NOTE: When re-mounting the rear wheel, make sure to use only 60% Moly grease (see note below) as specified in the Yamaha Shop manual. Using anything else can case severe damage to the wheel splines. It is NOT regular auto supply store grease gun Moly grease. It is a special paste.

Note: Honda has temporarily discontinued Moly 60 grease. It has been replaced by M-77 Moly Assembly Paste. There are also other variations listed below. Just be sure it is 60%+ moly content.

A few Moly greases/pastes with 60% + molybdenum disulfide content:

Honda Moly M77 part number 08798-9010

LocTite Moly paste, 65% molybdenum disulfide.

TS-70 Moly Paste, 4 oz. ctg.

Using Wheels From Different Models of Motorcyles

You can not use a rear wheel from something other than a V Star 1100 without an extreme amount of modification. The rear wheel is specific to this model only.

Both Classic and Custom cast and spoked wheels are interchangeable. Custom wheels are available from several different manufacturers that have adapters made specifically to mount their wheels on the V Star 1100. Consult your favorite aftermarket parts supplier for details.

Front Wheels - A Liner, Road Star, or Royal Star wheel will NOT fit the 1100. They are 1" too wide at the hub

Spokes, Spoked Wheels, Sealing Spoked Wheels


The stock spokes are NOT chromed, but rather have some sort of coating, and will not polish to a bright shine. Take care when cleaning, as it may be possible to remove the coating and adversely affect appearance.

Re-lacing Spoked Wheels:

Call Buchanan at 626-969-4655 they will take any wheel from any bike and re lace it with stainless or chrome spokes.

They do awesome work and its way cheaper than buying new wheels http://buchananspokes.com/

Sealing Spoked Wheels for Tubeless Tires

Threads on our forum: http://forums.delphiforums.com/yamaha1100/messages?msg=29653.1


Vendor: http://www.wheel-works.com/

Rear Wheel tightening Sequence - Thanks Cobb

Basically, apart from making sure your wheel is Centered, there is also a torque sequence you need to follow to ensure that everything lines up properly.

The process is basically as follows:

1. Reinstall wheel back onto bike....loosely apply the RH axle retainer.

2. install and tighten the Left Hand final drive assembly bolts to torque: 90 Nm (9.0 m-kg or 65 ft lbs)

3. tighten the Lefthand Main Axle nut to torque: 107 Nm (10.7 m-kg or 77 ft lbs)

4. Tighten the RH Axle Retainer nuts to torque: 23 Nm (2.3 m-kg or 17 ft lbs)

5. Tighten the Brake Caliper to Frame bolt to torque: 40 Nm (4.0 m-kg or 29 ft lbs)

6. Tighten Brake Caliper bolts to torque: 40 Nm (4.0 m-kg or 29 ft lbs)

If you follow the above sequence your final drive should be perfectly aligned every time as 'Shimming' is definately not recommended.

Mounting a Harley Davidson Front Wheel

What is needed to put a Harley front wheel on the V Star 1100...

Start with a wheel from a Dyna or similar 2000 or newer wheel that has sealed ball bearings. Remove the bearings and replace them with an alternate bearing. The stock Harley bearing is 52mm X 25mm X 3/4" ID. Use a 62304/17 AB or equivalent (52mm X 21mm X 17mm). Use an appropriate length spacer to go inside to back up the bearing races.....bolt it all up and ride. The rotor spacing is right on the money, but you will lose the rotor/caliper on the right side. The stock caliper will also work fine. Most of us have felt that the braking hasn't been compromised very much and you still retain the ability to lock up the front wheel. You simply have to squeeze the lever a little harder. Please understand you are doing this modification at your own risk. It is wise to practice emergency stops after doing this modification to get used to the new feel. -Mick


You use a HD 3/4" axle, buy a rear axle that is a good 4" or 5" longer than your front axle. It does need to be a wheel off a Wide Glide. Don't get a Sportster wheel! Also get a STOCK HD axle not an aftermarket because the end will not fit in the recess on the right fork.

Have a machine shop cut the threaded end off and cut it to the same length as your stock front axle then have it threaded with the same thread as the v-star. Note: You have to have the axle steeped down from 3/4 to 17mm about 1/2 in before the treads.

Then you need to drill the right side fork leg out from 17mm to 3/4" (about 2mm bigger).

Also you have to have spacers made at the machine shop or luck out and find them at a HD shop.

After you get the axle machined, mount your wheel and center it, and then take a measurement on both sides for spacers. Make a "temporary" set out of 3/4 inch PVC. Then mount wheel and "temp" spacers with brake caliper and rotor, making sure that they are centered. Give the wheel a spin and see if it rubs. Fine tune the "temp" spacers to get them just right -- Then you can take the temp spacers to the machine shop or find a HD shop (not dealer) and see if they have something that will match up with the "temp" spacers. -Dro

The stock 1100 caliper will work, but the rotor, bearings, axle and spacers all need to be HD.

Some pictures of the process....Thanks to Casey (Islandboy)!

The machined HD axle shaft The machined axle going into the left fork

Axle seated in the left fork Axle in right fork

Using 3/4" PVC pipe to size up temporary spacers

The finished project......looking GREAT!

Forum Thread with Pictures: http://forums.delphiforums.com/yamaha1100/messages?msg=54785.1