The History of Radio Aire through the years....
Since it's launch in 1981, Radio Aire has seen many changes,
with numerous identities, presenters, logos and jingle packages.
Radio Aire Archive takes you through the years, with audio and images
of West Yorkshire's most well known radio station.

 Presenters from this era were Graham Thornton, Eric Smith,
Alex Lester, Barrie Redfern, Martin Kelner, Mike Hurley, Bob Preedy,
John Brown, Mike Alexander, Dave Silver, Dave Burland and Maggie Mash.

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Presenters from this era were Peter Tait, Paul Fairburn,
Peter Levy, Tony Blewitt, Ross Dickinson, Ray Stroud,
James Whale, Bob Preedy and Maggie Mash.
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Presenters from this era were Ross Dickinson, Jon Hammond,
Ray Stroud, Peter Tait, Carl Kingston, James Whale, Paul Stead,
Mickey Laing, Bob Preedy, Adrian Greene, Keri Jones, Barry Glanville,
Duncan Larkin, Gary Rogers, Andy Siddell, Steve Warren and Mikey Dreadlocks.
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 Presenters from this era were Richard James, Ross Dickinson,
Kenny Stevens, Carl Kingston, Andy Siddell, Paul Stead, Paul Conroy,
Chris Moyles, Nick Babb, Colin Slade, Phil Riley, Tony Adams,
Paul Sykes, Mike Vitti, Mark Page, Dave Simons and Mike Toolan.
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Presenters from this era were Richard James, Daragh Corcoran, Tony Collins,
Stuart Ellis, Warren Moore, Paul Conroy, Julian Wharam, Carl Kingston,
Simon Hirst, Mike Toolan, Nick Babb, Neil Rudd and Sarah Griffiths.
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 Presenters from this era were Warren Moore, Vicky Locklin, Tony Collins,
Bruno Brookes, Richard James, Simon Clarke, Julian Wharam,
Elisa Hilton, Nick Babb, Carl Kingston and Neil Rudd.
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Presenters from this era were Simon Logan (with Katy Kaboom),
Steve Buck, Simon James & Hill, Adam Cole and Glenn Pinder.
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 In 2001 the station name reverted back to Radio Aire.
Presenters have included Simon Logan, Katy Kaboom, Glenn Pinder,
Steve Buck, Simon James & Hill, Ingrid Hagemann, David Ditchfield,
Simon Ross, Cameron Prudames, Jamie Broadbent, Tony Wrighton,
Alex Pepper, Liz Whitaker, Matt Wilkins, Paul Foster, Dan Wood,
Matt Foister, Lex Nichol, Buckley Boland,
Paul Griffiths, JK & Joel,
Ian Skye, Vicky Warham, Steve Priestley, Danny Mylo, Rich Williams,
Paul Hayes, Kam Kelly and Connor Phillips.
The station is currently owned by the Bauer Media Group
and continues to broadcast on 96.3 FM and DAB Radio.
The current local line-up is Michael Blades, Kelly Pegg & Ant Arthur
on Breakfast, Scott Makin on Mid-Mornings and Stuart Elmore on Afternoons.
The line-up between 7pm & 6am and the majority of the weekend
schedule is networked with other FM Bauer stations in north of England.

SInce 1990, the medium wave frequency had been used under the name Magic 828.
The station has played an 'oldies' format of music and has more recently been
networked with other Bauer medium wave stations across the north of England.
In 2015, the decision was made to remove the Magic brand from the northern
medium wave stations and only use it for the London FM and DAB station.
The West Yorkshire service is now named Radio Aire 2 and networked
with the other Bauer medium wave stations in the north of England.

 A new DAB service was also launched in 2015, named Radio Aire 3.
This is also a networked service available on digital radio and online.
Peter Richard Tait
15 Mar 1950 - 20 Sept 2002

 Peter Tait joined Radio Aire in 1984 and moved over to Magic 828 at
it's launch in 1990. He remained loyal to the stations, presenting
Breakfast on Radio Aire in the late 1980's and also Magic 828
from 1992 until 2002, when he sadly died of a brain tumor.