Heather's January 2019 Blog

January 29, 2019

Pain, release, laughter and big girl panties….

Sam was supposed to spend the weekend with his best friend Dylan this weekend and he couldn’t because he had a bad baut of vertigo. Dylan called his mom and he ended up coming over today after school. Those two boys make my heart happy. Dylan came over to check up on Sam and after chit chatting, eating chocolate cake, girl talk they were pigs in shit when they had to go home again. I must say Corinne (Dylans mom) is a saint for putting up with my high pain in the ass attitude and has the heart of a saint.

My parents have not been able to visit since July and came over on Saturday and got to meet Beth for the first time. Fresh air kind of like my two worlds collided. I think I even heard my mom laughing as well! Win win!

I reiterate over and over again how “normal” I am and how I am like all of you but I recently had a reading that I figured out I am different. Everyone is different. Every single one of us is different but when I came home from teaching a medium class at Stella Luna I realized how different I am. My family is different because of me and they have no choice. This whole thing comes from a huge emotional hit to the point where I don’t know if I can even do tonight’s live feed. The class was perfect and as usual Lauren (Stella Luna owner) was amazing and supportive. I really hope I am invited back to teach!

As I am leaving the house Dylan and Sam are saying “Heather you are a medium can you medium and tell me who is good in the game?” from Dylan and Sam says “mom can you ask Marj if all my laundry is clean?” This is what I leave to. My kids!

So funny Beth is sitting next to me and Amanda is watching us and I whip out Alex in his bag and sit him next to Beth and show Amanda. Face was priceless. Poor Alex has to go in the backyard but this princess is way too cold. I am thinking spring so he can choose where to spread himself out.

Last night’s live feed was the best I could do. Kerry and I decided to go our separate ways. While many of you may be in shock I was also. There are times things cannot be unsaid, jealousy should not exist and no one’s little blonde boy should be heartbroken...Beth, Amanda, Ian and my kids have helped me through this but last night I was not 100%. Thank you guys for your patience. I really really don’t like going too far into my life but this needed to be put out there or people would question. I am not talking about it again and please don’t feel bad I don’t. Remember how I always say during card readings “we are all students in life” or “we learn something every day” well I sure did.

This is why I have been so quiet lately. I have also had so much going on. I went to the doctor again today and now my vertigo may be due to migraines. I did not even know migraines can present in different ways. When thinking of migraines I think of darkness and vertigo (duh) and not being able to open their eyes. For me, this is not the case. I get headaches but I always associated them with sinusitis. I am not a doctor but those sinus pads, neti pot, personal sinus thing always worked for me. The connection was never ever made. At this point neither Sam or I have a brain tumor (yay) and are normal (yay) A process apparently. I do fear for my gift I do not know how to thank Mother Mary, Marj and Archangel Michael for my gift any more then I already do. I do my best to stay humble.

Some of you have reached out wondering why a group of people had been taken out of the group. Simple answer-the woman booked a reading and the husband demanded money back because wife already got answers. He demanded money back. Not once did he say please or thank you or I appreciate it nothing. I told him I am keeping down payment and he can have half back and he flipped. He filed a paypal claim against me but it may be difficult for him to prove since his wife left me two paragraphs of beautiful feedback. The feedback was for a mini reading and that is why we no longer require feedback because this “man” said my feedback is fake since I require it when the reading is so short. This “man” PM and said he is talking to all members of the group and most agree with him that I am fake and fishing for feedback. This mess came down to deleting everyone he is friends with that is in the group. If you were a person that was deleted because of it I am sorry.

Let’s turn this blog around it is becoming way too negative. I am excited for tonight’s live feed a member requested a chit chat about something I do not remember but not to worry my admin team will bail me out of this one!

This Friday Beth and I will be doing a live feed and this Saturday is my abilities class. The abilities class is for anyone you do not have to be local. The price is 20.00 PP and I am using Zoom for non local people. If you are interested please reach out. If you are looking to book an appointment I am booking into the end of March beginning of April. If a down payment is an issue please don’t let that stop you from reaching out!

I am opening the 15% off a 45 min reading or an hour reading to midnight tonight. If you book and leave a down payment you will receive this awesome discount.

Please sign up for database! You get coupons in the mail.

See you at 7


January 24, 2019

Learning To Jump Back In

As I sit here I am thinking how important our health is. My vertigo has taken over my life and had me decide when I can drive my car, feel safe enough to pick up the kids, whether or not my house is a mess and I can barely walk down the stairs and follow through with the readings you guys have waited over a month for. I tried to read for someone when my world was spinning and it did not work out for me. I was secretly hoping she would give me some kind of break but that did not happen. If I was on the other side of the vertigo and was the client personally I would want to reschedule and get my monies worth but I found out that is not everyone’s case. Forward and onward. The feeling after the reading made me feel uneasy and second guess my gift. I begged, cried and begged Marj for help and guidance. Did I lose my gift? Will I ever get it back? My confidence took a hit can i rebuild that? The only one to answer that is ME. I am the only one to put my big girl panties on and move the fuck on. That’s the answer. I spent TWO hours on that reading trying to make it right but she was not hearing me. The frustration was unbelievable (my part) and she kept getting more and more closed. I begged spirit to help and he said she won’t listen and he was right. Instead of listening and taking in what I was talking about she was stuck on saying NO. No matter what I said her answer was NO. He would not go past it and I could not do anything about it. I had less than 20 minutes with him and he wanted to validate things she didn’t want to hear. I was correct with the grandma except ONE thing and I am still not convinced. She wanted to hear about her son and he did not come up because we spent so much time validating something else. What have I learned? No matter what I do or say it may not be what the sitter is willing to hear. What else did I learn? Jump back in or I will lose my confidence. My members are an amazing support system and you have to believe in ME and I have to believe in myself or what will this end up? A shit storm. Keep om moving right?

