Pen Tir Drop Fell Race

BS 7km/324m (4.2 miles/1064ft)


Sunday 20th Feb 2022. 2:00 pm.
Enter on-line here at Fabian4
(from Jan 8th)

Over 16. No dogs
No toilets or use of hall, but there are public toilets 400 metres south, opposite the Black Mountain cafe'.

Event HQ: Cwmdu Village Hall, Near Crickhowell GR SO180240.


Mark Hopkinson. Mynydd Du. 28:12 (2019)
Sarah Bell. Chepstow Harriers. 36:48 (2019)

Due to course improvements, it is possible that new race records will be set

Organiser: Gareth Jone & Karen Elvers

Photos 2020

2019 Results (.xls) Results (.pdf)
2019 Photos (Helen Brown)
2019 Report

2018 Results (.xls)
2018 Race Report
2017 Results (.xls)
2017 Photos by Gill Stott
2017 Race Report (.pdf)
2013- 2016 Results (.xls)
Race Reports

15/01/2022. 13:00. Update.

A further 25 entries will be released at 00.00 Sunday January 16 (less 9 who asked to go on the reserve list and have been contacted)

Please car share if possible.

Pen Tir Drop 2020 and 2021, cancelled due to Storm Dennis then Covid, will go ahead in 2022 with luck ! We are limited to 50 runners by Welsh government law and entries will be on a strictly first come first served basis, on Saturday January 8th. via the Fabian 4 website. Please park allowing space for others and maintain social distancing at all times.
The race is insured by the WFRA and therefore competitors are subject to the WFRA safety requirements for fell races and rules for competition. The weather can be a challenge and also differ from the start to the top.Competitors should arrive at races prepared to wear/carry all of the following equipment:

    • Adequate whole body cover, (e.g. windproof or waterproof top and legging to give protection against the effects of wind chill, hat and gloves) to protect you against hypothermia or heat exhaustion/ dehydration in the severest conditions likely on the day. The Race Organiser (RO) will specify minimum clothing requirements for their event, but you are responsible for carrying any additional clothing as necessary for your own protection. You should always bring additional protective equipment to the race registration in order to be able to comply with more stringent requirements that may be demanded by the RO on the day due to adverse conditions. The greatest need for clothing is not for running but when you are forced to stop or slow, and wait what can be a very long time for rescue. A kit decision will be made on the day and necessary or advised kit posted. If you haven’t got appropriate kit you cannot race. No argument. Anyone finishing without the required kit, will be disqualified and reported to the WFRA for sanctioning.

    • Map of the race route and compass, both suitable for navigating the course.

    • Whistle.

    • Emergency food and/ or fluids as needed for the conditions.

    • Any additional items specific to your needs.

There will be no First Aid personnel in attendance, though there will be a First Aid kit available at the finish.

Race Route

The race starts on the road just outside the village hall. You must maintain good social distancing at the start, keeping 2 metres away from runners ahead or beside you. This will be a start requirement. You go up the road for 500m then left through a gate and onto a new good path. A rising traverse takes you to the base of the Pen Tir ridge (where there will be a marshal CP1) - take a turn up and right to climb steeply onto the ridge

Follow the brow of the ridge on a path all the way up. There is a slight descent to the cairn (CP2) where you turn around and head back the way you came. The optimum route back from CP2, is a reverse of the outrun. However, any other route that doesn't cross fences is allowed. Be aware, masses of needle sharp brambles and briar patches are either side of the path.

Once the finish line is crossed and your time taken, our responsibility for yourselves ends ! Please disperse maintaining Covid protocol. Results will be posted on this website

WFRA draft race grading matrix v2.pdf