Alrights, Twig, and the Naked Biker

Naked Biker, no not a band..

Andrew Olson

Reader Weekly

When you think of a Harley-Davidson biker dressed in all black there are certain images that pop into your head. Maybe it’s the rebellionous bikers of Easy Rider, or the rough and tough Hell’s Angels, but here is one more to add to memory: Naked Streaker!

On Friday Evening (July 8th) at The LeGrand The Alrights played for a small, intimate audience. And I mean INTIMATE!

The parking lot had maybe 15 cars and inside the bar was almost completely empty. We stood outside debating about going in, but finally decided to give it a try and order one drink. That one drink led to a few more, and one heck of an exciting show. Perhaps it was also no coincidence that in a town called Twig we would end up seeing a twig, and some berries.

The Alrights are one of the top bands of Duluth and have received much acclaim for their new album High School. They are modern rock of Prince or Maroon 5 with a John Lennon intuitiveness. Toby, Chavo, and Danny are also the guys who rocked out as Crazy Betty a few years ago but play less hip-hop and more hip-rock now. This kind of music was not lost on one biker sitting at the bar.

This gentleman, who I will refer to as “Harley", was dressed head to toe in biker garb. He was sitting at the corner of the bar yelling out during breaks, “get up there and play some music!" He looked intimidating dressed in all black and a bit road wore. He was wearing cowboy boots, jeans, a Harley-Davidson T-Shirt, and a hat. He had long, stringy gray hair, and an accompanying gray beard. Imagine a guy who had just rode in from a Hell’s Angels rally, and then picture Blue from Old School. (For the older crowd maybe the Juniper Berries guy in Monty Python’s Life Of Brian)

During the second set we walked up to the bar to get another beverage. “Harley" had left his spot, but his jean jacket remained on the chair. As we were ordering and The Alrights were rocking away here comes “Harley", NAKED!

He was waving his arms in the air as he ran through the bar making loud noises.

Everything stopped.

At first the Nelly lyrics popped into my head, “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes." But what was happening here? “Harley" ran through the bar and out, then took a second lap for good measure. The bartender tried to slow him down by snapping photos as he was making his way out the front door. “Harley" then ran by all of the windows and returned a few minutes later fully clothed acting like nothing had happened.

After the scene I asked the bartender to see the photos to possibly use in my article. Well let’s just say that the photos were a bit too racy, and it was bad enough that I had the mental picture let alone to subject you poor readers to such a scene. I also asked the bartender if this sort of thing has ever happened before. She told me that it was a weekly thing, but you never know.

So, when you go to Twig you may end up seeing some great music. You may also see the town symbol, dangling and swinging to and froe as “Harley" runs through. You won’t be disappointed by a boring evening though.