Paul Auwaerter- Treat Mice or Men?

Paul Auwaerter

Chronic Lyme Denier.

Lyme Test, IDSA Guidelines &

Lyme Vaccine Promoter.

(All Proven Failures)

Utilizing The Subtle Approach To Push

A Lyme Vaccine

Before It Is Even On The Market

Lyme Disease- Treat Mice to Treat Ourselves?

Paul Auwaerter (Johns Hopkins) video questioning

methods of reducing the risk of Lyme disease.

Reference in Auwaerter's Article Is Vaccine Promoter Stanley (Pappa Bear) Plotkin- Plotkin SA. Correcting a public health fiasco: the need for a new vaccine against Lyme disease. Clin Infect Dis. 2011;52 Suppl 3:s271-s275.

Auwaerter Thinks He Has The Answers!

Just Say YES to A Lyme Vaccine!

January 2017

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