Rear Brake Master Cylinder Relocation

Many 1100 riders have relocated the rear brake reservoir to a location other than having it at the stock location on front downtube. There are several reasons this is done. First is because it can interfere with many aftermarket pipes and secondly because it looks pretty ugly where it is at. It is a fairly easy job to relocate it. Most people have chosen to attach it to the outside rear portion of the battery box.

To do this job, you'll need some additional hose that is 3/8" diameter. A 4' section will give you plenty for routing it as you'd like. Most have used a good quality fuel line hose. You'll note that there is a plastic nipple of the master cylinder. You'll need to carefully rotate the nipple from pointing to the front of the bike so that it points to the rear. At that point it's time to route the hose from your new reservoir location to the master cylinder. You'll find plenty of room to snake the hose through to the new location, just make sure it is clear of anything that may rub or wear though it. Once everything is reconnected, bleed your brakes and test to make sure there are no leaks and that everythink functions properly.

Once this is done, the master cylinder bracket can be removed from the front down tube. Carefully cut it off and grind down the weld so things are flush with the tube. Touch up with some glass black spray paint an you'll be good to go.

Rear Brake Reservoir Relocation

Brake Switch Relocation - Rear Brake

From - mitchyd64 - "Easy mod using the stock switch holder and drilled a small hole in a washer"

Pressure Brake Switch Conversion - Eliminate the mechanical switches.

Banjo Pressure Switch Information - M10-1.25 thread. These are usually available from Tim at Metric Magic.

Excellent How-To Thread -- courtesy of jdjstar

These switches can be used to replace the mechanical switches for both front and rear brakes. They work very well and help eliminate some of the clutter associated with the mechanical switches. They use the same wires as the mechanical switches. This switch simply replaces the banjo bolt in the master cylinder, or you can add a tee into the system in any location.

Brake Banjo Pressure Switch

Example of a Pressure Banjo Switch.

Stock Brake Tee - Front Brakes -thanks jointbreaker

There is a difference between the Custom and Classic. Sizes are as follows... Classic listed first - Custom second

height of 1.92" vs 1.57"

length of 4.84" vs 4.33"

width of 2.77" vs 1.97"