Heather Gottlieb's February 2019 Blog

February 26, 2019

Coupons, Would Love Your Input

This spur of the moment blog just turned into something bigger where I know what I want to discuss. First I figured out how to make the font size bigger.

I have been sending coupons forever I mean from November to March and have not had anyone NOT ONE person use their certificate. I mean I even send coupons to fairs I am not even out and not ONE PERSON has called me to schedule. I understand people may not have the money but especially for fairs they buy the tickets to put in the raffle and never call. This baffles me. Baffles me more then the coupons I send out. Are the deals not good enough? I give free 24 cards (worth 50.00) or an extra 10 minutes with me which is huge. Sounds like it is nothing BUT I have to say it makes a huge difference. I would love your input.

Fair season is coming and I am so excited. Both Beth and love working the fairs . Thankfully, I learned my lesson and figured out which fairs will be beneficial to me and which wouldn’t. I can not work a craft fair no one will talk to me and some people think I may turn them into a demon which I have not been able to do yet. Not my style. To be honest I have no idea how. I do know this witchcraft is ALWAYS supposed to be one with good intentions. I have heard this but it does not make it true.

Tell me about your friends. Do you have friends you tell everything to? Full disclosure no matter what? If so do you worry that information will be held against you? Do you worry about it? I found out I have a stalker that was in my close circle (did not know how important I was I think I am pretty boring) if your reading HI!

Tonights feed is going to be mini readings. I love our new members but guys you really have to read the instructions. By reading the instructions you get a longer reading you really do because I don’t have to sit there and help you through it. I don’t mind helping but it takes away from the time especially since we have less than 5 minutes.

Moving forward I am booked into mid-March/beginning of April. I am so grateful for your trust. I am so grateful for you allowing me into your lives and I appreciate you sharing your loved one with me. While my Sarah would love to read I have to make sure she has a childhood, Spirits see her and attach really quickly and sometimes I cannot catch up all the time. Sarah now has a woman wearing white walking around her room. I need both Sarah and I to remove her but Sarah gets attached to the spirit pretty quickly. Sarah is the sweetest most loving person I know….even for the dead,

According to my kids we have 4 months left of school until summer break. If things go the way they should we will be getting out early so the kids get most of June off which is wonderful. (this is something you may have to remind me of) There was a post on facebook that pretty much said something like live in the now. I like having things to look forward to and believe me I am pretty much done with elementary school.

Any plans for the summer? Anything you are looking forward to? I am looking forward to spending more time with Jess, going to Salem and not having to worry about what time to wake up. Long days and long evenings.

I would love to hear from you



As I sit here waiting for my car to be looked at (YES the new car apparently has something wrong with the steering) I am thinking of how beautiful this place is. So relaxing and zen even though I walk in and one of the employees starts telling me all about her dead people. Such is life…

I have been stressed and overwhelmed lately and this may be my world’s way of telling me to take a break. I can’t do anything but sit here and work which is not bad at all. I wish I had Rupert with me but we can’t have everything right? Between being worried about Sam, now my car, my game night (have to clean my house) and my parents are always on my mind. Talking to Alex yesterday was therapeutic and it really helped me understand where you guys are coming from. Alex is telling me “I told you” and he wants to help. Going back and forth with a dead person is not what I really wanted to do today. Reading for you is a completely story then talking to Alex on my own. I really wanted to show that yes I got emotional and yes I was angry at times BUT he did help. I love that peoples family members find him and thank him for my work. Alex was never popular and apparently this makes him quite popular. His whole point of killing himself to open me up to help and read for people but I did not want to sacrifice him to start this journey and end my journey with him.

I have been a medium my entire life and pushed it aside. I didn’t want to be different and didn’t want to put a name on my “gift.” I had premonitions so strong I told my mom if she continued smoking she would get COPD and guess who has COPD. I had feelings so strong I had anxiety and did not know what to do. It was tug of war my whole teenage life pulling me to read and help people and me not wanting to accept the voices in my head were there for a reason. I had no idea people didn’t have voices in their heads. I didn’t realize you were not the muggle but I am.

