Summerhill Primary School

Live  Learn  Dream  Grow

School starts at 08:55 and finishes at 15:20. The gates are open from 08:45 each morning.

Summerhill Primary School

Headteacher : Mrs Yvonne Bennett-Gleig

Contact via :

0151 526 1343

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Summerhill Primary School,

 Poverty Lane, 




School Office

School Bursar : Miss Karen Graham

SEND Coordinator: Mrs Lindsay Rannard

0151 526 1343

Our Vision and Ethos




At Summerhill we want our pupils to LIVE life to the full supported by a holistic education that develops them morally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, whilst providing a safe learning environment.

Our children will LEARN by embracing challenge, questioning the world around them, reflecting and not being afraid to take risks. All pupils will have access to a broad and balanced curriculum grounded in ambition so that every learner will flourish. We are passionate about equipping our pupils with the skills they need to be successful learners in readiness for their transition to secondary school and in order for them to meet the ever-changing demands of 21st century life in modern Britain.

As a school we recognise that behind each set of eyes there is a unique individual with hopes, dreams and aspirations. We are committed to improving the quality of the educational provision for all our children which will empower leaners to achieve their DREAMs by providing the knowledge to unlock their potential. 

As a school we provide opportunities to grow these dreams and support them becoming reality.

We provide a loving and nurturing environment in which every member of our school community feels safe, supported and valued and is able to GROW. Within this rich environment our school creates a pathway to assist children in achieving their educational and personal goals leading to a fulfilling future within the greater community.


Hold a little acorn in your hand,

For when you plant it in loving ground

A tree will grow tall, an oak, big and strong

You have everything you need right here right here.


Our vision is to create a school where every child achieves through a relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning in an environment that is nurturing, inclusive and provides care and understanding for the health and wellbeing of its stakeholders.