Old friends that become new. Someone I don’t talk about ever. Beth and Kerry cannot stand her neither Meagen. Every night I go to bed wondering about her. Is she okay? Does she think of me? It has come to the point where I cannot think of her without getting teary. Was it meant to be? I don’t know. Marj always told me it is not over. Fight for what you want right? Hopefully she will go down fighting like I will. Ever had a friend that was a medium? I mean I am a medium (not successful yet) and her that is not practicing. What happened last night i could have spoken to her about it and no one else in the world does. Minus Teresa Capoto and I am not sure if she would understand. I moved my whole schedule to accommodate the vertigo and a little bit of fear. Fear which I have not felt in months and months. My job is a high powered stressful job and i am really the only one that could do it. She and I are in two different parts of our lives with our medium work but last night all I i did was yearn for her. Are our guides bringing us together? I don’t know. Are we supposed to help each other? I do believe so. I will defend our friendship. I asked to be let back in her circle and she said yes. She is much more brave then i am. Full disclosure i feel yes. This blog is written in the dark. I am sorry my puncuition is off and I refuse to go back and fix it because I am a rebel. And its not easy to type with this nails. Beth I love you with all my heart and you are the most loving and bestest friend anyone can ask for. I am hoping one day you understand and not punch me in the face. Beth gets me like no other while Kerry doesn’t and that is okay…

Needless to say thank you for reading. I feel like shit yes but all I can do is keep going. Michelle Warren and Erica you are my inspirations. You can both stand i can put my panties on….

Love u all



Dont care about the fucking lotto numbers!

January 21, 2019

Super Wolf Blood Moon

How is everyone? I hope if you live where it snowed, iced, snowed again I hope you are okay. I just found out the boys school is closed tomorrow and I have to say I am a bit bummed. Rupert and I were looking forward to cleaning and cuddling. Okay my pity party is over and the smallest violin broke.

Erica sent me a link about the Super Wolf Blood moon and how to know and watch it. Erica wants me to do a live feed regarding this and honestly I am in the same position as you and have to read what the hell it says.This should be good! Stay tuned for my stuttering, distraction, yelling at my kids and saying I don’t know what the fuck that means. Apparently this is supposed to do something to my cards, brain and pendulum. Ewww just checked the article and it is scientific….tune in (time unknown waiting to hear from client) and watch me struggle and sweat.

We have added a new function to my website, heatherthemedium.com that lists events that are coming up. I am so excited for this new addition and quite happy it is there. I will likely still repeat myself 100’s of times. Please note I ALWAYS offer 15 minutes for 30.00 with me whatever reading you want. It gives you an idea of what I do along with being much more affordable.

I adore you guys. Clients, non-clients, future clients and people I have no idea are watching. I am asking please do not PM me things like websites, questions regarding your possible gift (I have no right to tell someone about their gift) My PM is for making appointments and regarding questions regarding appointments. Unfortunately this can result in removal from the group. We generally do not give warnings and we all love our members active or not.

Events coming up are pretty exciting for us all-well especially me I just love working and helping people. I love that my people wear my merchandise and talk about my business to people that likely don’t care. It is heartwarming….

I am teaching a medium class at Stella Luna on Saturday 5-7. I am so FRIGGING excited. If you are in CT and want to attend please let me know the link (on the board I will send it to you) and sign up. I cannot teach anyone how to be a medium. Being a medium is not taught it is a gift. My plan for the medium group is teaching people how to ground, sage (and when to) benefits of crystals and talking about the way spirit comes through and what they can feel like. I am hoping that is worthy and people are happy.

As my group is growing the way we have been running it is getting outdated. I am not complaining I am so grateful and humble by it. I just asked a question in the group and your answers brought me to tears. “Your abilities are amazing” “ love your personality and sense of humor” “fascinating” “Curiosity about things I never thought were possible but now I see are” “confirming my faith” “questioning my faith” this can go on and on which is amazing. YOU are the reason I have appointments, YOU are the reason I do my live feeds and YOU are the reason that keeps me going even when I am crying over something nasty one person said to me.

Meagen and Michelle do NOT get paid. Both Meagen and Michelle support me because they want to. They work so hard in my group and behind the scenes it amazes me. I don’t deserve them. Beth is the only one that is involved in my group that knows every part of my business and she knows everything about me. Your love is amazing to me. Thank you so much!

