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County Agricultural Agents

Welcome to the Nebraska Association of County Agricultural Agents.  This professional organization includes extension educators, extension assistants, extension specialists, extension program assistants and other extension personnel that have an interest in professional growth in agriculture.


Membership may be requested by making contact with any member of the leadership team.  Membership dues are $85.00 per year and are due at the time of the Annual Meeting held each year in conjunction with the Nebraska Cooperative Extension Association (NCEA), the state umbrella association.


The present goals of this organization are to provide professional development opportunities such as workshops, tours, and other methods.  The organization also encourages members to participate in the NACAA AM/PIC with poster sessions and presentations. Workshop presenters' award applications and activities with one of the many committees that are part of the NACAA structure is encouraged.

Please explore this section to find out more about NCEA, NACAA, and the Nebraska Ag Section.