Heather's May 2019 Blog Posts

May 31, 2019

This is the first blog that has absolutely no title and I feel a little like a rebel. As a lot of you know this week has been rough for many people with Memorial Day passing by. Personally, I cannot stand memorial day mostly because people do not realize what it is. One of my guests went up to me and said “Happy Memorial Day” and I said what is so happy about it? Really? Fireworks so our Vets are hiding and scared? The very people that are thankfully living should be able to mourn their own and skip the parade. Excuse me if I am harsh, but this is a subject for me that means a lot. In other words, I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

I am the queen of putting stuff off. I have so much to do but am really procrastinating. Rupert would likely get it done before me. I am organized it is just the organizing part. Getting there little by little.

I was at the store with Sarah and had no choice but to look in the mirror. I was in shock with what I saw and I could not believe I let myself get this out of control. Taking control of what I decide to eat and my health has been put on the backburner and has been out of control. Heartburn every single day as well as heartburn medication is not a way to live. Being uncomfortable with myself and my weight is a choice and it is mine. I will attend more WW meetings and really have to cut down on the sugar and once again the soda needs to start. Anyway….

Having people in and out of someone’s life is something I believe has some kind of reasoning behind it. Real reason and sometimes we have no idea why until many moons later or we know right away. I have learned (after 44 years) to keep the people close to you that MEAN it. The ones that have your back all the time, the ones that will fight for you, the ones that love you no matter what stupid stuff comes out of your mouth and the ones that will sweat their butts off in a cabana. As I talk about in my card readings we are all students and learn something new every day so your welcome.

I have been up and down with the live feed time. I am trying to find a way for everyone that wants to be on the live feed and get a possible reading able to do so. I really am here to help. I love my members, clients and people that just take the time out to read a blog, listen to me chit chat, join my classes and hire me. Thank you all so much.

I have a live feed in 12 minutes so I have to go prep. Hoping to see you there!



Friendship, memorial day and soldiers

I cannot stop crying. No matter what I do. If I read of course I will not cry its not part of my job and i push myself away. During feeds I feel loved by Jayne and Erica they watch out for me.

Memorial day is not this huge celebration that most people think. We lost soldiers that will never come back. Wives, sisters, people’s children…., etc so a little prayer for their families would be wonderful. I am having a picnic so that it not what it is about. I will quote the meaning

“Holiday for remembering and honoring people who have served in the US Armed forces.” The soldiers that never come home the same, the soldiers sleeping on the floor, the men and women that come home broken. Light a candle. Give a thought. Pray for their families. Please it is the least we can do.

If we send gifts from Amazon prime we do not have to pay for shipping. Some men and women have no one. Alex didn’t I did not know him at that time

I am planning a chit chat on suicide as well as trying to give US some peace. Please watch.

On the lighter side I hope everyone has a nice long weekend with friends and family. Please look on the group page to find out where to send items. Hopefully some military families will help us.

We are USA and they are fighting for our rights. You do not have to like the president. This is not about him this is about the men and women that never come back the way they were.

My group has 90% families affected by suicide. Let’s help. If you cannot afford it it is OKAY. No pressure just love. I am sure I can get an address for you to send a letter. If you need I will get you a stamp.

Much love and kindness. This one is a difficult one for me. I hope it is better than yours.



May 8, 2019

It has been a long time since I blogged I am so sorry! The title to this blog will be so long it is not even worth it. The cycle of life and death is amazing no matter where you are looking at it. Huge blessings, huge losses, shifts in relationships and trying to get through day by day. All of us have days where we just pray we get through the day, wonder how on earth we got through that day or had such a great day cannot stop smiling and end up going to bed with a easy sleep.

Comfort….what gives us comfort? For me it is my friends and family. I do have to say Rupert is a huge comfort to me. My kids actually have words to a song “I only love my mommy and my bed” which is pretty fitting to my Ru. Going through day by day looking at Rupert and singing that song in my head makes me laugh.

Losing my brother was the one loss that remains with me and will never go away. Beth lost her mom this week and my heart really bleeds for her. Ever been put in a situation where you have no idea what to firgging do? That was me. I do believe Jess and I went back and forth for a couple of days of what can we do?? The not knowing how to help is not only confusing and frustrating but also challenges human nature where all we want to do is help the people we love. For me (I believe Jess also) we had to do SOMETHING and not NOTHING. I ran errands for Beth and Amanda and Jess did what she felt she needed to do to help. When the dust settles we will be there. Love and friendship.

This Sunday is the first Mother’s day without some of your loved ones. My heart bleeds for all of you. I know one day I will feel your pain. All of you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you always are no matter what. Please try and push through.

We do have a couple of classes coming up this week! Saturday is Erica’s pendulum and tarot class (check in events or PM Erica) and my chit chat class the week after I believe. Erica and I will be teaching that class together. Our energy is intoxicating and really cool to be around. Erica also shadows my insanity with her calm and collected personality. Really really cool energy together if you have not seen our live together really check it out it is pretty cool.

Okay I have to prep for tonight’s live feed I hope to see all of you there.


The blog that should have been…..

I am so sorry my blog has not had a new entry in weeks. As you know Beth’s mom passed and Sam has had trouble with his asthma so my life has been insane. Also, end of year school stuff is rough especially when you have a 5th grader. I just want this all to be over so I can go and hang out at the pool with Jess and the kids.

As fair season is approaching I have learned to not make the same mistake I did last year and sit and watch balloons, Mary Kay and a bunch of DS at fairs. Nothing is wrong with that but those fairs are just not the place for me. One man called me Satan. I just stopped responding it is fine and honestly I have been called worse.

I have recently signed up for the fair at Mohegan Sun on August 17 and the 18th. I am still in shock and I never ever thought I would work such a big fair. I feel so blessed and am so grateful there is a spot for me at this fair. I recently worked at the Soul Light fair in Farmington and had an amazing time. I again, am so blessed they had me there but have me on the list to go again in 2020!

I often talk about ctpsychicfair.com which I LOVE working at but do not work at every location because they are full. I am a sub but I became a regular in Southington, Southbury and hopefully Westport. That fair is a blast and I truly love working there.

My live feeds have moved from 7 pm to 9 pm to give people time to take their kids to sports and what not and that seems to be working. I would love to give every single person in the group that wants a mini reading a mini reading. I truly understand the need, want and desperation to connect with loved ones and proving that I am a real psychic medium is not only imperative to my career but it is also imperative that I earn your trust. Earning your trust means everything to me. Your trust is not about hiring me but for me it is believing in me. To believe in me is what keeps me going. I cannot thank people enough for following me, asking me questions, taking their time to join my live feeds and trust me with their passed loved ones still amazes me. In my business staying humble is everything. I am so grateful for my gift as well as all of you. Thank you so much.

I still do not know the lotto numbers. I do not think I ever will. I am sorry guys…