Radio Aire Archive

The History of Radio Aire through the years....

Since the station launch on 1st September 1981, Radio Aire has seen many changes, with numerous identities, presenters, logos and jingles.

Radio Aire Archive takes you through the years, featuring images and audio of West Yorkshire's favourite radio station.

Radio Aire 1981-1984

Radio Aire 1984 - 1987

Radio Aire 1987 - 1990

Aire FM 1990 - 1992

Radio Aire FM 1992 - 1995

Aire FM 1995 - 1998

Aire FM 1998 - 2001

Radio Aire 2001 - 2015

Magic 828 Archive 1990 - 2015

The History of Magic 828 through the years....

In 2015, the station logo was changed after the previous version had been used for 15 years. The majority of the station output now comes from Hits Radio in Manchester, although the Breakfast Show still comes from the Leeds studios, together with news for the Hits Radio Network in Northern England and the West Midlands.

Radio Aire continues to broadcast on 96.3 FM and DAB.

Since Radio Aire split it's AM and FM frequencies in July 1990, 828 kHz Medium Wave had been the home of Magic 828.

In January 2015, the decision was made to remove the Magic brand from the northern Medium Wave stations, so the name was changed to Radio Aire 2.

Since January 2019, it has been rebranded as Greatest Hits Radio.

In 2015, a new DAB station was launched; Radio Aire 3. This was a networked service available on digital radio and online.

In August 2017, the station name was changed to ‘The Hits’, but since June 2018 it has been known as 'Hits Radio' and is broadcast as a single national service.

Peter Tait

15 Mar 1950 - 20 Sept 2002

Peter Tait joined Radio Aire in 1984 and moved over to Magic 828 at it's launch in 1990. He remained loyal to the stations, presenting the Breakfast Show on Radio Aire in the late 80's and on Magic 828 for 10 years.