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Reference Style inside Text:

(Hordegen et al., 2003; Arab Mahdvi et al., 2008).

Reference Citation:

Hordegen P., Hertzberg H., Heilmann J., Langhans W., Maurer V., 2003. The anthelmintic efficacy of five plant products against gastrointestinal trichostrongylids in artificially infected lambs. Veterinary Parasitology 117(3), 51–60.

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Most Downloaded research articles-

Optimization of Best Responsive Explants for Disease Free Plantlet Development of Sugarcane Variety Coc 671

Naik K.H.*, Patel V.S., Mehta R.D., Patel D.U., Animasaun D.A.

Himadri Kaushik, Pranab Dutta, Jatin Kalita*

Student: Lamin K. M. Fatty

Advisor: Wen-Chi Huang, Ph.D.

Nora Derbal*, Abdelkader Benbelkacem, Ali Tahar

Thomas Edison Award-2014 Durum wheat, highplains, quality, proteins, statistical methods, temporal variation

Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D662617052014

Heavy metal retention by soils and the subsequent uptake thereof by Cripps Pink/M7 apple trees under organic and chemical fertilizer applications

Francuois L. Müller*, Maria E. Joubert, Lilburne F. Cyster, Lincoln M. Raitt

Thomas Edison Award-2014

Keywords: Cadmium, Lead, Soil pH, organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer

Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D646827052014

Is forest dying?

Saravanan J*, R. Mohanraj


Biodiversity, Deforestation, Eastern Ghats, Exploitation, TreeMortality

Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D521713062014

Farmers’ awareness level on the effect of parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) on agricultural production and its control in Nyando division, Kenya

Boniface M. Mutua*, Joseph K. Muriithi, Ombori Omwoyo

Thomas Edison Award-2014

Keywords: Invasive alienspecies, Parthenium hysterophorus L., agricultural production, farmersawareness level

Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D574523042014

Exposure of Dry Seeds to Sunlight or Red light Abolish Dormancy of the Seeds of Salt Tolerant Indica Rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars and Regulation of Gene Expression

Yasmin Begum, Sayantani Sihi, Dibyendu Narayan Sengupta*

Keywords: Indica rice cultivars, salt sensitive, salt tolerant, dormancy, seeds, long lived transcripts, gene expression

Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D679528042014

In vitro activity of three plant extracts and antibiotics on casual agent of bacterial canker of mango

Thirumalesh B.V.*, Thippeswamy B., Krishnappa M.

Keywords: Antibiotics, Bryophytes, Mango, Plant extract, Xanthomonas campestris pv. mangiferaeindicae

Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D657606032014

Globally unique Kuttanadu Wetland paddy soil of South India: Soil fertility in relation to seasons and different stages of the crop

J.G. Ray*, Dhanya V., Binoy T.

Thomas Edison Award-2014

Keywords: Soil-Fertility, Kuttanadu-Wetland, Paddy-soil, Season, Cropgrowth- stage

Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D639407032014

Studies on Physicochemical Properties of Some Species of Cyperaceae

R. Hari Babu*, N. Savithramma

Brood stock dependent seed production and grow-out culture of green tiger shrimp Penaeus semisulcatus (De Haan, 1844) at Mandapam, South-east coast of India

G Maheswarudu, Jose Josileen, S Mohan, MR Arputharaj

Publication date 2013 Journal International Journal of Agriculture Photon Volume 124 Pages 252-267

Spray of growth regulators affects partitioning of biomass, alkaloids and withanolides in Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal

M. Bhaure, Gyanendra Tiwari*, R. Tiwari and S.N. Mishra

Profitability andResource Use Efficiency in Cat Fish (Clarias gariepinus) Production inKolokuma/ Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Kainga PrinceEbiowei*, Adeyemo Abiodun Oluseye (Photon Innovation Award-2012)

Remote Sensing and GIS based Land and Water Assessment for Sustainable Agricultural Development

Kuldeep Pareta*

Cassava by- production as an alternative energy source for Maize in a Broiler Chick Diet

M.O. Ironkwe*, A.I. Ukanwoko

A study on Social and Economic Impact Assessment of Integrated Pest Management farming and non-IPM farming Strategies in Red gram Crops

Santhi Sri, K.V, Brahmaji Rao P. , Suresh Vundavalli*

A Deletion Mutation in Promoter Sequence of the atp9 Gene resulted in the D2-cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Wheat

Zhengang Ru*, Dianer Yang, Chunguang Liu, Tiezhu Hu, Like Liu, Ning Hou, Bin Wang* (Erratum)

Evaluation of Rabbit Performance on Sorghum Bran as replacement for wheat

M.O. Ironkwe*, M.B. Nodu

Sustainable Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Production: A Review

Mushtaq Ahmad*, GulZaffar, S.D. Mir, Z.A. Dar, , N.A. Dar, Ameeque Arshid, Gazala Hassan Khan, Shahida Iqbal, Mehfuza Habib

Evaluation ofefficacy of different formulations of Hirsutella thompsonii on the managementof Aceria guerreronis coconut mite, at Machenahalli, near Shimoga, Karnataka,India

Nafeesa Begum*, Ramesh Babu H.N., Poojitha D.R.