I never questioned my faith. I don’t know what it is like to have faith then not know how I feel about it anymore. I am not sure I believed in God. Honestly, I never thought of it all I remember is telling my mom she was going to get copd ( I was right) and worrying that my mom passed her 40’s and she was close to dying. I now think the 40’s is young since I am 43 but I know Adam worries as I did. I would sit on the floor in the living room age 13-15 panicking that my mom was going to die. I have been morbid my whole life. Darker the better for me. I even wanted to paint my room black but my mom negotiated with me I will get black curtains as well as things around the room. Everything was black-even my hair but that is a whole other story.

I have always been different but isn’t everyone? I was really really different. I always felt awkward and out of place. Not regular teenage issues because this went on until I had Sam at 29. Honestly even longer. I had boyfriends come and go as well as girlfriends (JUST FRIENDS) come and go as well. I never had a place.

This blog made a huge turn around and I am not sure I am even going to send it through. I actually deleted what I originally wrote. Way too personal for me. My blogs are my blogs and I keep them as “fluffy” and not personal as I can get.

Its freezing out. Adam, Sarah, Rupert and I ventured out to get Rupert a cow penis (bully stick) and he is quite happy but I may have frostbite.

With the group evolving I notice we need more help. Thankfully Erica will be helping with the live feeds which I am so grateful for. Erica is an amazing, strong woman and I am so grateful I have gotten to know her. Pushing aside what happened to her family I don’t know how she is walking to be honest.

I could not do this without you and without my amazing admin team. You humble me. See you tonight and having fun watching me squirm!

Stay warm!


Lotto numbers? I need a summer house!


Snow Hell

First thing first I don’t like the cold or the snow. I have lived in NY then CT my whole life and winter has never been my favorite. I actually dread winter BUT this is the first snowstorm of the season. I am hoping we have an easy winter so my kids don’t have to go to school until the end of June. My boys would love the break they have finals next week. I hope everyone affected by this storm is warm and safe and if you are in a sunny happy place I am jealous.

As my kids got older I have seen so many shifts in their attitudes, school work ethic and shift in friendships. The shift in friendships has affected Sam the most. Sam lost a long term friend way back the beginning of last summer and surprisingly Sam was fine. The loss didn’t affect him like I thought it would and honestly bothered me more. According to Sam “it’s fine” and “he knew” I did as well but it still stings. Sam’s other friend is someone I honestly thought was his forever friend. I never had a friend that I knew since Kindergarten and I admired their friendship. Sam grew up and is experiencing very different things. Robotics is a huge huge part of both my boys life but Sam wants to be a robotics engineer so this is really the beginning of hopefully a long career. Sam’s friend decided to be part of a different time consuming school activity and the other school’s robotics team is something that you cannot be in any other after school activities and you have to apply to join in the beginning of 9th grade. Unfortunately, poor kid made the wrong decision and now visits all of the competitions and stays with his school not my boys. As a matter a fact, he doesn’t even visit my boys.

Sam is starting to recognize girls and while this boy does it is taboo in their family. Do I love the fact that Sam is noticing girls I don’t but if I don’t shut up and let him experience this part of life he may shut down and stop talking to me. Sam cannot talk to this boy about robotics, girls and lastly what I do for a living. This boy’s family does not believe in what I do. I really think if Sam and their son had not been friends since K the friendship would have been over two years ago. Sam spent all the way up to 6th grade with him and I am just sad. While I am heartbroken Sam isn’t. This boy comes over on school holidays and Sam chose not to invite him.

My Sam is mature and smart. Sam told me if he cannot talk about his life and things are important to him why bother. Sam said he is so proud of me and what I do he will not hide it. This family is fully aware of what I do. I am the one hurt by this not Sam.

Adam’s best friend stopped talking to him the summer of 2018. Actually it was way before then. Adam is very sensitive and the loss is huge. The mom stopped responding to me and the kid stopped responding to Adam asking him to come over. I told Adam he is borderline stalker and has to walk away. Adam is so hurt and I wish I could help him. My kids are all so different. Sarah doesn’t have any friends that are forever friends. Being a girl sucks sometimes.

The point of this long useless blog is it is so difficult to hope and plan on something that is not 100%. The disappointment is difficult to swallow and this is the way it is sometimes. I hope Sarah meets her forever friends in middle school and the boys as well. The boys have good friends and I am proud of who they choose to associate and spend time with.

I had to stop talking to someone that was a rekindled friendship and it did not work the first time and it sure as hell didn’t work the second. This is within the year for me and it really bothers me. I feel like I have had enough disappointment in my life I learned my lesson but I guess not.

Deaths (friendships and loved ones) hurt and are horrible. The death of a loved one is a part of life as is the death of a friendship. By all means I am not comparing the death of a loved one to the death of a friendship.

The reason I felt I had to write this whole thing up but life lessons suck. The anger and resentment we feel is real no matter race, culture or where you live it is still the same. We all hurt and we all feel anger. We will never know the “why” we go through this nor will life stop teaching us lessons. I mention in my cards we are students. I feel we are students and learn every day. Good or bad, lessons, deaths or things that suck these are life lessons.

I try and keep my blogs upbeat. You are taking out the time to read my blog and I try and make them interesting and fun.

We have super wolf blood moon coming up on Monday. I will have a life feed talking about it and learn from it as well.

This Friday I am teaching a medium class at Stella Luna in Southington and am booking into the end of February beginning of March. If you would like to schedule an appointment please email me at psychicmediumheather@yahoo.com. I have a live feed tonight at 7pm EST hoping to see you then.


