WFRA Basic Navigation for Fell Runners – Sat 18th May

The course will be based at Blaenavon, 5 miles SW of Abergavenny. Venue to be confirmed. 9:30 am start.

The course is designed for those runners who wish to gain confidence in their understanding of contours and simple landshape, so as to be more aware of their surroundings whilst racing and to be able to make informed, basic navigational decisions.

The course will entail indoor theory sessions followed by their demonstration/application outdoors. There will also be various practice exercises outdoors. Exercises will be undertaken at walking pace, unless a particular individual is keen to run. This will be personal choice.

There will be a 45 minute informal lunch break (please supply your own !) which will allow discussion of any points raised, or queries that are beyond the ‘Basic’ syllabus, to be addressed.

Whilst no prior knowledge is assumed, it would be useful if attendees could ‘read up’ a little about contours.

You will need warm clothes!

Please bring a long base-plate compass and pen and paper