Alex pushed and pushed and pushed to the point where I count hold it back. He explained this to me yesterday and while heartbreaking I got it. There are times during a reading things come up that we don’t want to hear and that is what happened with me. I actually ran down to the unfinished basement (which I am scared of by the way-I swear there are ghosts down there) to grab my brother’s baseball hat and uniform. I HAD to get it to Erica. I HAD to text her and show her and nothing was stopping me not even the ghosts in my basement. (yes I am serious) I got Erica the pics. Erica thinks way different then I do. Erica thinks things out while I jump first think later and Erica really really wants to solve the mystery of the connection between Alex and Brandon. I pick up he was one of the spirits that thanked my brother and they just connected. They had things in common. Alex says Brandon “gets” him. Brandon gets him way more than I ever did. I sit here with Alex on the right side of me touching my shoulder telling me this blog will be what I make it. I can either cry and get angry or get my words out. All of a sudden Alex is a wise old man that is not close minded and withdrawn.

Did you notice when I let Alex go and did some readings and changed. My demeanor changed, my voice changed and I was able to be emotional with Alex but stopped when I talked to your loved ones. I really have to say I am proud of myself. I read mini readings yesterday for ME not you. I wanted to see if I could do it. I have to say that was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do in my career. Think about it talking to my dead brother and practically hysterical to shutting it down to talk to your loved ones and of course the first person I picked was a suicide. I do not second guess my gift. I do not second guess whether I am right and figure the client will figure it out. Again, your puzzle not mine. Ian tells me to stay humble. My mom says if I don’t get nervous there is a problem. I get nervous before every reading. It is not because I second guess myself but at times it is because of who the client is. I recently read for Lauren at Stella Luna. I work there and if I didn’t nail it why should she let me schedule anything. I had to nail it and thankfully I did. Staying humble and nervous are hand in hand for me. I thank Mother Mary, Marj and Archangel Michael every day for my gift. If I did not go into a reading with confidence that would make me worry as a client. I put it like this you have a big presentation at work and you know you will nail it but getting there is the hardest part. That’s how I read. I wrote out this whole blurb for new members so I do not have to explain over and over again what it is like to be read and how it works. I love our new members and love that they want to participate but believe it is easier for both of us to know what to expect. You may hear me say during a reading your new welcome, have you read and signed the what to expect when being read and if they say no I send them back. So far this is working for all of us so we shall see.

If for any reason there is someone on a live feed or on the board that is a problem we do remove them from the group. I cannot have the negative energy on the board or on the live feed. I understand not everyone knows how to post pictures or where to post them but we all try to help members included. I like to keep the live feeds clean if you will and I believe they are. I often say I reserve the right to not read for someone. I do not read for living people but have gotten feelings about them and end up being right which is a really good feeling. I have to follow my intuition right guys?

My car needs new tubes somewhere and I am grateful it is covered but my time is not. Hoping to be out soon. Blog is done I hope everyone is having a good day.

Xo H


Birthday, reasoning and reflection

Tomorrow is my 44th birthday and I have been so emotional lately I am surprised I am not crying. I also see it as half of my life is gone I am almost there. If you know me and have spoken to me you know I can be dreary. I worked the psychic fair yesterday which is one of my favorite things to do and a sitter said “do you have to use the word dead?” I was surprised….well not really nothing surprises me anymore. I looked at her and asked her if she had a better word to use and she said “deceased’ “loved ones no longer with us” and I am sure many of you know the face I can make and I could not hide it. I have a reason for everything I say and do. Some of my reasoning sucks and some does not. I explained to her that the word “dead” was the only word I can use that people understand. I do still get the living person picture here and there but since both Beth and I have used the word “dead” more people get it. She understood .

When my kids are in Karate is when I get my best work done. Its loud but I am really truly left alone. Even Rupert doesn’t need my attention. My niece, Amanda, is trying out Karate at this amazing place and I hope she joins us.

This Saturday is my “party” and I wanted to spend it with my favorite people and play Cards Against Humanity. I am so excited but have to clean my house. You all know how much I enjoy that!

This group that has formed, Psychic Empowerment, has introduced me to so many people and this still fascinates me. I have met some amazing people that I would never have met if not for facebook. Do I talk about this every blog? Very likely since I have the brain of a 95 year old woman. I swear it is all the dead people I talk to.

