Vaccine Articles

Educate Before You Vaccinate

Vaccine Ingredients List- September 2016

If Your Doctor Insists Vaccines Are Safe, Then Have Them Sign This Form

Rice Study Predicts 19% Efficacy for 2018-2019 Influenza Vaccine

November 2018- Acute Flacid Myelitis May Be Caused By Polio Vaccine

November 2018- Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us

Whooping Cough Outbreaks Continue Nationwide Due To Failed Pertussis Vaccine

November 2018- Nurse Whistleblower Confirms Pre-term Babies Being Injured By Vaccines

QUOTE- "I’ve sat in a room with our on-call staff of physicians and practitioners (when they say) “Oh wow, this is so embarrassing this 25 weeker never actually required a breathing tube and going on the vent after he was born, he was so strong. But we gave him his two month vaccinations and he got intubated last night ha ha, oops how embarrassing. The step-down units are calling the NICU’s and saying “hey we’re going to go ahead and give these four babies their two month shots today, make sure you have beds ready because we all know they’re going to have increased breathing difficulties, feeding and digestion difficulties, apnea, and bradycardia. This is what goes on."

Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines- April 2017

Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated For First Time- April 2014

Dr. Marlie Dulaurier Dies After Flu Shot- November 2017 (Video)

Less than 1% of cases of people injured by vaccines make it to court.

Armyworms Used To Make Flublok Influenza Vaccine- October 2017

ER Nurse Exposes Flu Vaccine At CDC Advisory Committee Meeting- November 2018- (Video)

New Internet Police Protecting You From Your Freedom of Thought & Speech- December 2018

Pintrest bans verifiable facts about chronic illnesses and vaccines.

Department of Justice Admits Flu Vaccines Are Most Dangerous in US- December 2018

Clear Legal Basis That Vaccines Cause Autism

Tennessee's Representative Mark Green Claims Vaccines May Cause Autism, Questions CDC- December 2018

Italy's Vaccine-Skeptic Government Just Sacked the Country's Top Medical Panel- December 2018

CDC Data Reanalysis Shows Strong, Significant Relationship Between MMR Vaccine and Autism- December 2018

Pfizer CEO Gets 61% Pay Raise- to $27.9 Million Dollars- As Drug Prices Continue to Climb- March 2018

Toronto Hospitals Cant Force Unvaccinated Nurses To Wear Masks, Ruling Says- September 2018

CDC Study: Mandatory Flu Vaccinations of Health Care Workers Offer NO Protection To Patients- December 2018

If Vaccines Injure Pregnant Women Or Their Unborn Babies- What Will The Vaccine Court Do?- September 2018

International Memorial For Vaccine Victims

Vaccine Court Aims To Protect Patients And Vaccines

Robert Kennedy, Jr: CDC Is A Privately Owned Vaccine Company- December 2018

"...CDC owns patents on at least 57 different vaccines, and profits $4.1 billion per year in vaccination sales."

A License To Kill? Part 1: How A Public-Private Partnership Made The Government Merck's Gardasil Partner

A License To Kill? Part 2: Who Guards Gardasil's Guardians?

A License To Kill? Part 3: After Gardasil's Launch, More Victims, More Bad Safety Analysis And A Revolving Door Culture

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Mercury, Vaccines, Autism & Black Boys

*4 studies by government- all say same- vaccine division at CDC is cesspool of corruption

*1986 Congress passed a law making it illegal for Americans to sue a vaccine company

*Dr. Thompson, whistle blower, came forward to report for 10 years they were ordered to lie to the public about vaccines causing autism.

Analysis Finds Limited Evidence For HCW [Healthcare Workers] Flu Vaccination- September 2013

Shingles (Zostavax) Vaccine Lawsuit