WHS Clubpedia

What is Clubpedia?

Created as a Girl Scout Gold Award project by WHS student Molly Northrup (they/them, '22), Clubpedia is a website designed to celebrate school clubs and help students to find community through exploring their interests. On Clubpedia, you'll find in-depth information about each school club that has opted into the project, plus a splash of their own character! This website also features news about club events and information on how clubs can collaborate on projects with other school groups. So dive right in and discover new people and passions today!


The number of Westborough High School clubs that are currently a part of Clubpedia! Make sure to check them all out, and keep an open mind to new activities- you never know what you'll find!

The number of Westborough High School clubs who have voiced their willingness to collaborate with other clubs on projects! If you're a part of a club, reach out to others and see what you can do.


If your school is interested in starting a Clubpedia of their own, then check out the Clubpedia guidebook! This guide is full of comprehensive information on creating club pages, advertising your site, and continuing it throughout the years. Plus, the guidebook provides ideas along the way for adapting the site to your school's needs if the systems in place at your school are different than those at WHS. 

If you have any questions regarding Clubpedia, contact Club & Activities Coordinator Mary McDermott at mcdermottm@westboroughk12.org.