I have recently been asked the strangest questions. First one is do you see a bunch of spirit around me? No I don’t. Am I going to die? Yes (they don’t like that answer) OHHHH your a psychic medium will I get more money or will my house sell. I use the word psychic because people don’t understand what a medium is without the word psychic in front of it. The difference is quite simple psychics see the future and I have no idea how they do it while I talk to my guide, Marj, Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. I have been told Mother Mary is around me all the time and I can see and feel her. This is one of the things I love about my job Mother Mary. I adore that woman. (Of course Marj and Archangel Michael) but Mother Mary is a whole different soul for lack of better words. When I am stressed, nervous, have anxiety both Mother Mary and Marj jump in. Talk me down if you will. There are times I feel such peace and then there are times where there is no peace around. I have to be honest I would love to be a smoker. I was many years ago and still miss smoking. My mom has COPD and I see what she goes through so I wouldn’t but the thought is always there. If you smoke thats all you but my choice is not a habit I should form back in my 40’s.

This group is such a small part of who I am. I am so blessed to have this job tears and all and I truly am blessed. I had the pleasure of reading for Lauren and Fluffy from Stella Luna and I was so nervous I wanted to puke. We have a good business working relationship and I adore being in the store and around them so I really had to nail the reading. I did nail it. I almost made Lauren cry maybe next time.

There is a little girl (spirit) in the zumba room and she is so frigging cute. She does the zumba and quite honestly put my fat ass to shame.

Speaking of fat ass I need to lose weight. Ugh. So many “shoulds” and “have to” and “your in control of your weight” Thanks Oprah….I hate the new WW plan I really do. I wish I could just psychic myself skinny. Anyone know any good psychics? I love the readers at the psychic fair I work at. I truly do and we are able to go from table to table and ask for readings. We are all gracious and I always would read for any of my co-workers. I take joy and pleasure in it, however, I cannot sit before anyone and talk about my weight. The weight question for me falls into the is my husband cheating on me or does my boyfriend love me. If your asking ME then you know the answer. I know the answer...get fat ass to WW and lose the weight. Work the program and work my ass off and thats what I have to do and that be that. My excuses are running thin. Anyone else struggle? Weight is tricky because it is how I feel no one else. It is my body and my choices healthy or not made me feel and look like this so believe me I am not in another world and am pretty realistic. This weeks plan is to get to WW. I will get there and I will write in the blog that I like 2 of the free 200 foods.

I have recently rekindled a relationship with a friend and I have to say I am so happy I forced myself on her and begged her to talk to me. We had a LOOONNNGGG talk and neither of us really knew what was going on with each other. After talking to her I felt like I could breathe and it was an amazing feeling. Stephanie if you are reading this I love you. Full disclosure does not happen in many many friendships and I get it I am the queen of hiding shit. Steph and I are both mediums and we are both Alpha. That can be fun….ummmm...communication is key and I refuse to lose the friendship again. Full disclosure ugh. There is no jealousy just love. I am not a jealous person by nature. Beth isn’t either. I can’t deal with childish behavior and sometimes need to suck it up and again full disclosure. I am so happy Steph and her boyfriend are coming to my birthday party and I am so excited.

I have to get going Beth will be here any minute. Beth is my sister, my soul mate and when she tells me to do something I do it. j/k….kind of

Anyway here is to getting older, embracing fatness, friendship new and old and dead people.

Watch my live tonight it is your favorite its ask the psychic! Psychic Empowerment is my facebook group.



February 14, 2019

Disappointment, scammers and Valentines day

First off I will start with my vivio garmin watch I believe it is the third edition. For the life of me I cannot connect it to my phone where it shows phone calls and texts. I may stop at Jess’ house to fix it. Actually as soon as I mentioned it I sent a text to her wonderful husband.

I am so glad the kids are at school and I was able to reclaim my house until 305 today. Ian and I never celebrate Valentines Day. We did once back in 1999 and gave it up while we sat at a resturant until 10 pm at night. For me that was it. Ian was grateful and I reminded him we need to love and respect one another every day not just one day a week. I did surprise Adam with Baked Ziti which is his favorite meal. I also told my kids we can goto Walgreens to get the candy hearts at a discount. Yes I am that person.

There is a member in the group who has the balls to send me four or five messages asking questions which is fine but at one point during the conversation the questions are answered. Really there is nothing more to ask short of the reading. Prices, run through of a reading, how the reading can be done (facetime, duo whatever the client wants) I really really did my best to accommodate her. Really I promise you I did. I have a family account and a work account and switched over to my family account and saw all the time I already spent with her under a different account. She tells me it is her daughters birthday, a week before she died blah blah blah so I offered to do the reading for her. I was just cleaning my house waiting for another client to come but I felt bad and offered to do it. How do you pay she asks? Paypal and I take Square. She has no credit or debit card. Are you local? Nope She NEEDS this reading she NEEDS it because she thinks her daughter was murdered. I get it do you know what she wanted? A free reading. Marj is telling me I better not do this reading not only will she not get what I am saying but she sure as shit does not want to pay me. Always listen to Marj. She is literally sitting there telling me “told you so.” Thanks Marj.

