messages me after the reading and tells me they figured it out.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer or whatever season you are in.

Before I sign off I wanted to mention the group has an amazing tarot, angel and oracle card reader. Really she is amazing. Erica hosts Tarot Tuesday which is a ton of fun. Erica posts four cards to choose from and does a live video at 8 pm EST. Check out Erica’s website Madhawktarot.com Erica has some specials going on check her website out!

Okay signing off now…



All the way back to the beginning

People often ask me how do I hear spirit? Do spirit attach to me when I do not want them to? Did their loved one connect with me when they joined psychic empowerment? Does everyone have the ability to do what I do? Have you ever read someone that is not ready to hear what spirit has to say? Did I know I was a psychic medium right away? Are my readings confidential?

How do I hear spirit? Well I don’t lie so I will be honest here as always. I have no idea. I really have no idea. I just hear voices in my head all the time. To be fair the voice is normally my spirit guide Marj. I have always had her voice in my head BUT the actual voice is mine not hers. How do I know the difference? Good question….I have no idea. Whatever I hear when I am doing a reading I just repeat. Sound easy enough? Not at all Do I love my job? Absolutely! Are there times where I feel like I do not want to do this anymore? Absolutely! Just like muggles (people that do not have any gifts) I have my days. Cool fact about me my best friend Stephanie is also a psychic medium. Yep Our energy is insane and I really was scared meeting her boyfriend I really did not want to scare him off. Steph and I have the same gift but it is very different. Every reader has their own reading style just like any other job. Pretty cool?

Another fact about Steph and I-she introduced me to my guide Marj! I am so grateful (so is Marj) that I finally know the voice inside my head is not mine and I am not crazy. (Okay I am a little crazy)

Do spirit attach...YES and it is a bitch. If they get through Marj (they normally don’t) it is rare and it is a really strong spirit. I have to say I normally close my shit up and am pretty protected at all times. Black Tourmeline is my friend. I take deep breaths and normally they will go away. Fun fact-if you tell spirit to leave they HAVE to it’s a “rule.” If spirit attaches itself to me it is not for a long time and normally people do not even know I have a spirit on me. Fun fact-my daughter is a psychic medium as well (yes it is genetic) and when I have a spirit on me I will not let her close to me unless I am doing a reading or live feeds. Both the mini readings and paid readings are contained and she knows the rules. She also knows how to keep her shit closed off. Despite TV shows that have the medium go up to someone random and offer them a reading I do not do that EVER. I do not want to get shot to be honest. I do not read for people that do not ask me to read for them. Extreme yes but no one can ever be careful enough with the world we live in. Fun fact-I have been to fairs and watch people look at me then walk away as quickly as they can to avoid me. At fairs I sit there and possibly say hello (I generally don’t) and say nothing. My table says it all.

Did someone connect with me when they joined psychic empowerment? UMMMM NO see above

Does everyone have my gift? No but I do believe that being a psychic medium is more rare than people believe. I have been to “psychic mediums” that did not even pick up my brother’s death. A reader should get that info right away. Who am I to judge? I try my hardest not to but when I sit with a reader and they tell me horrible things about afterlife about my brother I get really upset. Reminder this is after I tell them how my brother died. Fun fact-no one has ever been able to connect with my brother and I am not easy to read because I close my shit up.

Have I ever read for someone that was not ready to be read? OMG yes!! Never turns out well for either of us. I generally know when a reading is not going to be successful and the other person is not ready. I continue the reading and there have been times where I am done with the reading and the client is happy and I am ready to pull my hair out. Fun fact this normally happens with families effected by suicide. Suicide no matter who you are and how you are effected is a difficult read for the client. I started with suicides and have seen A LOT of things. I have to say I am pretty numb to whatever spirit shows me.

Did I know I was a psychic medium right away? Nope I thought I was an Empath and I could not have been more wrong. I can answer questions (ask the psychic) where my guide gives me the answers.

Are my readings confidential? YES! Fun fact-I saw a client in a store and she looked at me and looked away. Rude? NO! Not everyone is okay with what I do and it is my client’s choice to tell their friends and family not mine. I pretended I did not know her :-)

Okay I have to go do my mini reading live feed. Look in the events tab to see what shows I will be at.

Thank you for reading!



Readings, readings and more readings

I hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather. It finally feels like summer is here and already flying by.

Summer months are busy for everyone. Summer is all about swimming, BBQ,sports, being outside and relaxing. I love the nicer weather because I tend to become a hermit when it gets cold out. As I evolve and the group grows the things that are important to me change. As of right now, I am intent on having live feeds with mini readings at times that accommodate everyone. I do know this is nearly impossible and have decided to try and reach as many people that want to be reached. More options means more people can plan if they want. During my live feeds there is no pressure to post a picture, talk, participate or do anything you do not want to do. I appreciate every single person in Psychic Empowerment and your time. Every time I see people join my live feed my heart warms at the fact that you take your time to watch my feeds when you can be doing other things. Thank you thank you thank you

I have so many things coming up in August that I cannot wait for but I don’t want to push the summer faster than it already goes. I am going to find out if you guys can respond to my blog that would be fun.

Have you ever gotten inside your own head and listened to every nasty thing that can be said? I have and the other day was no picnic. I always have my guide Marj talking to me throughout the day. Like everyone else, I have to take it easy on myself. I was questioning my own abilities and became very insecure that they had been taken away. When Marj finally came back she told me I am being ridiculous and to get out of my own head. Does this sound familiar? Have you ever gotten into your own head? I have to say when I read people from my rebel card deck GET OUT OF YOUR OWN HEAD is a card that comes up most often. I should take my own advice.

I did cheat and text Erica (madhawktarot.com) to find out if G-d took my gift away. I don’t know if Erica rolled her eyes at my question but she did respond. For those of you that do not know Erica is an amazing Tarot card reader. If you are not a member of psychic empowerment on facebook join now because Erica has a live feed tonight for tarot Tuesday. Erica did pull up that I still have my gift and I am getting stronger. I really had to get out of my own head.

I do not know if I can look up and re-read this blog. I feel like I may sound like a walking circus. I must admit I do feel like one sometimes.

I look forward to seeing you tonight during Erica’s live. What card will she pull for you?

I have posted classes all the way through to September. They are under the events tab in the group.

Thank you for reading this! Have a great day