2012 FLOTUS Visit

First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Visits Tallahassee

Civic Center

Monday, September 17, 2012, 3:00-8:00 PM

Tallahassee, Florida

The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), Mrs Michelle Obama visited Tallahassee Civic Center last evening (Monday, September 17, 2012). We learned about Mrs Obama's visit last Wednesday (09/12/12) from Tallahassee Democrat. Then on last Thursday (09/13/12), we learned that the tickets to the free event will be distributed starting on Friday, September 14, 2012 from three different locations in town.

So early Friday I stood in line for 30 minutes at 704 W Madison Street location to get only one ticket to the event as they would give out one ticket per person. I tried another time at the location in FSU. But the line snaked around for long distance. So after working I tried to go back to the line. During the second try the line was shorter and they had few more tickets available. I filled the required information and got the tickets.

Then on Monday I took time off and with GS off work on Mondays and VTS back from school and completing his homework, we took off toward Civic Center and arrived on site by 3:30 PM. The line was snaking around the CCenter all the way back to basket ball court and beyond. They distributed some free water and the weather was cloudy and it drizzled a bit. Finally we arrived at the security check point by 5:15 PM (the doors opened at 4 PM). Then it started rain heavily and all three of us got soaked within few minutes but fortunate to get in just in time.

We tried to dry ourselves in the C Center and Mr Alan Williams and couple of student spoke. Finally, at 6:57 PM Mrs Michelle Obama came out and addressed the crowd. She was very articulate, energetic, and enthusiastic about the President and her husband. She gave many reasons why we should give Mr Obama another four years and second term. She spoke as a wife, mother, and woman and told why she likes the President telling people she does because of his character. After 30 minutes of great speech punctuated by thunderous applause, and roaring of the crowd, she bid farewell around 7:35 PM.

We got into our car drove to a place have dinner and went home pleased with our opportunity see her live.