What's on Tap 3/2006

What’s On Tap?

Andrew Olson

Reader Weekly

Looking for some live music this weekend but are not sure where to go these days? With the closing of the Nor Shor there is a different feel for Duluth music community. Many local bars are opting for bands that bring in large crowds or have a hometown of the Twin Cities. With Homegrown coming this spring and some bands going by new names, there are still many options out there.

Homegrown Music Festival is beginning to register local artists and bands. They can go towww.duluthhomegrown.com/home.php to get more information and the sign up deadline is March 10th. There will also be an informational artists meeting at Sacred Heart Studios on March 9th at 7 pm. Dates for the event are scheduled from April 30th through May 7th. According to the promoters there also will be, “9 stages and 80 acts, making it a record setter for size and scope. The Red Star Lounge will be the newest addition, giving DJs a place to perform.” Also reported was that the Fat Hens will be playing their traditional midnight Saturday set from the Nor Shor's Mezzanine.

Best bets for this weekend:

Bev’s Jook Joint has been a saving grace lately with local bands. After doing a few weekends of the harder stuff this weekend there are some great local sages playing. On Friday night (March 3rd) Azure Du Jour and their blend of blues and rock will be playing. Their recent album and guitarist Jim Hall’s have established the band as a fierce force in local music. Jim’s song, “Bar Room Stool” was a top hit of last year and he continues to write very catchy tunes. On Saturday (March 4th) Bev’s will have Swimming With Nancy and their jazzy style on stage. Maybe just put up a tent in the parking lot and spend the whole weekend enjoying some of the best of Duluth’s best music.

For those not brave enough to cross the bridge there are also some great local bands playing aroundDuluth too. One newer name to the crowd is the band, The Very People. They are most of the members of former local cover band Knockout Jones. This time the music is a bit different, but retains what was great about Knockout. They are headling the Tap Room on Friday night while jam gods The Big Wu appear on Saturday.

Other local acts to watch: Hoot Owls (Billy’s Bar), One Hitter (Mr. D’s Bar & Grill) and Blues Evolution (Reef) on Friday and Saturday, March 3rd and 4th.

Another new “Label”, some of the same ingredients:

Missing surf rockabilly in your diet of music since the Black Labels have toned down? Well, Gomez of the Labels has put together a new combo to fill the void. The new band is called The Acceleratiiand is named after the Road Runner. Gomez told me about the band, “the Acceleratii will be playing a bunch of rockabilly, pyschobilly, 60s hot rod flavored tunes. We have included a singer to the line up, so we will be backing away from the instrumental stuff. We have 5 total members, 3 of whom play with the Labels. We will also be having some shows coming up soon and are practicing lots of new material. Though Ben Marsen will be involved (as bass player) with the Acceleratii, he will not be as much the front man or inside man as he is with the Labels as far as promotion, etc.” This should be a great addition to the Duluth Sound.