LYMERix Removed From Market

LYMERix- Removed From Market


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Because of liability concerns, the only available vaccine to prevent Lyme Disease (LYMErixTM) was taken off the market and is no longer available. Even when it was in use, however, the vaccine was not considered sufficient to prevent infection in all cases, and the use of basic preventive measures (see above paragraph) was strongly recommended despite vaccination status.


Keller and Keller

In February 2002, a month after meeting with FDA, LDA received written answers to its questions from FDA and also learned that Glaxo SmithKline had quietly pulled Lymerix from the market, citing "poor sales."



"Thus, high antibody titers did not persist long after vaccination and additional boosters would be necessary to maintain protective titers causing the vaccine to be withdrawn from the market four years after its release." Lyme borreliosis vaccination: the facts, the challenge and the future. Schuijt TJ, Hovius JW, van der Poll T, van Dam AP, Fikrig E. Trends Parasitol. 2010 Jun 29.