P.S. I hate snow

January 16, 2019


There is nothing like having a sick kid or kids home. The ongoing worry and in my case stalking (Sam because of his asthma) is unreal. As parents do we really ever sleep well? I want to say 99.9% of the readings spirit tells their loved one to do more things for themselves, do something that makes them happy. Are you surprised? I am not at all. This also comes up in the cards almost all of the time the solitude card comes up in my psychic tarot deck. 99.9% of the time. This brings me to what do I do for myself. I have to say I do not believe a loved one would tell me to do more for myself then I already do nor do I think the solitude card would come up. I spend a lot of time with my “tribe or ride or die people” where we laugh, cry, laugh again and hopefully not cry anymore. Having breakfast with Kerry this morning was something I have been looking forward to the whole week. I missed my Kerry as I don’t see her nearly as much as Beth. Weekends are pretty busy for Ker and while we wish she came out more we understand and pout at times but it is what it is. Sitting with Kerry after finding out Friendly’s no longer offers the half off breakfast :-/ still felt like home. (Kerry not Friendly’s) I am so lucky to have finally met my “ride or die” people. I have waited 43 years for this. 43!!! I am not the friendliest cupcake in the bunch nor do I have the best taste in people that I choose to spend my time with….BUT this time I got it right. Actually, I believe they got it right because they were open to me and made me want to spend more time with them. I have to say I was weary at first (again bad taste) but after going out a couple of times I knew it. Not just knew we were meant to be together but knew it because it felt the same way it did when I met Ian.

There is a strange aspect to our friendship….our kids are not friends. Do they hate each other-no but they are not each other’s cup of tea and that is fine with us. Kerry’s older daughter gets along with my kids (I cannot speak on Beth’s behalf well I can but I won’t). Katie gets along with them but not in a “lets hang out way” but more of a if I see you we will chat way which is fine. All of our kids are into different things. Not just different but totally opposite everything. Amanda (Beth’s daughter) loves to read just like Sam but the genre could not be more different. I can also throw some Voltron in the mix but again not something that brings them together. Yes we take the kids out with us, yes they have fun together but our friendship is OURS and has nothing to do with anyone else and it just works. Why am I bringing this up? How is this whole boring blog about my best friends? Appreciation, love, respect. My Sarah calls Beth and Kerry Aunt Beth and Aunt Kerry if there is a problem my kids think nothing of reaching out for help. We are always there for each other and our families.

The other night as I am live talking about spreading Alex’s ashes in my backyard I am getting a text from Beth “you are not doing this alone” my response was “I have Sarah” hers “no I will do it with you.” I try not to piss Beth off because that woman has the patience of a saint and pushing her over the edge is not easy. My brother’s ashes really are just going in my backyard but I will wait for Beth for his own good as well as mine (love you)

Holiday’s are over and everything calms down in my world (kind of) so a breather is really nice to have I hate the holidays. There is no specific reason besides I just hate them and my favorite part is when they are over.

This year business wise I have really been blessed. I have you guys supporting me, people reading my blog and making appointments, working at Stella Luna, teaching my own classes at home and being a good enough reader to work at the psychic fair. Along the way I have met amazing people and some assholes to be honest. All of this is amazing and I am still in shock and every single day I thank my wonderful guide Marj, the angels up above and Mother Mary for allowing me to have this amazing gift. I also thank the spirits because they actually want to talk to me! Why me? What makes me different? I have no frigging idea! Some of you put me on a pedestal (OMG no way) but I am just like you guys. I have to say every single blog I mention the same thing.

This whole boring blog is going to end with one question (well two) why is it that I have over 600 positive feedback but focus on the negative things people private message me with? One woman was bold enough to actually think I was hiding feedback and lying about it all being mine. Seriously?! If I suck please say it! Feedback is meant to be just that-feedback. Her private message bothered me all day long and it spent way too much time in my head. If you look at my live feeds when I started doing them and now there is a huge difference. My confidence alone is way above what I ever thought it would be. Before every reading I pray to be accurate, to make my client happy, safe and again accurate. I ask my pendulum how I will do-will I nail it or suck then I start talking to spirit. There are times I have a wise ass spirit that burns my finger, breaks my gem stone (and ass), talks to me when I am in the shower (thanks for that) and just laughs. I am not sure I can hear from you on my website or blog but I would love to hear if you do the same thing have hundreds of good feedback but focus on the bad. It really sucks!

I am working on having people make appointments with me through my email psychicmediumheather.com instead of PM on facebook to try and avoid the assholes. Anyway if you read this through thank you. If you skipped to the bottom thank you. If you look forward to these thank you!

I appreciate you!


Lotto numbers?

January 14, 2019

My Gift...

Change change change….has anyone ever worked so hard for something you hold on so tight and hope you make the right decisions? I have felt this way for over two weeks now. I hate change it makes me feel unstable especially within my own business. I change peoples lives and it should end there right? No stress just helping people. I have never in my life worked so hard for something and so proud of something that all I want to do is make the right choices. I ordered new business cards for example. I wanted to add my email (just for work) and my website-I checked those cards for two hours and it has a typo on it. UGH I was hoping it is so small no one would notice but nope I can not hide it. I ordered them from Vistaprint which is a wonderful company BTW but it was my mistake. I have to say the cards do look like metro cards. I chose that style because it was the only one that fit my logo and all of my information. Live and learn right?

