Gallagher at Grandma's

Andrew Olson

Reader Weekly

This past Thursday at Grandma’s Sports Garden comedian Gallagher smashed in his brand of comedy and earned a lot of laughs.

Greeting the audience at the door was the comic himself, talking with the crowd and signing autographs. I took my turn and told him about how I remembered hearing his joke many years ago questioning how M&Ms melt in your mouth, but not your hands… but what did they do, say, under your armpits? He remembered the joke and later joked during the show about how much his visiting with people before his performance reminded him how old he was.

The comedy was great and the crowd was decent to Gallagher, except for a few people that drew the comedian’s attention. One younger man up front was told off and even was invited onto the stage to tell a few jokes after heckling. When he couldn’t think of a single joke Gallagher told him one in his ear, finally gaining him a few laughs before returning to his seat.

The place was full and it was great to see a legendary talent of that level come here for a very reasonable price. Gallagher even let people from the crowd come up to smash sections of watermelons at the end of the show. It made a dirty mess, like Gallagher’s brand of comedy.