Low hits all time low

Headliners of Homegrown, LOW, apparently lost their head-liner? Alan Sparhawk reported that the much anticipated U.S. tour would have to be put on hold indefinitely. He said it could be many things ailing him, listing on his web site, "post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, bipolar whatever, suicidal depression/anxiety ("here’s some pills, call me if you are still alive next week - oh, wait, sorry, your small business insurance plan doesn't cover all this..."), to paranoia, laziness, OCD, and good old-fashioned two-faced asshole-ness." Whatever the reason all is not well in the LOW camp after getting the chance of a lifetime and signing with Sub-Pop Records and touring Europe .

Don't fret though, Alan ended his public statement saying, "thank you, and again, i am very sorry. i suggest that instead of going to the Low show, go for a walk with a friend or two that day - somewhere where there’s trees or rocks and dirt or plants. I plan to do the same, each of those days, right here in beautiful Duluth ... or at the funny farm - who knows? either way.... and please please please go out and get the M.I.A. cd!"

Get well soon LOW.

Black Labeled Homegrown

Boycott news: Well one band not on the bill for Homegrown was the Black Labels. Details were sketchy but a boycott was swirling in the wind with several bands around town before event organizers finally contacted the bands a day before the event. The riff was about where the money would go or wouldn't go from the festival. None of the bands were paid to play this year and were instead offered gift bags right before the show that had T-shirts, 3 free Summit 's for each member, and a poster. Last year each band got $50 and because of the lack in communication the event was almost a no go. Luckily Brad Nelson got home and sent out an email that appeased the many angry bands who were left in the dark.

Another rumor floating around was about venues and time slots. Some bands were given sub-par time slots or less than favorable venues according to sources who wished to not be named. Boku Frequency felt the boycott hit them the hardest as the Black Labels boycott included a shared community of fans. This is an evolving story and a big deal as these are some of Duluth 's premiere bands. More information should emerge over time.

The excellent fact was the support that Duluth music fans showed to the scene. Even with an extremely high ticket price fans showed up in great numbers to cheer on local acts. The Tap Room on Friday built through the night and had the choice time slots going to Crew Jones and Black Eyed Snakes. They can thank The Keepaways whose fans showed up and filled the room. Keepaways fans matched the hard punk music that the band lashed out at the audience. Metallic riffs and loud banging kicked it's way into the ears and made them throb with clanging punk.

On Saturday (May 7th) at the Red Lion Boy Girl Boy Girl filled the room with music before The Alrights overflowed with popular tunes. Little Black Books rocked onto the stage next to a modest crowd going up against Trampled By Turtles who were playing Pizza Luce. For intimacy the Nor Shor had State Champs playing in a dark room and lit stage. There were a handful of people on hand to enjoy the tunes, which was sad as that was the largest venue by far.

Homegrown was a success because of the fans and bands of Duluth . Every weekend in Duluth Homegrown is going on, just go into any local bar or venue.. The only difference is that the money you pay on any other day goes to the bands. Keep posted for more info on the Duluth music scene and the bands to follow.