Welcome to Year 2

A very warm welcome to Year 2’s class page. I hope you enjoy hearing about all of the exciting things we are doing this term as well as looking at our photographs.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go."

— Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!"

Year 2 Staff

Mrs Chedjzoy (Class Teacher)

Ms Newsham (Learning Partner and 1:1 Learning Partner)

Mrs Burrows (1:1 Learning Partner)

Ms Owens (1:1 Learning Partner)

What we are learning about...

Read about our exciting topics below...

Autumn Term- History: Nurturing Nurses, Geography: Beside the Seaside

Spring Term- History: The Titanic, Geography: Let's go to China

Summer Term- History: Toys from the past, Geography: Sensational Safari

Water bottles and snack

It is important that the children are hydrated. They are able to have access to their bottles (filled with water only, not juice) throughout the day. Please ensure they are labelled as many children have the same design and colour bottle!

Please encourage your child to have a ‘healthy’ snack. Fruit is available in class on a daily basis.


We can only administer medication that has been prescribed for your child. This will only be done once you have completed the required forms from the school office. If your child is asthmatic, we need to have a reliever inhaler at school. We are not permitted to give children over the counter medicines eg. Calpol. All medication must be delivered directly to the school office for administration.


I know we continually ask that ALL uniform is clearly labelled but sorting them out really is quite a task if all the children take their sweatshirts off outside and put them in a pile!


Children take part in PE every week. The indoor kit consists of green shorts, white Summerhill t-shirt and black pumps. We will try to do PE outside every week. If you would like your child to wear a navy or black tracksuit in the cooler months, please bring them in school. We will send PE kits home at the end of each half term for it to be washed and ready to be returned when your child comes back for the new half term. Please ensure that PE kits are clearly labelled with your child’s name. In addition, please ensure that any earrings are removed for P.E.


Homework will be issued on a Friday and to be handed in the following Wednesday. Please sign to say you have seen your child’s work. Please also encourage your child to think about presentation and their handwriting. Homework should be completed in pencil and be your child’s work please.

Please work with your child to learn their 2,5 and 10 times tables. They need to recite them, know them in any order and know the related division facts.

Please read with your child each day and comment in the Home/School record.

In Year 2, we also have ‘The Handwriting Challenge’ as a way of encouraging your child to write at home. The way that the Handwriting Challenge works is that the children are given a piece of handwriting homework, that they must try their very best at. It is a competition and is judged on best writing and most improved. Pieces of work from two children are chosen and displayed in a frame outside the classroom for all to see, and the children get to choose a prize from our ‘Prize Box’!

Make and Bake

Each term we would ask for a contribution of £3 Make and Bake money.

Attendance and Punctuality

Please ensure your child attends school and please only keep them off if absolutely necessary. Also, the children must be on the playground ready for the school bell at 8.55am. This enables the children to be settled in class, ready for the school day to start. It is not nice for the children to be late or off unnecessarily as they miss out on what is happening in school.

Website and Permission forms

Our website is updated regularly with news of what the children have been doing and the topics and Creative Learning. Photos are put on regularly. If you have any changes to the permission that you may/may not have given for photographs on the website or in newspapers, please let me know and we will amend our records.

Speak to Us

If you have any queries, concerns or if you would like us to be aware of anything, either at home or at school, please do not hesitate to come in and make an appointment to see us. We appreciate that it can be difficult to talk first thing in the morning on the playground. We care a great deal about the children in our class and firmly believe that working in partnership is the best way for your children.

We look forward to a successful year!

Mrs Chedjzoy and the Year Two Team