Stella Luna (Queen Street, Southington) is one of my favorite places to visit. Walking into that store is so peaceful and everyone that works there loves being there and are helpful and eager to answer questions. Stella Luna is the place where I started my gem/crystal journey. Lauren owns the store and is amazing. Lauren has allowed me to do readings at her store, get a medium class on the calendar and now she will be hosting a group reading in the store. I am so excited Lauren believes in me enough to have me in her store! This is Lauren’s reputation also! There is a pair of earrings I want in the store SO badly but I won’t buy them until I work there and make enough money to purchase them so make an appointment so I can purchase them! (kidding…)

The fact that I passed a full day of testing at the psychic fair is unreal to me. Rob owns the fair (ctpsychics.com) and I had to sit there and read all day and I passed! So proud of myself.

My gift has come a long way. I started out pushing it aside for years and years and years. I wanted to live my life. I wanted to make mistakes and I wanted to be normal. I am so thankful I chose to have a childhood. I won’t allow Sarah to do much because she needs to be a KID. My job takes being “normal” away. Of course my kid is drawn to suicide and murder victims but I don’t want her to feel what I feel or see what I see or hear what I hear. Sarah has read for people in the group but its who I choose. No offense if I have not chosen you for Sarah to read I just don’t know you. I have to protect her and keep her a kid as long as I can. I won’t say as a parent but I will say as a person what would you do? I always discuss how my kids are used to the strangest things. My kids know how to sage a house better than most adults and mommy talking to dead people is just a normal occurrence. Sarah actually wrote a essay on my job and sad to say it was very very watered down.

I really should have a best friends live feed again. I have come such a long way. My confidence and the way I read are amazing to me. I thank God every day for my gift.

My weekend was super busy as always and time just flies and before I knew it Monday morning crept right up on me. I have to take both of my boys to the doctor Adam may have strep and Sam has a bad cold but it affects his asthma and of course I have a upper respiratory infection so the whole house is just doing wonderful. (sarcasm) Ian has been sick for three weeks (men enough said) and really took us all down. I lysol every evening every single thing human hands touch and I bleach my house and I am insane about germs and here we are. I also googled how to clean electronics safely and make a safe way to clean phones and computers. I am that bad. Jessica may or may not have seen me sanitize a ketchup bottle. Yes still that bad. Should I tell you my secret since I am letting it all out? My kids have been taking digestive vitamins for over two years and vitamin C. Anyone like me? Please share!!!!

So the change...the new rules to the group, the new appointment making process and more and more rules makes me uneasy. Michelle is right the more people we have the more rules are needed. I get that. I appreciate EVERY ONE OF YOU. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, watch my feeds, make appointments, etc., every single thing you guys do. I appreciate YOU. Your time and energy are important.

Another blog of nothingingness. Thanks for reading! I won’t be doing a live tonight but the next live will be about TAPS. Homework? Google it….

Happy Monday!

Lotto numbers?


January 11, 2019

Live Feeds

Tonight we have a live feed at 7 pm EST. I can honestly say I do love the live feeds. While I can talk to dead people I suck at living people BUT during these feeds it is not hard to figure out how people are. I have to say I am not accurate with living people SO needless to say I am thrilled my job is not reading living people or i would suck.

I found the gemstone feed kind of boring. What did you guys think? Have you been to Stella Luna to check out their selection? The whole store was redecorated so if you have not been now is the time to go. The store looks beautiful. Really, really beautiful! Pendulum, card, book and jewelry choices really have been stepped up a couple of notches. When you go in there and you go because I recommend it please tell them! This store is not only a store it is a family. The feel of the store and the people that are there are amazing people and very knowledgeable. I cannot say enough good things about Stella Luna. I will be there tomorrow at 5 pm-7 teaching a medium class for the first time. To say I am super excited is a understatement.

My live last night was rough in so many ways and I actually played with the idea of deleting it. I hate the negativity and I dislike even more the negativity and nastiness that goes into my mailbox. Is there a way to get away from it? I sage so often I believe I should get it for free at this point.

Tonight's feed will be mini readings and cards. I do ask for people that have had tons of free card readings to refrain. I do try and get to everyone. I know it must be so difficult to sit and wait I really get it I have the patience of a ant.

I enjoy the card and mini readings I really do and am looking forward to tonight.


January 8, 2010

Gemstones Changed My Life

I really had to think about committing to a blog and am so glad I decided to do it. I have had really good feedback and am so happy people are taking the time to actually read it which I did not think was going to happen. This experience is so heartwarming and I appreciate your time and patience.

