Admission Arrangements

We are proud of our school and enjoy welcoming visitors.

If you would like to view Summerhill, please contact Mrs Graham on 0151 526 1343 , to make an appointment.

To apply for a Reception Class place at Summerhill Primary School, parents are to complete the admission form that can be found online. Parents must make an application to the Local Authority where they reside. Schools do not have to be located in the LA area where they parents live.

Admissions are processed by Sefton Local Authority Admissions Department.

Please follow the link to view Sefton Local Authority Schools Admissions page - Sefton Admissions

Please follow the link to view Knowsley Local Authority Schools Admissions page - Knowsley Admissions

Children start primary school in the September following their fourth birthday. The process of applying for a place in Reception Class commences in the Autumn term.

National Offer Day is April 16th or the next working day if this falls on a weekend

In Year Admissions

Sefton In Year Admissions and Transfers

If you would like your child to transfer from another primary school to Summerhill Primary School , you must apply through the local authority. The local authority hold all waiting lists and will process your application. Updates of school numbers are sent to the local authority regularly.

You should refer to Sefton Council policy (In Year Admissions Policy) and read the Guide for parents before you submit an 'In Year' admission application form. You must complete one application form for each child for whom you are seeking a school place.

If you wish to transfer from one Sefton school to another Sefton school during the school year, you should also contact the Sefton admissions team.

Sefton Council contact details for admissions are:

The Admissions Team,

Young People and Families,

Town Hall,

Oriel Road,


L20 7AE

0151 934 3590



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