Aaron Tank: For All Who Wander

Andrew Olson

Reader Weekly

Aaron Tank entertained the morning brunch crowd this past Sunday at Pizza Luce’ with his mix of original and cover tunes.

In 2006 Tank released his debut CD, For All Who Wander, featuring himself on the cover with a guitar on his back and a walking stick in hand. Like the title, Tank, who is out of TurtleRiver, wanders through Duluth often to play.

"For All Who Wander is a collection of fourteen original, acoustic songs inspired by travels, the natural world and various spiritual experiences,” Tank said. “Several local musicians and friends of mine provided accompaniment on the CD. I have been playing guitar and performing for about 17 years and have a variety of past musical collaborations.”

Wander roams through more musical styles than most CDs do, but the variety is great for the listener. Most performers who have an acoustic guitar and play solo gigs have CDs full of songs, but they all sound the same. Tank does a nice job of changing it up and having different types of music thoughout.

“Wandering Eye” opens the album and has this Key West meets Jimmy Buffet feeling to it. Tank sings about dolphins dancing and meeting a gypsy that told him to follow the sun. It is light and opens the CD nicely.

“Hanged Man” comes next and has some nice bouncy guitar strumming accompanied by the soft tone of Tank’s voice. “$2 Shirt and a $40 Hoop” is about a carnival game and has a friendly feel to it. Almost like a children’s song, it is catchy and hula hoops around.

“Be” is another softer toned song, but contemplates Tank’s view on heaven and life. He sorts through the meaning of life and sings, “We’ve been alive all these hard days, but there’s plenty of time to reach the grave.”

“Blind Man” is more country/Americana-ish, and has some great accompaniments on vocals. The melodies are soft, but the song really stands out on the CD. It is a bit more intricate than the others and includes rain effects, a flute, and percussion. “Soft Wind” does this well on the album too. “Got Me” is more of a love song, and Tank sings, “Babe you really got me, yes you really got me, just like a dog, barking at the moonlight.”

“Stranger at Your Door” is upbeat and continues the theme of the album about traveling. “In The Wild” has a strong bass element and a darker feel than the other songs on the CD. “Won’t need no salesman where I’m goin’, no one to tell me what to buy, won’t need no sellin’ man, to clutter up my dwelling, I won’t be on commission in the wild, no I won’t be on commission in the wild.”

One track that really stood out for me was “Hands of Time” as it had this Velvet Underground-jazzy sound. It seemed to be in the key of one of my all time favorite VU songs, “New Age.” That song totally sold the CD for me and gave his entire sound a more artistic edge.

It is tough being a songwriter and playing brunches at Luce’ or evenings at Thirsty Pagan Brewery when you are expected to be background music. Tank was dressed in a fishing cap and played some great covers and his own original tunes on Sunday. He will be rolling though town again soon he said, so keep your eyes peeled.

You can go to Aaron Tank’s Myspace page to hear his music or learn more. Go towww.myspace.com/aarontank.