Jack White and Stephen Colbert Concert in NY

Returning to our Hell’s Kitchen hotel room my wife and I turned on the Colbert Report to watch the last installment of his weeklong special with Jack White. At the end of the show it was announced that Jack White would be appearing with Colbert a few blocks from our hotel with White’s Third Man Rolling Record Store. We were shocked and amazed by another great New York opportunity.

It was difficult to sleep and bide my time until 11am the next morning. When we arrived at the location of the announced show there was a line of about 50 people outside of a fenced-in parking lot. When the time finally rolled around the gates opened and our organized line chaotically moved toward the yellow van that Third Man Records had set up. My wife grabbed a spot near a makeshift stage while I waited to purchase some items from the Rolling Record Store.

The most sought after items from White’s Third Man Records are always the limited production tri-colored records. For this appearance the record offered was Stephen Colbert and the Black Belles performing Colbert’s silly stalkerish hit, “Charlene (I’m Over You).” This record was done in red, white, and blue to reflect Colbert’s TV show and was limited to around a hundred pressed.

On the stage Colbert performed the national anthem with White and afterward performed “Charlene.” The kicker to all of this was that White and Colbert set up a table and signed the records and other items fans presented. When given this opportunity my wife and I each got two items signed and our pictures taken with White.

I asked White when he would go solo and perform his vast catalog, but he wouldn’t give me a straight answer. In my picture with Jack White, Stephen Colbert felt left out and was trying to move his head into the shot. It was a comical event and amazing opportunity to see such a show. It was the cherry on top of an amazing trip!

My wife filmed almost the entire White/Colbert performance and it can be viewed on my website: www.thefountainheads.com or through my Youtube.com account of andrewolsonrocks. There also is some great footage of Beady Eye from their performances and pictures of us meeting Robin Williams after his excellent Broadway play, “The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.”