666 Dreary Lane

21 year old band seeks audience of undead horror movie lovers for a night of murderous music at Tyomies this Saturday July 30th. Impaler is as venomous as their name and have some catchy death-metal songs to match. “666 Dreary Lane” is straight out of the grave and sounds like entering a haunted-house. Screaming lyrics and metal guitar sink their teeth into your ears. Staccato drums and banging through the chorus usher in the lyrics, “Welcome home, you’re all insane.” It’s evil tone chases the Devil into your head and bangs against your soul. Some Van Halen solos also emerge mixed with frightening riffs that scratch at what Tipper Gore once put on a list back in the 80s as bands to be banned. Also playing are Cold Colors, Malec, and Jaundice beginning at 8 PM.