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Photon is engaged in telecommunication for easy access and better communication. Photon is promoting education for upliftment of society. Photon endorses efficient uses of natural resourcesPhoton recharges public life for roaming international connectivity.  Photon is recognizing production of electricity. Photon promotes wind power  as a renewable, widely distributed, clean, producing and no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, consuming no water, and using little land.Photon incubates research and development in solar power plants. Solar power plant is functioned on conversion of sunlight into electricity, by using "photovoltaics" (PV), or "concentrated solar power" (CSP). Photon is monitoring Prepaid and Post paid data plans, mobile network services, smartphone prices. Join hands with Photon Foundation for sustainable development of society. Photon Foundation is engaged in diverse sectors to upgrade/ recharge the way we live including healthenvironmentemploymenteducationenergy, science, technology and resources. Photon is actively involved in ensuring academic excellenceaccreditationand establishing quality standards, worldwide. Photon is quantum of electromagnetic radiation/ light. Photon nurtures intellectuals in variety of domains. Photon is copyright protected. Our digital technology online Recharges Teleservices, internet, mobile data, journals, bookstheses and communication. Its influence has made it one of the most prestigious organization in the world. 

Academic Excellence Award: Nominations are invited for the international award at: photonjournal@yahoo.com    Criteria includes meritorious contribution in researchintellectual knowledge, teaching and public private partnership.

Photon Excellence Award acknowledges excellent services and products from Companies and service sector.

Imagination is more important than knowledge...

Albert Einstein