I worked at a psychic fair on Sunday and as always had a blast. I had one special person take the time to come back and tell me I was accurate (you know I always have to be right!) This person sat before me after 7 straight back to back readings and I was exhausted. This was the day I was trying out for the fair and really needed to keep my shit together. This woman sits before me with her arms crossed and a face on her that showed me she was not sitting before me to believe what I say but to either test me or give me a hard time. I brace myself for the worst. After the reading I actually said to her your not happy and I understand. She said nothing and got up and left. Fast forward to Sunday I was surprised when she sat down at my table again but this time no crossed arms and a kind of smile. Here is the thing all of my readings are confidential-every single one so I could not talk about my experience with her and her reading until I was 100% sure and even then I was skeptical. She starts talking and talking and I am listening to her remembering the reading but again I could not say anything. I told her I could not mention the reading until I was 100% sure and she was skeptical to tell me about it. She continued to talk and talk and the reading was coming back to me slowly and I was feeling more confident as to who she was and what her reading was about. This woman sits there with tears in her eyes telling me how I was right. As a matter of fact, the entire reading was right and she had to think about it. My interview was back in November and I did not see her until Sunday. The woman took my card and of course a pen and thanked me from the bottom of her heart. I could see how grateful she was and I got it. The reading happened to be of the two people she wanted to talk to the most and the first time she sat with me she didn’t get it. I told her she did not have to pay to sit with me to tell me I was accurate and she said she wanted to. Remember at the fair the client only has 15 minutes with me and she kept talking and talking and finally asked me to connect with one of the people I already connected with. This woman had one question and it was heartbreaking…..I had to answer her and as I did she took a deep breath, got up close to tears and thanked me over and over. I asked her to tell Robert (he runs the fair) how I did and she did. She is one of the reasons I do what I do as many of you are as well. I have to learn to take the bad with the good and not to focus on the bad but focus on the good. You trust me with your heart and your passed loved ones and that is the biggest compliment anyone can give. People put me on a pedestal and that really is so far from the truth and people think I should goto hell and that is fine also. I have learned through this journey who really loves me. The people that decided to stay with me my wonderful friends that would never ever do anything but support me. Beth and Kerry warm my heart my best friends tell me to go scratch and they love me all in the same sentence. My mom and dad, husband and kids and of course Rupert all these people (and dog) really really stood by me through all of the tears and laughs. Having my own business is so new to me and I don’t think people realize this but I am still learning. Michelle and Meagen have held my hand through so much even when I am bat shit crazy. Why? Honestly I have no idea. Michelle and Meagen don’t get paid and take the time to help me run the group. So so humbling….Am I successful? I don’t think so but success is a state of mind and what I would think successful would be. As always, I am way off track but really wanted to share that story with you. That morning I was being called a liar and accused of not following through. Its amazing how things can turn right around.

Gemstones….I won’t lie they did change my life. Gemstones changed the way I think about things, look at things and live my day to day life. Huge impact how you ask? I have no friggin idea. Stella Luna is a huge part of my learning about gemstones and I am forever grateful. I don’t think Lauren (owner) even knows what an impact she has had on me. I started small and what I was drawn to. Lauren says look at and touch what you are drawn to not what it means. Look at what it means after you touch and pick a gemstone. I always picked the correct gemstone and it was almost like the stone knew what I was looking for. I could not stop my fascination with gemstones. Luckily the ones I was looking at had a price range of 1.00-10.00. I was already obsessed with amethyst because it is my birthstone but there were also so so many other choices in this brand new world. I figured out my stone is actually labradorite. Obsessed to say the least. This stone is so beautiful and has a meaning that really hits home for me. Anything that serves as protection, psychic abilities, connecting with spirit and protection is right up my alley (I actually said protection twice so you know what means a lot to me) Another stone I like (protection) is smoky quartz. So much so I purchased a HUGE one and am still maybe possibly wishing I didn’t because it wasn’t cheap. Is that the stone I would have chosen to spend money on? Yes but not as much as I did. This huge stone is my Teresa. I don’t use my stones as tools when I read, however, I do like to have them near me. I am not sure if they are protecting me or Marj but there is never enough protection right? The same day I purchased Teresa I also purchased a labradorite and another amethyst. I will show you tonight during the live feed. Try not to get wrapped up in the purchasing of the stones. Try to keep your mind straight and when you purchase remember your purpose.

I carry stones in my bra, purse (Teresa) and have them all over my house. Actually, I have stones in every room in my house. Protection, health, more protection, clarity and more protection (see a pattern?) Do they work? I have no idea. Do I want them to work? YES I do. I sent malacite to my dad for pain, a different stone for swelling, tigers eye for protection and a bunch of other stones Lauren and her staff had showed me. I find them calming. I really do but it really is a frame of mind and preference. I also love blue lapis and chakras. I have a circle when I read for people and it keeps them open. I really believe it works. Again, frame of mind.

I often mention Sarah wears black tourmeline around her neck and never takes it off for protection. I have to say it works and has become a huge protection stone for me (pattern?)

Tonight we will discuss gemstones. Am I the know all and end all? Nope not at all. I will show you what I felt was a waste (not the stone but the piece) what I feel my favorite is and why I purchased. (besides protection)

I am thinking I will pull some cards as well but we will see how it goes.

I will be teaching a medium class on Saturday at Stella Luna in Southington. Please call Lauren to reserve a spot. 400 N Main Street, Southington. 860-276-0907. The price is 30.00 per person. If you can make it that would be wonderful! I hope to see you there.


