Death To Our Enemies

Death To Our Enemies… The Free Democracy concert at The Tap Room

Andrew Olson

Reader Weekly

Slick and shiny like a dominatrix’s black high heel boots, Death To Our Enemies kicked it’s way into the Tap Room on Friday Night (Apr. 22nd). This Minneapolis band that came together as 2 parts Fargo, N.D and one part Milwaukee, WI make one ambrosial shot of punk rock with 70’s flaming licks burning on the top. Take it quick though, otherwise you might get burned.

Enemies are votary feedback wizards and reverberated fuzztone demagogues. They ride that razor’s edge of punk-rock, but slice themselves slithering along heavy metal. They have a pair of Sex Pistols pointed straight at Mars Volta with Dick Dale holding the trigger. They spend every weekend now in smoke filled bars, traveling, and trying to make it.. Where? How far?

It wasn’t long ago these starry eyed rockers were living near the U of M and playing for fun. Chuck Terhark (Drums) lived by Ken Tyborski (Bass) when they began playing together. Matt Coffee (Vocals & Guitar) was from Fargo like Chuck, but were never in bands together. They came together to make a demo in 2004 and are just emerging onto the Minnesota music scene. They are already looking like rockstars on stage as they find their sound.. Kind of a punk Jet with a tiny pinch of Iggy Pop, although the Iggy might just be because of Coffee’s stage presence?

On their song, "The Elephant Forgets" we are introduced to a tight, full sounding recording. It shows that a big studio is not as important as the music that you are recording. The song has Matt, dexterously playing glam guitar and singing almost like early 80’s rock archetype Billy Idol. The song, "Karate Bike" takes a pinch of Elephant, and adds a dash of cowbell. The song swirls, almost spins, around a labyrinthine of verve pariah sounds. "The Draculas" starts out cryptically, but teeters on classic alternative licks of Blind Melon or Jane’s Addiction. Not to be outdone, in mid-song, a surf guitar Blue Oyster Cult "Reaper" solo bursts out. It takes you back to the days of old and shows just how talented and far reaching Enemies skills are musically.

These guys are pretty raw, but have ambition and stage presence. Their overall show was excellent and they were tight sounding. Check out their web site to hear some fresh recordings: