"You are truly gifted and I am so blessed to have had you share that gift with me. You are very accurate and I just validated several things I did not know before. I am so overwhelmed and grateful to you for the peace you have brought to me and my family. Bless you for sharing your gift!" -Beth

"Absolutely connected with my son. She totally got his personality, knowing that he is pain free and doing what he loves was a huge relief for me. He mentioned things that there was no way that Heather would know. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!" -Dawn

" Heather was incredible. She definitely picked up my grandpa's personality, no one else EVER has and I've spent so so so much money trying. She is well worth the small amount she charges. She also read my cards and described my situation perfectly. She is the real deal" 💓💕💖 -Tiffany

"I am sorry I took so long with the feedback I'm not that good at description but I do want to say that Victoria Rose ( Heather Irene ) done a awesome job with connecting to my recently lost loved one I've read the message over and over and she gave me some incredible information and a few phrases worded exactly how he would have spoken to me...I cant wait to have a follow up with her in the future.. thank you Heather Irene... no matter what name you choose you have a wonderful gift thanks for sharing it with me.." -Christine

"Heather was fantastic. I was in tears basically the whole time. No one has REALLY been able to pick up on my father. The ones that say they can, don’t. Everything she said was very accurate and really set my mind at ease. I’m glad my dad isn’t hurting anymore and I’m glad it’s him by my side. When she told me he touched me, I felt it. Thank you so much. Now I know I can work on connecting with him." ❤️ ---Liz

"Just wanted to say Thank you to Heather for the mini reading on the live feed tonight! It was truly amazing, even for such a short time. She was able to validate my loved one not only with her first statement but all of them, things that only close family would have knowledge of. Your amazing! And I hope to be able to book a full reading soon in the future" -Kayla

"Heather brought tears to my eyes tonight as she talked about how happy my son was. She was spot on, he was almost always happy. He wanted her to comment about how white his teeth were, lol. He was always whitening his teeth and took great pride in his looks. She asked about the ring he wore on his oinkie and who had it. She said it was sentimental to him. I have the ring and knew it meant a lot as he wore it everyday. I now need to find out where he got it or whom gave it to him. I just joined this group yesterday and felt blessed to be called on. Heather, you did an amazing job, thanks so much for my mini reading. Looking forward to booking soon with you. " - Tina

"Today I saw Heather again for a spirit guide reading. The reading was fun!! We laughed and was able to connect the dots from what my spirit guide was saying to my life now. It is awesome how Heather is able to use her gift to help us connect with love ones and to understand how our spirit guide helps us in our lives today!! I recommend her to everyone who wants to hear from love ones that have passed. Heather is very professional and humble woman, who is very talented!! Thank you Heather!! You have no idea how much you have helped me!!" -Deborah

"I just had the most amazing session with Heather. ♡ I felt like I was talking straight to my son through her. I could feel his presence so hard. His dry sense of humor totally shined through and his mathematical brain as well...turning pennies and arrows into dimes. He was telling me the medication is not working, which was the same meds the doc had him on that he hated. And his obsession with my hair, that he used to play with and chew on when he was little. That's how I feel him now via a tingle on the right in my hair. There was much more that just blew me away. I look forward to the next session. Thank you Heather for keeping me connected to my Simon. "♡♡♡ -Virginia

"...Heather is real...a person, a mom....not a trained monkey. She does her live feeds with the understanding that it’s a snapshot of HER....not just her gift, the WHOLE package. When you PAY for an appointment, you get her 100% attention, and all of her skills are focused on you. IF you’ve been talking with her during live feeds, then it feels more like chatting with a friend...none of the weirdness of talking to a stranger. Heather invites us to watch her live feed so we can learn to trust her and know a little bit about what she’s like as a person. We see that she’s often very vulnerable with us, we see that she cares deeply about her family, and we are invited for those few minutes to see what it’s like to be her. Watch her body language, watch her connect, watch her reach those loved ones....and watch her use sometimes struggle to help us understand what it’s like to straddle both worlds with “Marge” chatting at her and we, her Facebook audience clamor for her attention at the same time. Heather is NOT a trained monkey. You can find that anywhere. She is a real person, a mom, a daughter, and a friend. We are so very lucky she shares this time with us so that WHEN YOU PAY you are ready and comfortable for your one on one time." -Erica

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