Kymin Winter Race

AS 6.36km/350m (3.95miles/1150ft) PM

Sunday 16th January 2022.
2:00pm. £7.50

Event HQ: Monmouth Prep School, Hadnock Rd, Mayhill, Monmouth NP25 3NG .

ENTER HERE online through Fabian4

Ben Mitchell
29.23 (2020)
Megan Carter-Davies 32.49 (2020

Organiser: Cherry Fowler/Paul Dodd 01594 562275 07977 912558

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Paul Stillman
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An ideal event for your first ever fell/hill race. Fully marked with no chance of getting lost.... if you follow the arrows ;)
Plenty of ups and downs and off-road terrain. Very grippy (or fell running) shoes required.
Slight course change this year - in order to maintain the good reputation of event and the good will of residents moving forward.

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2022 Race brief:

Update 18:00 14/01/2022. Despite the recent change in covid regulations in Wales, we are keeping to the original plan of having 3 waves and setting you off individually as per time trial format - there's not enough time to communicate any new arrangements with all the helpers and entrants.

Please park in the school car park (as per HQ address) and not on Hadnock Rd or at the pub. We ask you to time your arrival so you have just enough time to collect your number, get yourself ready (change, warm up etc) and walk to the start 10min away. Please don't arrive early and congregate in groups in the car park. PLEASE NOTE that the car park will be locked at 4:30pm so do not linger too long after your race or you'll not have access to your car until the next day! Fell type shoes are generally needed for this route - the steep descent down a field in the first third can be very slippery.

An email was sent out to all entrants on 9th January. You should now have chosen a start in one of 3 waves - 1pm, 1:30pm and 2:00pm. You do this by going to Fabian4 and then to 'amend entry'.

On the day, collect your chip/number from a car/van near the steps at the school. Do not go into the building except for accessing toilets via their external door.

Time your arrival at the start so that you are warmed up and ready to go for the start of your wave (or just after). You will go off in 5/10 sec intervals. The start this year will be in a different place - see map above. Gain access to the start by walking up the side of the main road on the pavement. Then cross the road carefully at the bend onto the Kymin Road. The start is about 50m further.

Please do not try to get to the start by going up the footpath past the usual finish - runners will be finishing down here. Also, do not cross the start line to warm up - in both cases your race result may be wrong or missing from the final results.

Do not leave any items of clothing here as you will be able to return to the start area due to the chip timing set up. Please form a distanced queue. It will take approx 5 mins to get you all off. Please be patient. We will have chip to chip timing. The starter will 'zap' you with a hand held timing device and say 'go'.

At the end of your run you will continue on to the usual finish where 'side panel' antennae will detect your chip.

Due to the three waves we will have runners starting long after others have finished. Please be aware that at one point on the course (just near the reservoir) runners will be running up and down a narrow path. Runners going up should give way to those coming down - keep to your left!

Clearly, results and prizes will be based on chip to chip time. Results will appear on this page after the race. Sorry - there are no prizes this year. Your award if you do win a category is to earn the respect and admiration of your peers - a valuable commodity!

We will have water, a snack and a race memento by the registration vehicle. Please collect these if you wish and disperse. We ask you to leave as soon as you can after your run. Please keep a low profile generally and avoid congregating to socialise in the car park. The good will of locals, the viability of the event in future years and the public image of fell running in general is dependent on your behavior.

It goes without saying that if you feel unwell and/or have any symptoms of covid you should not attend. Although the event is in an outside setting and the level of risk of transmission very low, we all need to do as much as we can to ensure that we are not adding to the rising cases in the area. Taking a LFT before traveling to the event is another positive action that will give you confidence you aren't currently carrying the virus.

WFRA draft race grading matrix v2.pdf