Luda in Saint Cloud


Well the giant show known as Ludacris came to town the other evening with all of it's Hip-Hop Splender. After being over 2 hours late to his show "LUDA" was being chanted by a VERY young crowd. Here is what you should know:

  1. The crowds at these shows are between 12 and 18.
  2. The lyrics are meant for ages 18 and up (I was one of the few)
  3. Who needs drugs or liquor when a bass system makes you deaf?

The show was scheduled to begin at 8:00 PM with two opening bands. The first band, HYDROPHIONICS had it's biggest show yet playing before a crowd estimated at over 5000. Quite a jump for a local popular hip-hop band. Through affiliation I have followed Hydrophonics for the last few years. A close friend of mine Adam Johnson was the drummer for them back long ago. (He was also the drummer for BBF and VELVETEEN)

Hydrophonics has been the number one band of Saint Cloud, MN for the past year. The buzz they have created around the State continues to grow. With the departure of the very popular WOOKIEFOOT from the Minnesota Hip-Hop scence, Hydrophonics seems to have filled the void. They are already set to play the JULIAPALOOZA this summer, and are really taking off.

HYDROPHONICS is a group of guys singing and performing covers and originals in the hip-hop genre. They sing about Marajuana, Partying, Girls and Money. Their CD has even been smuggled into my home, girls love this stuff? They are the BUZZ TO WATCH!

The next band who came to the stage trying to fill the huge hole from LUDACRIS was a group from Chicago called, PRIMERIDIAN. It was sad because in between every song the crowd was BOOING and CHANTING "LUDA"! They played jazz to a crowd that probably couldn't even spell J-A-Z-Z (Unless it was on an OFFICIAL TEAM JERSEY).

When LUDA arrived it was all "Cicken and Beer", the name of his new CD. He sang his few hits and the crowd even sang along...

And what could be greater than a few thousand 14 year old girls answering Ludacris's chant of, "MAKE LOVE TO ME", with "F--- ME"!