Responseof Grower Birds, Fed Palm Kernel Based Diet Supplemented with or without Enzyme

M.O. Ironkwe*,A.I. Ukanwoko, O.A. Ekine

RelativeEfficiency and Selectivity of Ingo Traps in the Lower Taylor Creek, NigerDelta, Nigeria

Kingdom T.*,Hart A.I.

Advances in Haploid Production in Rice: A Review

Mushtaq Ahmad*, Gul Zaffar, G.A. Parray, S.D. Mir, N.A. Dar, Asima Gazal, Z.A. Dar, M.A., Rather, B.A. Wani, S.H. Dar, Mehfuza Habib


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Download Research Articles (Volumes)

Download Research Articles (Volumes)

Download Research Articles (Volumes)

Download Research Articles (Volumes)

Download Research Articles (Volumes)

Graphical Abstract: Tail-PCR patterns of the CMS line and its wild type. M: Molecular weight marker (DL-2000); 1-3: Products from wild type (D2-CA8057); 4-6: Products from CMS line (msD2-CA8057).

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Niger Journal of Agriculture is supporting diploma courses in Agriculture. Nigeria Journal of Agriculture supports courses in Agriculture. Norway Journal of Agriculture Oman Journal of Agriculture Pakistan Journal of Agriculture are established for promotion of books on Agriculture. Palau Journal of Agriculture and Panama Journal of Agriculture are established for promotion of thesis on Agriculture. New Journal of Agriculture Guinea Journal of Agriculture and Paraguay Journal of Agriculture offer translation services. Philippines Journal of Agriculture and Poland Journal of Agriculture employ best reviewers on Agriculture for publication of high impact research articles.

Portugal Journal of Agriculture Qatar Journal of Agriculture Romania Journal of Agriculture Russia Journal of Agriculture and Rwanda Journal of Agriculture provide instructions on how to write excellent eBook on Agriculture. Samoa Journal of Agriculture San Marino Journal of Agriculture Sao Tomé Journal of Agriculture Príncip Journal of Agriculture and Saudi Arabia Journal of Agriculture sponsor candidates for travel grants. Senegal Journal of Agriculture organize workshop on Agriculture in African countries. Serbia Journal of Agriculture annually organizes guidelines on how to prepare manuscripts. Seychelles Journal of Agriculture offers open access publication platform.

Singapore Journal of Agriculture and Slovakia Journal of Agriculture are best journals for Post doctorate in Agriculture. Slovenia Journal of Agriculture, Solomon Journal of Agriculture and Islands Journal of Agriculture provide scholarships in Agriculture to faculty and students. Somalia Journal of Agriculture and South African Journal of Agriculture offer scholarships for higher education. Spanish Journal of Agriculture and Sri Lanka Journal of Agriculture publish high impact short communication on Agriculture. Saint Kitts Journal of Agriculture and Saint Lucia Journal of Agriculture organize conference on Agriculture. Saint Vincent Journal of Agriculture and Sudan Journal of Agriculture evaluate courses in Agriculture. Suriname Journal of Agriculture, Swaziland Journal of Agriculture and Sweden Journal of Agriculture identifies global leaders in Agriculture. Switzerland Journal of Agriculture and Syria Journal of Agriculture aids to innovative projects.

Taiwan Journal of Agriculture, Tajikistan Journal of Agriculture and Tanzania Journal of Agriculture are top most journals for PhD in Agriculture. Thailand Journal of Agriculture sponsors research articles for faculty recruitment programs in Asian countries. Togo Journal of Agriculture, Tonga Journal of Agriculture, Tobago Journal of Agriculture and Tunisia Journal of Agriculture encourage Thesis publication as book. Turkey Journal of Agriculture, Turkmenistan Journal of Agriculture, Tuvalu Journal of Agriculture, and Uganda Journal of Agriculture are designed to improve education in Agriculture. Ukraine Journal of Agriculture United Arab Emirates Journal of Agriculture and United Kingdom Journal of Agriculture invite application for participation in online Seminar/ Webinar.

United States Journal of Agriculture organizes seminar on Agriculture. Uruguay Journal of Agriculture, Uzbekistan Journal of Agriculture recommends rich syllabus of Agriculture. Vanuatu Journal of Agriculture, Venezuela Journal of Agriculture and Vietnam Journal of Agriculture also accepts Hardcover books, also known as hardback or hardbound books / paperback for publication. Yemen Journal of Agriculture, Zambia Journal of Agriculture and Zimbabwe Journal of Agriculture are dedicated for integrating research and education.

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