I am so proud of my group and how many of you have referred people to me. Makes me want to cry. With what I do it is allll referral and word of mouth. Do I try to get business from you guys? YES!!! I give my coupons out for birthdays, I often run specials on the boards and I have payment plans as well. I have worked with most of you regarding payment and I take pride in not pushing people away. Do you have to hire me? NO and if you don’t I wish you the best of luck. This group has seen me cry, thrive, cry, thrive again and because of all the practice you have let me do on you I became the reader I am today. I don’t want to say I am cocky but I do believe I can connect with spirit. I do not feel there is a spirit I have not connected with yet (now watch it happen-please Marj NO) I love my job, love my customers and am grateful for every single moment I get to do something I love. I am booking into April and I am sorry for the people that want to be read earlier. Maybe catch me when I am cleaning?

I have seen so many of you grow. I am not sure if you know this but it is amazing to watch. Thank you for letting me watch you grow. I have seen the mourning process, happiness, sadness, more mourning and some peace.

My feedback seems to be an issue with some newer members. I don’t pay people to get that feedback I just work hard. Have I had sucky readings YES in my mind I do but in the client’s mind I don’t. My feedback is earned and there is nothing I can do when people write me good feedback. Feel free to reach out to members and find out what they think.

I am booking into April. I require half down to hold an appointment. My prices are 30 minutes for 70.00, 45 minutes for 100 and 1 hour for 130. Again I have payment plans.

I LOST a client today for not reading the text messages properly. I don’t mind her for being pissed the poor woman repeated herself through 12 messages and I still could not get it right. If your reading this I am truly sorry. I do encourage my email psychicmediumheather@yahoo.com to book readings. Keeps everything separate BUT I did mess up. Oops….

Enjoy the day. Its not snowing here in CT and while I prefer the weather to be above my age we can’t have everything right?


February 12, 2019

The good, bad and ugly….

We are already into the new year and changes keep happening and life seems settled then it isn’t. Waiting for everything work wise as well as personal to kind of even out.

This snowy day was a real shit storm in my house. I refuse to clean the frigging floors with everyone walking in and out. Bite me it is not happening.

I have Sam really wanting to connect with a member of the group which is fine with me but he is getting way too excited about seeing him in March...We are all excited for our trip to Salem. I am hoping to get a different Salem experience given it is not Halloween and we will be visiting more educational sites.

This weekend I will be working with CTpsychichfairs.com-look me up I am in the reader spotlight. Adam actually took the picture. Everyone has school closings tomorrow so I will be sure to come on live earlier in the day.

My world can be so lonely with a bunch of people in it. So difficult to talk to people about what I am going through because no one fully understands. Beth is my sister and my family and she can hear me speak until her ears bleed and still won’t get it.

I have a history with a wonderful woman named Stephanie. Steph is a psychic medium myself but like all psychic mediums we are different. We are still fragile...we spoke and opened things up. I owned my poor behavior and shit. Things came out and I feel good about reconnecting. I will tell you she did not make it easy but I am hoping it is worth it for both of us. There can be times when two people enter each others lives at the wrong time and it just does not work. Thankfully, we are both in better places and understand each other more. I have high hopes and we shall see what happens kind of like the Taylor Swift song Delicate.

Steph is kind, loving and an amazing person that went through a rough time like we all do. We both came out separately and came back together. Steph introduced me to Marj . Marj has given me so much insight and taught me so many things and Stephanie was one of them. While Stephanie introduced me to Marj and this whole experience has so much to do with Steph I just didn’t see it then. Ever do stupid shit? Yep, me too. Oh I have to stay I STALKED Steph like a psycho killer it was not pretty but I knew if we just talked and I told her what I needed to everything would be okay. We would be okay. We both are psychic mediums YES but we are both moms as well. We are very much alike and both Alpha female. Will we ever be best friends again I don’t know but I am okay with where ever our journey takes us. I am hoping and praying its together. Marj is telling me it is so that makes me happy. Steph if you are reading this thank you. Stephanie is in our group I am grateful she joined us again. Her input even texting me during a live reading is welcome. Steph is on a reading break I am here if she needs me. All I can do right?