PS Lotto numbers anyone?? (never gets old)

January 7, 2019

Being Respectful

Thankfully a better day for Sam yesterday despite his new cold. Sam has a doctor's appointment so hopefully we will get some answers. I've been asked why don't I know what's wrong with Sam or why can't my guide tell me what's wrong. Thing is I'm a huge believer in the right to live and she's not a doctor. I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't ask because I did (wouldn't you!?) and he's going to be fine. Both of us will and we will both get answers i believe we just have to live through it.

Despite it being my 17 year anniversary with my hunk chunka man i decided to work at the psychic fair. I truly truly love it. Ian and I rushed breakfast and I ran to the fair. Yesterday morning was horrible I woke up to a message from a "new member" (actually formal new member) telling me I should provide my negative reviews up as well. She pretty much called me a liar. She then went ahead to explain I should have those reviews up and explain them and make them right. I don't fake my reviews. I don't pay people off for the reviews nor do I lie. I was so annoyed before I even left the house. Michelle is one of the nicest people I know and I see her struggling with assholes. Michelle sees the good in people and she's just so sweet. Meagen is nicer then I am but has a streak to her but we kind of just grew like that. The lady put this obnoxious post to be approved and I approved it. I just woke up and barely read it so I approved it. I went into our Admin group and Michelle posted about it instead of just deleting it then I'm like oh crap. I went back deleted and tossed the member out and swore to never half sleep and work again. I'm the dumbass that let the post through...oops! If you have something nasty to say okay you won't be the first or the last. I didn't realize how nasty the post was but for some reason I read it as a question about mediums and how they work apparently i was wrong. Sorry Michelle. Poor Michelle apologizes to me because I saw it. Again, i have heard and seen so much worse.

A wonderful member actually answered the post but the post was gone by the time she was done. The post was up really for 3 minutes and i loved how the member stuck up for me. The words "not worthy" came up and i must say I'm a regular person. I'm not better then anyone. Really I'm not. Hmm ask the person that is pissed at me for not refunding her for canceling her appointment.....I'm pretty sure she's really happy with me. Guys it's my business. Seriously! Sam had a dentist appointment and was in the hospital before the appointment I paid in full. Guess what I lost!? That appointment today could have been given to someone else. Actually i could have had my bed delivered but didn't because of that appointment. I'm not better then anyone but my time matters too......topic for the evening.

Sorry typed this waiting for taekwondoe to be over so didn't re read. Add it to the list



Growing Pains... Vertigo ...

I have been struggling with vertigo for months. I have had scans, blood tests and exams and unfortunately vertigo is not treatable. I took the homeopathic path and while the vertigo comes and goes as it wants I have been taking “Dizzy Stop” to help me with the symptoms. This as been working for me but I have been struggling with the vertigo’s timing. I never know when it will come on, how long it will stay and how bad it will be so I have been living the life of praying it stays away, I have been taking Ginger pills as well and they have been working with the nausea associated with vertigo. I am not much of a complainer and have been struggling since July.

My poor Sam. As many of you know Sam is legally blind. Poor Sam has had vertigo so badly that I asked him if he had been drinking or if he is taking drugs. Poor Sam has been struggling for over a month and sent me a text yesterday asking me to pick him up? Sam would NEVER miss school or leave early unless he really is struggling. I rush around and get my other two kids and take Sam to the ER all the while I have a appointment in two hours and cannot contact the client via private messenger without wifi sooo I text Meagen (creator of group with me shes amazing) and thankfully Meagen contacted the client and changed the start time twice. I have the best support and clients I am so grateful. I have an ENT appointment today and am bringing Sam hopefully he will see him instead of me. There is a reason for this rambling boring content.

First off I didn’t realize how much I talk to my guide, Marj, until yesterday. She and I are always chit chatting its insane. She is laughing now and telling me shes happy I have to sleep so she gets a break. I was giving Sam dramamine for his vertigo and sending it to school with him. I pull up to the school and Marj says “Sam forgot the medicine” so I asked him and he LIED and said he had it. Sam being Sam just wanted to goto school. I turned around and said Sam??? He said crap I forgot it. Yesterday was really the topping on the cake. My kids cannot lie to me and I know what is going on most of the time before they even get in the car. Sarah has gotten into the car and said “let me explain before you yell.” Adam has said “I will take care of it mom” and Sam has gotten out of some really embarrassing discussions with me because I already knew they were growing pains and to stay back.

Wow some of you may be thinking! Thanks Amazing! I wish I could do that! I can’t complain but it’s not sunshine and rainbows. Think of it like this when you were a kid didn’t you lie to your parents? Innocent lying not huge things (Marj comes in handy for those!) the right to live and the right to make mistakes. Growing pains is something kids need to grow and flower into (hopefully) amazing grownups. My kids have to learn by making mistakes like I did. My kids still lie (thankfully nothing big YET) leave out parts of the story and make mistakes. I often ask my kids why they don’t just tell the truth or cop to it right away and their answer makes sense they don’t realize their life is different than other kids. Their mom talks to dead people and her spirit guide all the time but from what they know no one else’s family member does. I have to say I am really glad my mom didn’t know the dumb shit I did when I was growing up. I don’t approach my kids unless it is necessary and I will tell you this is so difficult. If you knew your kid was going to have a bad day at school or go through a life learning lesson I am sure at least some of you would want to intervene so you know where this is going. I cannot intervene I have to leave it and let it happen. Sam struggled last year with a girl and I knew something was going on and finally when Marj said get involved I grabbed his phone and saw what was going on and Sam started crying saying he needs help on how to handle the situation. (she was pushy and more experienced then Sam)

I knew when a kid was being a jerk to Adam and kept praying he would take care of it and eventually he did. I knew when Sarah was getting made fun of for looking like a boy (have you seen my daughter?!) I knew when Sam was being asked very personal questions from someone way too young to ask. Handy? Yes Desirable? Not all the time.

