Friends of Summerhill School Association

The FSSA is the equivalent of a PTA that is run in other schools. The FSSA comprises of a small group of committee members who are voted in on a yearly basis and who tend to do the organising and setting up of fund raising events and also a larger group of volunteers who bring fresh ideas and help out as and when they can.

We are always on the look out for new volunteers!!

With the support of all of the parents and friends of the school over the past few years, money has been raised towards funding many projects such as anew playground equipment, supplementing the whole school Reading Scheme, pay for the paint and equipment to decorate the school hall, funds towards the purchase of the school's PSHE scheme We have also been fortunate enough to receive matched funding from Barclay's bank and also had the school hall painted with the help of Barclay’s community volunteers alongside some parent and staff volunteers.

Thank you to all of you who participate and contribute to our fundraising events.

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