I have to prep for my live feed. Meagen is going to do rebel cards tonight and you will see how awesome she is. Meagen is an amazing card reader you guys just don’t see it.

I'm going to pop off and prep for live feed. If I don’t see you there have a good night. I will be at the psychic fair this weekend come visit me

I am ending this blog humble, blessed and gracious.

Love andLight



Friday's Class Approaching

I have 15 minutes to get this blog out. I just got off the phone with a wonderful woman who booked me for a 15 person reading. I have to say I cannot believe anyone would want to book me for a one person reading let alone a 15 minute reading. This thought is unreal to me. Unreal…

I am finally working through the shift in my life and feeling better. A song by Pink can bring me to tears but it’s not worth it anymore.

I have Beth and she is honestly the one I care about the most. Kerry was right I am way more connected to Beth then Kerry and always was. Anyway that be that

In light of all of this i reached out to a friend that I thought about all of the time and learned something. If you are hiding things from your friend and you don’t tell them everything it does not work. This is not a good thing for either party involved kso here I am back to square one with hopes things will work this time.

Another bout of dizziness from me. So disappointed I had a good week run. I actually had to cancel the balance test because I could not drive.

I posted a picture of a fake reading that I DID NOT DO I wanted to show you guys what it looked like. I was called a fake and cheater. While I try to be positive and turn things around it is difficult when there is always some village idiot. During the live feeds I do what I can and if it is the cards and questions that are calling to me that is what I will do. I have a HUGE reading tomorrow and really want to practice mini readings but sometimes that does not happen.

I am so nervous for that huge reading and praying my vertigo stays at bay. Im scared to take the medication if there are no symptoms but I am scared to not take them as well. I guess we shall see. As always Sarah has watched over me like a hawk and slept in my room last night. Boys just don’t get it….ever but she does.

I cannot wait to see Stephanie on our board. Steph is a psychic medium but we read very differently. No mediums are not allowed to read on the board but if we do it together I think i t will be a hoot.

Friday’s class is approaching quickly. I will make the reservation and send it to Erica who can help with the joining of the class. Thankfully we have more members joining the class this time and that makes my heart happy.

Short log I know. I have to get going and pray for my vertigo to say at bay while reading.

Love and light


February 2, 2019

Turning 44

I cannot believe the month of January is over and February is here. February is my birthday month so it is a month of celebration. I must admit the month of celebration was much more fun when I was a kid and not turning 44. This year I decided to have my favorite people over for a game night and they can cook. I am working a psychic fair that day so will likely be exhausted but in a good way. The psychic fairs have been something I really love working at I feel very much at home with all of these gifted people around me. The fairs have also been an escape for me which I love. If I am sick and cannot read these are the people that can help. Ian often compares his business to mine and I always tell him he can be replaced and I am not. I don’t mean this in an asshole way at all but the difference between he and I is huge. He has associates that can cover him and I don’t have anyone but myself which is fine.

I always say I am just like you. There is not a difference. I am just a mom and wife. Last night it was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I realized I am NOT like any of you. I get answers about my family and friends. I knew Kerry and I would not last and be friends forever because Marj told me, I know when my kids have a bad day in school, Adam has a friend I worry about and I know something is going on but I can’t say anything. “Normal” moms or dads cannot do this. So no, I am not normal. I hate to use the word normal because no one is normal and I really don’t even know what that is. I know what the definition is (conforming to the standard or common type, regular, natural average. That is Alexa’s definition. Unfortunately, I do not match that definition at all. That is okay I accepted it.

Tonight is my abilities class and I always get nervous. I feel like I have to take an hour away because three hours is a really long time. I always wonder why people want to hear me talk or teach. I don’t think I am half as interesting as you do. I am not sure I would watch my feeds at all and I would likely assume I am just a boring psycho medium that rambles on and on and on. If you are in my group the question is actually why do you watch my live feeds. I cannot wait for those answers to pour in.

I have a headache and a bad cold so I am going to go lay down. I will see those of you that signed up for my class. If you are interested in my class and are not local please join anyway we are using Zoom. Please PM me and I will get you to the right spot.

Thank you again!