Boku Frequency

November 16 & 17

The Reef Bar

Andrew Olson

Reader Weekly

Boku Frequency has been climbing the steep hill of being noticed and may be seeing the promised land beyond the pinnacle of local success.

Boku’s song titled, "Evil Man" will be released on The America CD Album Project, through Hill Top Records out of Los Angeles, CA . Their song, "How He Liked Her", will be on The STAR Route USA through American Records" out of Hollywood. Both albums are due out on the radio and in stores by 2008.

Boku also plans on playing the Red Gorilla Music Fest, Austin, Texas soon.

I had a chance recently to talk to Boku’s manager about the band, the future, and what Duluth ’s funkiest band has in store.

Andrew: So how long have you been in the music business?

Val: All three of the boys have a life time up to now in the music business, and have been in hundred of bands learning from some of the best at that time as well as today. There is tons of information noted the bio page at, including some of the greats who have inspired them as well as some of the greats of today.

Andrew: Where is everyone from?

Val: Terry a.k.a. Redeye is from East and North Minneapolis . Thomas, a.k.a. Too Sharp is from Chicago, and Tony D., a.k.a. The Stick Specialist is from Maryland . All the bands a.k.a. names have come from fans, there have been a few aliases over time, but these are current and all have come from the fans.

Andrew: What are Boku going for as a band?

Val: The band will get their music out to the world as always. Boku's music is from the heart, and like no other, they take you on a trip to somewhere else for a time. This place shocks, invokes emotion, and is fun party music that you need to get a hit off and get your fix.

Andrew: What do they write about? What is the feeling that they get?

Val: The band writes about people they know or knew, sex, love, fantasies, despair, drugs, parties, cool stuff that happened, feelings, other people’s friends and girls. The feeling is one of being high when they play and the energy flows to the fans and then back to the band.

Andrew: Are there any little love stories and stuff like that in the band... or any songs about love? Loss? Lack of?

Val: Thomas is the lover boy of the band with songs about love experience, cat fights, love loses, fantasy girls, sex, lust, dirty fun love stuff. The band has two CDs now, which they still tweak, but if someone else was paying the bill Boku has a $h!t load of music to record which is endless.

Andrew: How difficult is it for a funk band in Duluth ?

Val: People are not ready for what Boku is playing up here, but big urban cities likeNew York and L.A. are prime markets for the band. Minneapolis fans are very diverse and they go crazy for this music, but as always this area gets their in time for what’s new and now. Big Urban areas understand this type of music, and this information is from fans that live in big urban settings and also know this area too. Boku likes the very diverse cities of the big urban setting, but like to get home to work on more cool music from the heart.

Terry 's songs are about let downs in life in the USA . The sex, the drugs, party, love, fun times like the songs, “Handlebar”, “Riding A Harley”, fast & wild. Tony D. writes free style, hot booty songs as of late. All three of the boys sing songs and sing together too, more then ever as of late. Playing Big Urban cities people are party animals and they go ape over Boku's music. But Duluth is a fine place to record, work on good music, be motivated, play, and party with the best music community of musicians/bands that you could ever find anywhere in the land!

Andrew: How did Terry earn or come up with the name Red-Eyed-Dread?

Val: Terry, a.k.a., Redeye Dread, lead guitar, Erotic Narcotic, falsetto, guitar time, enjoyed all the friends, family, and fans at home in the twin cities. We are working with some of the reps from the agency hook up for booking gigs, and the boys have already played all over in the past. As Redeye has played both Station 4 and the Cabooze, he has also played the national scene with some of the bad ass guitar bands.. big shows too, but they all like to party/play the bars too. For some shows we project Boku video/DVD or do oil lamps with cool lights/paint.

Tony D. a.k.a. the stick specialist, “She's So Fine”, will play the electronic bass drum, as well as a full drum kit with the china. All the extra falsetto vocals, the best petal, fast, bilateral legs, wants to bring it with big stick tricks.

Andrew: What is the funniest thing you can remember from a Boku show?

Val: The best story as of late is about the band, The Stepchildren, who took out a vibrator and played slide guitar with it and the music was really good too. The big secret is that you ether have a gift or you don't. You develop your gift/skills, and are motivated, and that there is no secret. You ether have the gift to be special/ great or you don't. This just Happens and it flows all the time for another hook/riff/lick. Boku has always played with a gifted community of musicians who also play in 4 or more other bands, much like Matt Livingston who plays in LOW, Black Labels, Crew Jones as well as other bands too.

Andrew: What is the secret ingredient that Boku has that no other band you have listened to has?

Val: The big secret is that there is no secret, you have it or you don’t. If you have it, the music flows every day, and if it don't, then you don't have the gold. Boku is like no other group of artists that I can think of… Boku’s musicians will spend a lifetime getting their music out to the world. The audience has an energy that flows, and when you invoke emotions and get them so high on Boku’s sound, they need a hit/fix. It grows on you, and you want to sing along with it too. The music infects you/us, and makes you move some how/way. This mood moves you, and you can go on from that.

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