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Sept 2020: a new approach


We have been working on pan-EU 180 days visa-free travel since 2019 and on a fully fledged campaign since April 2020. Over the period of the campaign, the UK Government altered its position on visa-free travel but never produced tangible evidence that it took negotiating a truly reciprocal agreement seriously. As we near the end of the end of the Transition Period we believe that issues such as visa-free travel now have little chance of being addressed given the emphasis on reaching a trade agreement.

Details of the original 180 days proposal can be found here

In letters to constituents, HMG stated that if people want to travel beyond the limits of the Schengen Rules then they should approach each EU state directly. This informed our decision to change the focus of the campaign.

Our approach

Owners of French second homes have received replies to letters they sent to French deputes. These demonstrate deputes are sympathetic to the situation facing second home owners and the communes in which they live.

All the campaign team have second homes in France so after 5 months of hard work we have decided to focus our time on the issue of streamlining the visa process for those with 2nd homes in France. This is detailed here

October Update

We have now set up a sister website www.180daysinfrance.org and a Facebook page here.

What this means for other groups

The RYA and Cruising Association are running campaigns for boat owners who may find it virtually impossible to cruise in EU waters for any significant length of time and then store store/maintain their boat in an EU port. They also face issues related to VAT and recognition of their sailing qualifications.

Motorhomers have many Facebook groups. We have posted about our campaign on a specific group however the group itself is does not have a campaign role https://www.facebook.com/groups/324864221693466/

We have had contacts with individual second home owners in Greece, Spain and Italy but we do not know of any groups currently campaigning on the matter of travel to the EU. We will happily publicise them here if they notify us of their existence.


Previous campaign activity

Use this link for details of the campaign activity to date. They are set out under the headings below:

  • The UK Government's position on visa-free travel for UK citizens

  • The public side of 180 days visa-free campaign

  • 'Behind the Scenes' activities

We will continue the 'Behind the Scenes' activities where appropriate.

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