Andrew Olson

Reader Weekly

There is a level that bands get to in their tenures of the spotlight. The top levels are where The Ramones, Kiss, and AC/DC sedate and rock themselves "ALL NIGHT LONG." The lower levels are where a band plays songs by those artists at Tyomies on a Friday night for someone named Robin's 40th Birthday.

Astrodizzyak has Steve Kankaala (Vocals & Guitar), Lance Harkins (Vocals), Travis Johnson (Guitar), Dave Prudthume (Bass), and Curt Lewis (Drums). They play once a month due to a guitar player's wife who put the kibosh on any more performances, says Kankaala. The band has been around for nine months and plays some great tunes. They have an energy and setlist that gets the whole crowd moving, during most of the songs. (The hard stuff that no one had heard of cleared the dance floor like free drinks were being given at the bar or something.)

When the band played Linkin Park , Blink 182, or Nickelback, the girls all moved to the dance-floor. The guys stayed back by the bar, or played pool. Late at night women like to dance free of men?s advances up front. There is a freedom there that was denied in the old days when they had to wait for a guy to ask them to dance. With a raspy voice and snarling guitar the women eventually rushed the stage and a few climbed up. One, wearing 80s shoulder pads in a bright red suitjacket with blond feathered hair took the mic for a moment and shared the spotlight. Everyone has their moment, whatever level they get to.

This was the place with the most people listening to live music to be found on Friday Night. Earlier when we stopped by The Tap Room it was empty except for the rumors that Hardcore Jollie's who were scheduled to play, were not in attendance because they had broken up. Tyomies in Superior has something for all ages. It mixes the black biker jacket with Harley embroidery biker bar with the pool playing chilled fallouts of Stargate and a buffet of food off to the side of the dance-floor with the remnants of Robin's birthday.