Yesterday was rough I am so worried about Sam but Marj is telling me he is fine. I thank goodness I get that information from her but that does not mean we don’t have to go through the steps to figure out what on earth is going on.

What do you guys think? If you are part of my group, Psychic Empowerment, I would love to hear from you. Would you want to know? Would you utilize your spirit guide the way Marj talks to me if you could hear? Do you think I am doing the right thing by getting involved when I have to and staying back even though its killing me? Please don’t bash me I don’t bash you.

While I wrap this up to prepare for a reading I will leave off asking you to let me know what you think? IF I am up for it I will do a live feed on this tonight and likely cards. Miss talking to my group!

Taking today slow or as slowly as I can between readings, doctor appointments and folding laundry.

Thank you for reading!


Oh has anyone figured out the lotto numbers??


Happy New Year!

I spent New Years with my family and it was so nice Kerry was able to host. It was nice to sit back and let her run around like a chicken without a head. Of course, Kerry pulled off a beautiful, fun, memory making evening without a hitch. I am forever grateful for my best friends.

My mom and I have always been best friends. She truly knows me and supports all of my stupid shit. There was some really stupid shit. As we aged our relationship evolved and we really grew together. I am so lucky to have both of my parents, but my mom has always been my person. I love that about her.

Change, Change, Change….who likes it? I know I don’t. I do try my best to not freak out as my kids would say and not worry about changes but I can’t help it. This is another example of how I am just like you. Do I talk to dead people? YES! Do I worry about regular things that you guys do? Of course.

I posted in my group a simple question with alot of meaning. I asked if group members had a friend that was “ride or die.” I was pleasantly surprised at all of the responses. I did not meet my best friends until I was in my 40’s. That is a really LONG time to make friend mistakes, wonder how on earth I would be friends with someone and allow them to treat me as poorly as they did. Sound familiar? I am sure to at least some of you. I find that once something tragic happens like losing someone to suicide or any type of death for that matter really can test a friendship. What to expect from someone and how you want them to support you is a whole huge world of expectations. I pray that everyone has at least one of what I have. I tell Beth and Kerry the good, the bad and the ugly. I love that they don’t see me as a psychic medium but are the first ones to recommend me to the first person that asks especially when they are wearing what my daughter calls my “merch.” To them I am just Heather. I am an asshole but I am their asshole. No matter what. To answer a question that is likely on your mind-NO i do not see random dead people all around Beth and Kerry all the time. I have had spirits come through for them and just randomly talked about who was coming through but other then that I do not read for them every minute of every day. I really do believe if I did Kerry may lecture me because I imagine it would be annoying.

My reincarnation live feed was one of the most watched, questioned and interesting (according to you guys) then most of my other videos. I will say I do understand why the subject is one that everyone wants to talk about. Who doesn’t? Actually, I am sure plenty of people BUT people are truly fascinated. I get it I really do. I am not one to challenge someone’s beliefs and generally ask permission to speak about it and I respect that but this feed was just all open and honest. If you have not checked it out please join my facebook group psychic empowerment. That video was actually so popular it was in two parts.

Is spirit reincarnated? Yes if they want to be. Spirit has a choice to stay or go back. If spirit chooses to go back a tiny tiny piece of them goes to a new person which is how a new baby is made and past lives created. Could you walk over to a person and find your deceased loved one? No Has your loved one reincarnated into your dog? Doubtful What is it like up there? Amazing, beautiful, free and safe. No anger, resentment, danger or anything negative for that matter which is amazing. Up there? Well, it looks just like down here minus everything negative, hurtful, dramatic just pure….peace….Loved ones are together I always explain it like the last supper painting all of the people connected to you are together regardless if they met each other or not.

I was in a suicide group (because of my brother) and someone saw I was a psychic medium and when I responded yes she asked me about “up there.” I told her everything I told you right above and she threatened to commit suicide. She scared the crap out of me. She actually scared me so much I called the police department where she lived and contacted the Admins of the group. Thankfully, she was fine. As a kid I was told if someone threatens to commit suicide they just want attention WELL that changed really quickly as I got older. Back in the day suicide was not as spoken about as it is today. I am not sure if that was because there were less suicides or less people talking about it. I do believe social media plays a big part in suicide. I also believe shows like 13 Reasons Why glorify suicide. What is the difference between the 80s and 90s to now? Suicide rates are higher, bullying has been taken to a whole new level kids are just much nastier than they were when I was growing up. I see such a huge difference with my kids and their peers then when I was their age.

If you have stuck with me through this entire blog I appreciate it. I appreciate it if you skip to the bottom to figure out if I know the lotto numbers and of course I appreciate the time you have taken out of your day to read this.

Until next time


P/S does anyone know the lotto numbers?